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  1. since it´s the FAQ thread I suppose it means question?
  2. I just wanted to ask - wie sieht´s mit der deutschen Übersetzung aus? So as you might reckon I could also offer help for the german translation, if need be. ciao, Jiriki
  3. Hi again! I just won the battle at the palisades. Right before the battle I imported Sir Nord (Lvl 6), Diriel and Salomeya (both Lvl 3) and Hildury and Peony (both Lvl 1). Obviously these two ladies didn´t contribute very much to the victory, but hey - we won! Since my PC is a (now Lvl 4) male, half-orc cleric (Bane) I suppose to get quite much content. I´m quite curious how his evil alignment will affect the story. No rogue, though... must see to get one of the chars skilled properly. There are lots of nasty traps to expect along the way, since I have also installed ´The
  4. Hi and greetings to all! I just ran into this Mod and can´t wait to give it a try. BUT: enthusiasm!!! I have lots of ideas for my party. So I´m looking for advice: I just recently started a new game with a party of 4 clerics. I´m right before the attack on the palisades. I understand that there can be only one PC for the mod to work properly. Though, will it do to kick all but one of the PCs and import any number from 1 to 5 of the NPCs? Or won´t it work that way at all and I have to start a new game? And if so, can I choose a smaller party or do I have to use 5 NPCs?
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