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  1. I definitely prefer PIDs since I am not always in the mood to talk with the npcs, and then sometimes I am very much in the mood to. I'd rather save the dialogues for those times. One thing that would be nice is if you let same sex PCs see the dialogues that are not strictly romantic or flirtatious. Some of it is just background on the characters. This is the first time I am playing the game, but it seems like the writers really neglected the NPCs in NWN2. They don't have a lot to do for quests so far, and they don't seem to get more than 5 minutes of dialogue each. I think that is pretty lame for an RPG. You could make some of the dialogues gender neutral and flesh out the NPCs for all players that way.
  2. Drat. I think playing a truly evil character would just make me feel dirty I might deviate a bit toward neutral, but not that far. I think I read that I can change alignment using the console or some tool, though. Perhaps it would work to change it just before the end if it just seems like an unfair outcome? I do have MotB installed, btw, but this is my first time playing the game.
  3. If I notice any bugs, I will post them here for you guys.. In the glade of solace (or whatever it's called... the place where I go to contemplate for the night before being made a squire) Bishop makes an impromptu visit. In one of the PC dialogue options there is "We will have a good laugh. Thank you for guarding my back, Bishop". Your tags are showing on "we" instead of italicising it, so it reads as (i)We(/i)
  4. Without spoiling it for me. can you tell me what alignments get a more favourable outcome?
  5. Yea, the interface is not exactly intuitive, and there is not much of a tutorial at the start of the game. To initiate dialogue with any npc you right click their portrait and HOLD it for a second or two. You get a little context menu including "talk to". That's how you start the flirts later, too
  6. I just added Bishop to the party, and I am wondering if and when the flirt dialogues should show up. I don't see any at this point, though the flirt options with Casavir showed up almost immediately after adding him to the party. Also, is the progress of any of the romances alignment/race/class dependent? My party is near to rescuing Shandra in the Gith caves. My pc is a female, chaotic good tiefling bard/rogue.
  7. I just finished my BG tutu game and was thinking of playing the BG trilogy. Do you have a list of compatible mods for it and order of install? I see that there is one stickied for tutu, but not BGT...
  8. Well, I am not one to nitpick, except occasionally. Faldorn refers to Tiax as a drow at one point: "GRRRRRR. Perhaps nature could do with fertilization after all. Drow blood makes fine planting soil."
  9. Well, there is some cheat code you can use, so that you can press two keys while the cursor is over the NPC you want. Google it. I used it when Khalid for some reason wouldn't join. Uhuh... and what was it?
  10. I know, but that is not my question. Anyway, there is no time to get to a bard, and editing it did not seem to have the same affect.
  11. Annoying, pissy, little Tiax keeps wanting to leave my group, but I would like to finish his quest. Is there a way to force him to rejoin after he quits?
  12. Kristal


    I had the same problem. He does ask for you to come back, but then he's not there when you do.
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