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  1. Just one question: does the upcoming version need an update of the translations?
  2. Hi there! I remember that time ago Miloch the Great made available a fix that prevent CTD after killing a Glazebru. It was very useful, since I get this annoying bug most of the time. I can't find the post, but I do hope you plan to add this fix in the upcoming version.
  3. Thanks for the answer. I think I didn't explain well enough If I use the ability Hide and I come across a hostile mage, this casts "True Sight" immediately. I know how the spell works - it is very useful indeed - but how is it possible that the enemy knows that my characters is near him and invisible? I noticed that it doesn't happen if a thief hides in the shadows wearing the Cloak of Anti-Detection. Where is the difference? Again, thanks for your attention.
  4. Hi there! I think that "Truesword of Arvoreen" kit has a bug. When Mazzy joins my party, she has the new abilities introduced by this mod but also the default ones.
  5. I think I found a bug. The Archer of Sylvanus is supposed to hide twice per day plus an additional once per day every five levels. in his description, it is written that "Hide is a combination of invisibility and non-detection that lasts for ten rounds". However, if the enemy casts "True Sight", CHARNAME becomes visible.
  6. Thanks for the answer. Your efforts are highly appreciated.
  7. Thank you SO MUCH for this update, aVENGER! Who is due to make these fixes "official"?
  8. Congratulations (again)! I knew you wouldn't let me down
  9. Thanks for the reply! Before releasing the new version, I'll be glad to update the italian translation. Just PM me
  10. Good to know! Could you tell me if the translation needs an update with the new version?
  11. Cmorgan, you are AWESOME! Thank you very much for these updates.
  12. Thank you very much, cmorgan, for having added my translations!
  13. Er... Shards of Ice is not the only mod whose translation in italian is not added in the download yet. If someone wants to update NPC Kit Pack, SPStuff and Unfinished Business for IWD with my translation in italian (since their authors left modding scene), I would be glad to sent him/her the proper filesw TRA.
  14. I updated italian translation. Now the game doesn't crash when you select Find Familiar spell. http://bgcommunity.forumfree.net/?t=36400837 I hope you include it in the next release. Thank you very much!
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