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  1. Mahault


    I have been living and studying in the Sates and somehow became joined to a Spanish language listserve, or whatever it’s called, from my university. So, I’ve decided to try and learn some of it…probably without any further ‘assistance’ from babelfish after this translation. I also played of doorman for the same reasons, and single with friends, never I played in a club. Although when I was born they decian that I was going to be doorman because while I nacia habia an important party of one of the clubs of my pais, that was defined by penitentiaries while I nacia. I believe that the doorman of one of the equipment was called Rodolfo... But my mother says that the name me put it by the second husband of my grandmother (something asi like grandfathers postiso). I don’t even have the slightest idea what this is supposed to mean.
  2. Mahault

    Music Selection

    I definitely don’t count myself as someone who will listen to just anything but I’ll admit that some black metal is okay. But some actions of certain members associated with that scene have become pretty embarrassing, at least for me. I’m a heavy metal person as well.
  3. Mahault

    Vocal Volunteer

    Does that mean Aklon will sound Australian(ish)? I support this direction 100%!
  4. Really? I think I'll continue to pronounce it the Finnish way.
  5. Mahault


    http://www.demeyere.com/shavian/shavian.pdf Bernard Shaw’s proposal for an alternate English alphabet. Pretty cool stuff, but I wonder if it will ever have an influence. Some of the pronunciations didn’t make sense to me, but then again I’m confidant that my spoken English is Pure Evil.
  6. First time: Neutral Evil Human Ranger Fighter Follower of Cyric Second: Chaotic Evil Human Ranger Fighter Follower of Talos At least I’m somewhat consistent but Evil sounds so harsh, I prefer to call it Good-Humoured. It's interesting that I did not even choose any of the ‘obvious’ evil answers.
  7. Mahault

    Sparing the rod...

    Humour is an odd thing. I don’t think anyone here was laughing at, or making fun of the child’s pain but rather the absurdity of the situation.
  8. So this is kind of like...ethical prostitution? I think anyone eating this sandwich will be excommunicated from the church. As for non-believers, we're damned anyway so we can sin and cause chaos all we want I guess.
  9. I suppose someone having eight million USD to piss away must be doing something right. Yeah, like have rich parents. "Mother, Father, I ask you give me eight million dollars. Jerry Querrard and I are going to drop by Atlantis en route to Disneyworld. Should you need me simply page the moon."
  10. I suppose someone having eight million USD to piss away must be doing something right.
  11. "Let the rabbits wear glasses" I say! Ah...but I thought animals are not supposed to have a soul according to these people?
  12. Is the Most Noble Order of the Radiant Heart aware of this?
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