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  1. I haven't voted yet, because I have only seen parts of two BG1 NPC Project romances. But I can say with conviction that Dynaheir's will most probably stay my favorite of the romances for a male protagonist. It is one of those stories I always wanted to see, about a character who has always intrigued me, and it is far more interesting than both the original BG2 romances and the two modded ones I have played in BG2. So, to whoever wrote this: very good work! It is actually the first interesting love story I have seen for some time, whether in a book or in a game, and so far there have always been convincing response options for my character. This romance gives both Dynaheir and my character more depth. Great! I'll wait with my vote until I have seen Xan's romance, which will probably be the only serious contender for my overall favorite. I'd be interested in how things would go with Shar-Teel, but playing evil is neither fun nor rewarding in the BG games, and having to keep my reputation between 6 and 9 just spoils it. I heard there's some sort of reputation manager in the works, so I'll wait until that is out before playing (!) with Shar-Teel.
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