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  1. Yeah, I wish I could use an Ascension version without the tangled mod conglomerate that is BP. It took me some time to track down a bug that prevents BP-Ascension from installing if the BP AI is not installed and TDD or Secret of Bone Hill is. Apart from that, I can report that my complete BWP re-install from scratch, switching the new SCS and SCSII versions (but not RE's) in for the old, seems to work perfectly with my old saved games, just in case anyone else wants the new version in a BWP Install.
  2. I got a few warnings when installing the new version in a BWP context: [better Calls for Help] WARNING: cannot find block matching [scsII/help/scripts/gpmage_asc.baf] [Mages only cast only cast short-duration spells instantly at start of combat if they are created in sight of the PC] [Priests only cast only cast short-duration spells instantly at start of combat if they are created in sight of the PC] About 10 to 20 of this kind for different scripts: SCS warning: I tried to swap the order of scripts MAGE4A and APPRENTI in MGAPPR03, but I couldn't find both of them Don't know if any of these causes problems, this is to let you know.
  3. Thank you for this solution, Xander. I have the same problem: Drizzt does not appear, in spite of leaving the first encounter with the comment that we might see each other again. Is this chapter-sensitive, btw? I'm still in chapter 4 and wouldn't want to trigger anything earlier than I'm supposed to.
  4. One question: I looked over the bugfixes and decided I want them, only I'm in the middle of a BWP game (still in the BG1 part). If I do a complete BWP re-install, changing SCSII to the new version, will this work with my old saved games? I'm willing to try risky things, but if it's clear that it won't work I needn't even start.
  5. Unfortunately, it seems that this issue is still present. Frequently, when leaving buildings (mostly shops), one party member (mostly the pc) gets shoved aside by this invisible creature "ekresspy" and after that, that party member can only leave the doorway by using CTRL-J. This is getting annoying. As a test, I deleted the relevant blocks of BALDUR.BCS and made the creature destroy itself. I still had occasional problems with being stuck in doorways but not as frequently as before. Also, there was a saved game at some time when I didn't have this creature present at all (guessed from the fact EKRESRES.BCS wasn't running). If this thing isn't needed all of the time, why doesn't it destroy itself if not needed? I don't know if NoAction() can contribute to a slowdown of the game, but I discovered it when analysing a slowdown problem (caused by something else). Next problem: While trying to find out if this script affected my game's speed, I tried to make ekresspy destroy itself without deleting the BALDUR.BCS code, with the result that it was immediately created anew, but as far as I can see no party member had any high resistances. If its first appearance is triggered by anyone having a high damage resistance, why doesn't it stay dead? This is a newly installed BWP game with every mod downloaded manually about two weeks ago, so my version of FP should be current. Edit: I've noticed that the currect version is still V2, so no surprise that this hasn't been fixed. Any idea when the next version will come out? Won't help me, though - I'd rather not start a new game for some time. I'll use the "fix" abovethread and will contend with the occasional resistance problem.
  6. Before I got used to igi's SpellSystemAdjustment mod, I used to rest mainly to get my spells back, which was very often and completely independent from the gameworld's day/night cycle. Since then, I roleplay more and tend to rest at night, or when I feel that the day was long enough, mostly in intervals of 60 to 90 minutes.
  7. Thanks. I'll certainly need proofreading and you'll probably hear from me once I have finished some part easily separated from the whole... (Nothing specific to report regarding progress - some more dialogues written, a new magical item made. Apart from that, I'm trying to come up with ideas for lovetalks not yet used by anyone else, while being aware of the fact that in some regard, love stories are always the same.)
  8. Argh....problem solved, but it is strange: it was a problem with the international game version. The affected files were those in the CD3 and CD4 folders - and for some reason I don't understand, the baldur.ini entries for the CD paths of CD3 and CD4 listed their directories in an order different from the one use in the CD2 entry. I don't understand why this resulted in an error - maybe the tools only use the first folder listed in the entry - but it works after they are changed to the format used for CD2.
  9. I'd like to make a copy of AR0907 (Sion's House, upper level) as a base for a new area I'm making, but it seems I can't export the AR0907.WED and .TIS files. NI says "Error reading AR0907.WED: data/AREA090A.bif not found" (the same with the TIS file), and refuses to load them, and DLTCEP likewise refuses to load, but without giving any reason. I have two questions: (1) How can I export these files...any other tool, maybe? (2) How can I fix them? Strangely, AREA090A.BIF does exist... Thanks for any answers.
  10. Probably, but that doesn't help... if the area script runs the cutscene, I need a script running concurrently to control it from without. I guess I'll have to use baldur.bcs.
  11. I've looked it up. Very useful, thanks. Only one question remains: which kind of script reacts to the HotKey() trigger if no object is selected?
  12. I've never gotten IEEP to run myself. Why not use DLTCEP instead? I don't think there is much about items you can't do with it.
  13. I'm wondering if it is possible to make a cutscene interruptible. In particular, the cutscene I'm thinking of is structured like this: There is a introductory sequence, followed by a sequence of actions that can be repeated N times. The maximum number of iterations is set in advance, but the result is so long that most players will want to watch the whole thing only once even if they play the mod more often (never mind the reason, it would be a spoiler - but think of the annoying early cutscenes of Region of Terror). Then, at the end, there is another sequence of actions ending in a dialogue. I've been thinking of some code like the following: IF Global("IxCutscenePart","GLOBAL",0) THEN RESPONSE #100 SetGlobal("IxSequenceCounter","GLOBAL",50) SetGlobal("IxCutscenePart","GLOBAL",1) StartCutSceneMode() StartCutScene("ixIntro") Continue() END IF !Global("IxSequenceCounter","GLOBAL",0) !HotKey(32) THEN RESPONSE #100 StartCutSceneMode() StartCutScene("ixLoop1") IncrementGlobal("IxSequenceCounter","GLOBAL",-1) END IF Global("IxCutscenePart","GLOBAL",1) THEN RESPONSE #100 SetGlobal("IxSequenceCounter","GLOBAL",0) SetGlobal("IxCutscenePart","GLOBAL",2) StartCutSceneMode() StartCutScene("ixEndSeq") END ...only there are some problems with it: First, if I repeat my loop once a script round, or once N script rounds, to ensure that it plays seamlessly it must be exactly as long as a script round (or N script rounds). That would be hard to do if a script round is of variable length...is it? Second, I don't want the interface enabled between iterations - in fact, I don't want anything to happen between iterations, I only want to check a HotKey. I guess what I'm looking for is a way to do this within a Continue() sequence, so that I can control the time when the script does its checking down to a tenth of a second instead of only down to the length of a script round, ensuring that there is no pause between iterations. But then, a Continue() sequence counts as one script round with regard to the HotKey() trigger, does it not? Which means every HotKey() check made during the sequence will not respond to keys pressed after the script round has started. Right? I would appreciate any insights, corrections of false assumptions and alternative solutions!
  14. Thanks, everyone. The main reason I asked is that I've been writing a dialogue about a complex matter, and after paring down the options to a manageable number the thing still looks long. It is not itself part of the romance, but using one of the early escape options, thereby cutting off the debate, would, if I take my character seriously, also prevent the NPC from developing any romantic interest. And since most probably the romance won't be active at this point yet, it would make no sense for the NPC to issue any warning. Still, I don't want the player to be taken by surprise, so now I'm thinking of establishing some ground rules in an early dialogue, such as the NPC telling the player "don't ever do X with me", so that later, if the player selects any option amounting to X, the consequences are foreseeable. Regarding the number of dialogues as a quality measure, that's not surprising at all. In a game where all who are still playing it have the original content coming out of their ears, the amount of new content and the frequency of it appearing is *the* quality measure for everything but tweak mods... So I *am* trying to write short dialogues, and more of them, instead of fewer and longer ones. But sometimes it's not possible... BTW, Kulyok, I like your very simple and reasonable guideline...
  15. While I'm writing my dialogues I've noticed that one or the other has gotten rather long - longer than most I've seen in my estimation, though I'm not in the habit of counting steps while playing, and so don't know for sure. I'm confident my dialogues are interesting enough, but I'm wondering if there is a borderline beyond which players would want to see the end regardless of how interesting it is. Are there any insights into this?
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