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  1. Sadly, it seems that Gavin's parents aren't spawning in Ulgoth's Beard. I'm playing Baldur's Gate EE Trilogy, so it's probably a mod conflict somewhere. Is there a way to spawn them...? (I went digging through the files, but I'm not finding the correct code.)
  2. Frostfyre7

    Gavin BGII:EE?

    Any word on this? I mean, I'll install vanilla BGII if it means I can get Gavin, but...
  3. It looks as though TeamBG's website has gone bellyup... Any other good download links to this mod?
  4. **sends a spa-package complete with handsome masseuse via the internets** Enjoy the feeling of a job well done. But I must say, I'm really, *really* looking forward to the Sand flirts/romance, and am very much hoping you're feeling better about the project.
  5. Squeee!!! This made my whole day!!!! Now the issue of "Do I start a new BG game right this instant" or "Wait 'til the new computer arrives..." Decisions, decisions. Thank you ever so much for this wonderful NPC, Berelinde! I love your mods, and look forward to this one with great anticipation!
  6. LOL, yep it's the Female Book of Rules...
  7. Frankly, *no one* can be as irritating as Anomen-the-prat, or Aerie-the-codependent. And as we can already see from BG1 Gavin, he's perfectly pleasant company whether or not the PC is romancing him... Anyway, it's nice to have an NPC who *isn't* a seething, overdramatic pot of boiling angst. Ordinary can be awesome. Just look at Xander from Buffy...
  8. True enough, and I quite understand. I will, I am sure, face that very difficulty when I finally get around to writing up my NWN2 fic, which will have a Sand romance. *sigh*
  9. And if you're still looking for ideas for entertaining conversations, may I refer you to the excellent fic "The Smell of Destiny" found here: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3319947/1/The_Smell_of_Destiny I only wish the author would finish it. *sigh* But her insights into Sand's head are priceless.
  10. I am soooo looking forward to this. I was incredibly disappointed to discover that, once again, the devs had dropped the ball on the romance front. (Ah, well. At least the single option given in HOTU was awesome.) And while I'm fond of Casavir, I always did prefer the witty-banter type, and no one does that better than Sand!
  11. I don't know that I've ever posted on these boards, having been a happy lurker for many years...but I recently began playing the Gavin BG1 mod, and although I haven't gotten all the way through it yet I am so thrilled with it that I wish to add my voice to the 'can't wait for Gavin in BG2' chorus'! So nice to have a romanceable male NPC who doesn't have a tragic past (aside from a comparatively minor romantic blunder in his foolish youth), gets along (fairly well) with his family members, is a decent, good man--and who has impressed my PC with his desire for commitment. Heh, my only complaint was that she couldn't respond with, "Well, *you're* not ready, but buddy, I'd marry you tomorrow!"... Eagerly awaiting the BG2 beta. Glad to see that I came to Gavin a bit later, and so it looks like I won't have to wait *too* long... Thanks for a fantastic mod!!! (Oh, and thank you for Alternatives. Now I can play a paladin without feeling like she probably ought to fall or something, working for the original options...)
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