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  1. Good to see you again Jarno. The complete saga EE don't yields troubles? I can get it cheeper on Steam I see. Cheers
  2. Hi all Thanks for your kind answers. I didn't get to BGT, but had my own collection of mods I used to use. However I miss BG, and wanted to give it a try again. The iPad wasn't really the thing for my - and it didn't have mods So here I am. I think I'll do a EE purchase, as you say cmorgan, the cost per played hour is next to nothing. I will have to read up a lot of what has happened the last couple of years. And find out what that EET actually is Glad to be back.
  3. Hello all It has been a while. Due to loss of my last laptop, which suddenly just died, I got a newish laptop. But alas there's no place to incert my old CDs. This can't be the first time anyone has this issue, so I went to google and found GoG. But some questions popped up: 1) Can I mod GoGs version of BG2? 2) Should I buy the EE version? 3) Is there other and better solutions? Cheers
  4. Wow! Being away for a while and return to se this marvel. Thank you. And 15 years, that is an accomplishment in itself. Cheers
  5. Shaitan

    SR V4 Beta 15

    Cloudkill scroll says conjuration, but Xan can't learn it, so it must be registred as evocation somewhere I assume. Cheers
  6. Shaitan

    SR V4 Beta 15

    I didn't, but thanks nonetheless.
  7. Shaitan

    SR V4 Beta 15

    Cool, thanks! I'll repport back if anything goes awry. Cheers
  8. Shaitan

    SR V4 Beta 15

    I should have said, that it is when a enemy priest/mage is prebuffing (at the 1st random encounter assault by slavers in Athkathla). I imagine, that the troubles of installing is minor than fixing other (and I imagine there will be) bugs occuring. Correct, I play on a Non EE (older DVD version). Do you recommend, that I skip using ToBex? Can beta 14 be found somewhere? Or should I revert to the last version of SR Demi released? Cheers
  9. Shaitan

    SR V4 Beta 15

    I get a CTD with the text "An assertion failed in CGameeffect.cpp at line number 1536" My suspicion is, that it belongs to either SR or IR. Do anyone have any clues? My weidu.log
  10. Shaitan

    Spell revisions + Ding0 quest pack CTD

    Earlier (years ago) I had lots of issues with Rahul Kanakia's Potion Quest. I play with both SR and SimDing0s QP and as far as I know, I don't have any issues. Kind regards
  11. Shaitan

    small bugs in SR v4beta13

    Hello I found a protection from fire (the blue mageversion, level five) in the crypts near Bohdis lair. Written to Nalias spellbook gave me level 4 protection from elemental energy. Cheers
  12. Shaitan

    Bug reports in v30

    I play a DVD version from before GOG. I've had this issue before, but since there may be an update of SCS, you just might look into this. Cheers
  13. Shaitan

    Bug reports in v30

    Nope, not within SR on my installation with priestclasses. What's the mage version?