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  1. Good to see you again Jarno. The complete saga EE don't yields troubles? I can get it cheeper on Steam I see. Cheers
  2. Hi all Thanks for your kind answers. I didn't get to BGT, but had my own collection of mods I used to use. However I miss BG, and wanted to give it a try again. The iPad wasn't really the thing for my - and it didn't have mods So here I am. I think I'll do a EE purchase, as you say cmorgan, the cost per played hour is next to nothing. I will have to read up a lot of what has happened the last couple of years. And find out what that EET actually is Glad to be back.
  3. Hello all It has been a while. Due to loss of my last laptop, which suddenly just died, I got a newish laptop. But alas there's no place to incert my old CDs. This can't be the first time anyone has this issue, so I went to google and found GoG. But some questions popped up: 1) Can I mod GoGs version of BG2? 2) Should I buy the EE version? 3) Is there other and better solutions? Cheers
  4. Wow! Being away for a while and return to se this marvel. Thank you. And 15 years, that is an accomplishment in itself. Cheers
  5. Cloudkill scroll says conjuration, but Xan can't learn it, so it must be registred as evocation somewhere I assume. Cheers
  6. I didn't, but thanks nonetheless.
  7. Cool, thanks! I'll repport back if anything goes awry. Cheers
  8. I should have said, that it is when a enemy priest/mage is prebuffing (at the 1st random encounter assault by slavers in Athkathla). I imagine, that the troubles of installing is minor than fixing other (and I imagine there will be) bugs occuring. Correct, I play on a Non EE (older DVD version). Do you recommend, that I skip using ToBex? Can beta 14 be found somewhere? Or should I revert to the last version of SR Demi released? Cheers
  9. I get a CTD with the text "An assertion failed in CGameeffect.cpp at line number 1536" My suspicion is, that it belongs to either SR or IR. Do anyone have any clues? My weidu.log
  10. I play a DVD version from before GOG. I've had this issue before, but since there may be an update of SCS, you just might look into this. Cheers
  11. Nope, not within SR on my installation with priestclasses. What's the mage version?
  12. A minor incovenience is the Clay Golem curse wounds, which some can't be removed without breaking the 4th wall. Will you eventually look into this if you get to release a new version DavidW? I like the idea, but somehow I think I must be able to remove it (temples/priests/scrolls). Cheers
  13. I think I solved it by renaming another setupfile to setup-stratagems, and it seems to work.
  14. Hi I'm sorry for this rather noobish question. I can't run stratagems in my gamedirectory. In the readme there's hint of a .exe, but when I unpack stratagems.rar I only get a stratagems .bat file. And that gives me the attached messages not able to run stratagems. Is it only for EE games? Cheers
  15. That Bone Fiend isn't from SR. Thought it came via the SCS/SR combo. I haven't the Fiend part of aTweaks. @Jarno: I had a flaming sword (Flametongue?) +3 and Root of the Problem +3 AFAIR and +3 arrows.
  16. Hi Captain Dennis' pet mage summoned a bone fiend. I couldn't hurt it with magic or with my +3 weaponry. Could this be a bug or do I need bigger weapons?
  17. Regeneration Stays on Auren even if she was raised. Probably shouldn't. Cheers
  18. Skin of the Forest Immersionvise the icon showing bark skin probably shouldn't be shown? I think I remember you stated that those icons shouldn't be displayed due to 1) too many icons on the portrait and 2) the player should know what he/she was wearing. Cheers
  19. I imported a wild mage without troubles.
  20. Monster summoning VII Found this at Gaius in the sewers. But there's something wrong (seems like a cut/paste issue), but I don't know if it's a local issue. Cheers
  21. Mestil's Acid Sheath is in Nalias spellbook at level four even though I updated the joinable NPCs spellbooks. Cheers
  22. Albruin In the description first place the halfling thief who stole Albruin is called Nypan the next sentence he's called Nipe...
  23. I don't use EE. cipher is correct. But I don't remember if it indeed was the intention. Cheers
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