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  1. I just encountered this same issue with my 4/3 Fighter/Mage and, like dedaZika, I narrowed it down to the Enforce PnP... option. Is there any workaround or fix for it? For now, I've simply disabled that rule, removed the invisi-kit and manually reset that character's spell count. Also, whenever I level up with that option enabled, regardless of which level, that character recites Imoen's line "Then I guess I'll talk to you in your sleep." and there's a mini-explosion of some kind near the character. I don't recall off-hand if it was only that character or if it was anytime anyone levelled up. Again, with the option disabled, that behaviour goes away.
  2. Yeah, TobEx (http://www.shsforums.net/topic/43639-bg2tob-tobex-release-thread/) will do that for you.
  3. In the massive code conversion between v9 and v10, the Power Word: Sleep spell got lost. It's copied to the override folder, but no longer populated in any stores.
  4. Then pick up 11, unstack 1, drop 10, talk to the person, pick up 10, unstack 1, ... you get the idea. It's a royal pain. Far easier to have 12 in your inventory and just talk repeatedly until everything's sold.
  5. Have you ever tried unstacking a dozen items one-by-one? It's not particularly fun, especially since they will automatically restack if you're not careful. Of course you can always use NI or something to tweak the stacking limit to one temporarily, but I don't imagine most people are that familiar with how that's done.
  6. How hard would it be to make it optional whether or not BG2 Tweaks stacks Tutu's wolf pelts? While it's convenient for carrying, it's not so convenient when you go to the store in Nashkel and he pays 500 for all your pelts rather than 500 apiece. You're then stuck unstacking them if you want to get full price for them, or stashing them somewhere until you get to Officer Vai. There might be a similar concern with Wyvern Heads as well, but I'm not there yet. In any event, at least for them, it only matters for the very first one...after that, you have to sell them to Vai anyway.
  7. I didn't see anybody there in my game either before or after finishing the quest at any time of day, nor do I see anything in the code that would make the fletcher appear. Looking at GameBanshee, they mention nothing about the fletcher in the description of that area. Even if there's something I'm missing, that means there's a mistake in the documentation, as it says that the Ammo Belt was added to the blacksmith, which it wasn't. Googling a little more, it looks like I'm not the first to notice the problem: http://forums.gibberlings3.net/index.php?showtopic=17169 Are you sure you don't have a mod installed that reinstates the missing fletcher, like Item Revisions, for example?
  8. There's a bit of a "woops" in the Add Bags of Holding feature for one of the additional ammo belts: it's found at Fletcher's Feathers, which was apparently intended to be located in Trademeet, but so far as I can tell, is actually located nowhere at all.
  9. I'm resurrecting this thread because it's just happened to me again, and I've traced through most of why it happens...or at least a little more than last time. There's a check in Anomen.DLG's initial convo options to see if you're a match for Anomen. If you're same-gendered, the check fails because the override that Tweak Pack installs only occurs after he joins. So no romance. (This is the new part.) You can partially fix this by having him leave and re-join, which sets everything but the LoveTalk variable. I'm not sure why that one fails, but I'm guessing it has something to do with being a local instead of a global.
  10. Oops, I didn't even notice you linked to TobEx. I already had it installed - I just wasn't aware that it fixed that until now.
  11. No, the characters aren't attacking ... Well, I am talking about the equipment the player character is wearing when he gets attacked, not about if they attacked... see as the game has a special rule that the ranged weapon users take +4 damage and loose 4 AC when attacked in melee. Yup, you're absolutely right. The Extra Combat Info (which TobEx conveniently re-enables) shows it as "Attack of Opportunity:4", which is exactly what that is. Good to know, but still better if fixed.
  12. No, the characters aren't attacking (the AI is turned off, so I'd have to tell them to do so), and if they were, the werewolves would be doing a bunch more than exactly 4 damage on every single hit. This is a consistent problem that multiple players have experienced...I believe it's a problem in an unmodified BG2 install, but it's possible some fix/mod patch is coming along and "fixing" something that creates the problem. I only have a limited number of things installed on BG2 (BG2 Fixpack, BG2 Tweaks, and D0 Tweaks being the most likely culprits), so if it's one of those causing the issue indirectly, it should be easy to track down. Does anybody have a totally unmodded BG2 install handy to test if the WWs are a problem there too? By making the above-mentioned fix, they stop doing damage at all until you attack them, and this is consistently reproducible so I know it's not a case of me accidentally attacking them. That shows only basic "To Hit" rolls. I'm talking about the "Extra Combat Info" ini option which was disabled in ToB, but still exists in the EXE if you patch it to turn it back on (much like the A6CharmPatch reinstates talking to charmed NPCs). See this rather long thread for more details. (Here's a sample screenshot.)
  13. In Kalah's tent, the werewolves are supposed to be illusory, but they consistently do 4 damage instead of none. There's a simple fix for this that I suspect could easily be incorporated into the BG2 Fixpack. In ILLUSION.ITM, change the Melee ability's damage type from Slashing to None. ------------ Okay, that's the end of the solution, but I thought I'd post a little more about the problem, in case anybody else is curious, because I admit, it still stumps me as to why the werewolves are doing damage at all. From testing, it seems that the item is getting a bonus of 4 over the 0d4+0 damage it's supposed to. My first thought was that that was just a case of all damage being bumped up to a minimum of 1 per die, but changing the damage to 1d8+0, the werewolves promptly started doing 5-12 damage when still illusory. So clearly, there's a bonus of 4 coming from somewhere. Their Strength is 19, which should be a bonus of 7 if I recall, and the item is set to not give a Strength bonus in any event. Nevertheless, I tried tweaking Strength down to 10 and it made no difference, so at least we know it's not that. I played with a few other things, but having found a solution, I wasn't exhaustive in my testing by any stretch. If anybody else has any insight, I'd love to hear it. Re-enabling the dice roll display might do it, but as I recall that requires an EXE tweak which I didn't feel like Googling at the time.
  14. Okay, got it! In Near Infinity, find ILLUSION.ITM and in the Item Ability editor, change Damage Type from Slashing (3) to None (0).
  15. I tried just about every order in the book...the only one that worked at all was to install Widescreen after BG1/TutuGUI. In fact, while I was searching for this type of issue, I came across a discussion somewhere between LadeJearl and the bigg, and that's actually the way it should be done now...the problem that TutuGUI addressed has been fixed in later versions of Widescreen, so it'll actually screw things up if you install the widescreen fix that comes as part of TutuGUI.
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