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  1. Please excuse me for ranting further, but this concept came to me several times during romances as well as friendships... I think a familiar would become quiet jealous at the shift of attention...(i guess depending on alignment, but still.) For example, an Imp might actually be glad for attention being taken away from it...and may make a comment to the romanced NPC about not getting slapped anymore, but the NPC getting slapped in the head instead. A neutral familiar, such as a cat or rabbit/hare/whatever it is, may assume that because it's master is now so closely associating themselves to an NPC, the familiar now has free reign over the NPCs things as well as it's masters. The good aligned familiar may become jealous of the attention shift and become "territorial" over it's master, or perhaps simply curious at a smell coming from the NPCs backpack and rummaging through it to investigate.
  2. Excuse me from going slightly off topic for a moment... But I have this peev I've had for a while... Call me a conversation whore, but I hate how the only mage-familiar fun conversation I saw was the one with an adventuring company you bump into at one of the inns...the one with "Pooky" the imp. I wish there was more of that! Familiars have personalities and interact with the party too, but I guess it would be an enormous pain in the rear to write dialogues between NPCs and a parties familiar. Depending on how the PCs familiar is tagged...does the tag change when you re-summon a familiar, through the spell or just taking it out of your backpack, or is it constant depending on your alignment?
  3. Wow, I forgot that I deleted her page from my site when I was having errors with the photo viewer o.0;. Thank you for the reminder, I'll get her mod page back up next time I work on the site.
  4. So, I don't know how many people have actually kept up with Gwen's progress from my blog, but I wanted to make a general post here real quick before I jump out the door and rush to work >.>; Seeing as I haven't touched Gwen's files in over 2 weeks, I thought I should make an update. Because of end of semester rush work, Gwen is on pause until I get some quality time with my laptop. I work 5 days a week now on top of that, so the little free time I have had has gone towards homework...alright, AND the new Mortal Kombat 2011 release. My addictions are many, what can I say? After this semester ends, I will more than likely take next semester off. As long as I stay away from the Mortal Kombat Tournaments in the college lounge, I'll be working on Gwen again.
  5. *subscribe* ...I'm such a romance junkie... *facepalm*
  6. I think the point is your PC would have to "snoop" to get to that dialogue - to get Aran to take offense and dump the letters on you. Similarly, I don't think another NPC would have that option from what I read, though that might make it more interesting. That is, inter-party conflict not involving the PC, as long as it doesn't happen during combat, whilst buying supplies, etc. (something some mods don't always check for so well). Edit: Why, did you snoop into his stuff? Because that's what Aran is reacting to, and in this case, he's got nothing to hide, so the PC is the one in the wrong. I had a gf once who burrowed into some really old files - mostly just news clippings and similar junk I was saving to put in some of my satirical newletters or the like. But one was a photo of me at an, um, gentlemen's club, getting uh, "regaled" with a pole dance or some such. But it was from ten years previously, and some 8 years before I even met her... on top of that (if I had to justify it), my friends dragged me to this place for a "surprise" birthday party. And that was about the extent of it. You'd think she'd've noticed how young I was in the photo. Anyway, she was livid when she found it and burnt it in the fireplace. Eventually, I found some odd ashes therein and asked if she'd burnt something, at which point she confessed. Of course I was appalled, not just at the unwarranted snooping but the destruction of even so petty an item of mine, and she was mortified mostly at her own actions, but it's an example of what unreasonable jealousy can do, and I think I understand where cm was coming from with this. [/long and pointless but somewhat relevant digression] Lol, no I never snooped *physically* >.> I have a tendency of dancing around in conversations until very interesting...topics...blurted out of his mouth. Pretty much he compared me to his last girlfriend, of whom I have some very nasty descriptive words for, and we got into a fight. He then blurted out that he was still in contact with her, which set off a red flag to me...long story short, he threw his phone at me and told me to search through his texts and call log. So yeah, sometimes jealousy is warrented...if you can really call me jealous in that situation
  7. Why? I mean why wouldn't a female NPC confronted by a jealous, snooping lover do the same thing? Good point, it just reminded me of my ex when he threw a temper tantrum. I suppose I should have said instead "That sounds like something my ex would do"
  8. Not to throw a monkey wrench in that theory...but I am a part-time student, part-time worker with a surprising amount of free-time
  9. Nightwoe

    Holy. Crap.

    I have Gwen working bug-free, now. ^_^ Now I am coding the rest of her dialogues and such...which brought me to another question >.> I've previously read tutorials and successfully coded NPC-NPC dialogue, NPC-PC dialogue... how do you code Joinable NPC-Nonjoinable NPC-PC dialogue? To make that clearer, Gwen's very first interaction with the PC involves Gwen herself, a priest NPC, and obviously the PC. I have no idea how to do both in the same banter. Also, Gwen isn't in the party yet when the dialogue happens, but I am assuming that doesn't matter because this would be considered her pre-party dialogue...right?
  10. Too bad, it sounds interesting If I had the ability, I would love to work on such a project, but I'm still learning modding basics >.<.
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