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  1. http://www.shsforums.net/topic/55711-readme/ You are welcome
  2. Hi, Enhanced Edition had altered Infinity Engine in many ways. Some are quite obvious (kits for sorcerers and monks), others aren't (externalised things). Is there anywhere in the internet list specifing what had been changed in EE in scope of new modding capabilities? Thanks for help!
  3. Just installed fresh IWD Tutu. And During character creation I have some minor bugs while adjusting thieving skills 1)Scroll bar next to skills is scrolling skill description, and vice versa (one next to skill description is scrolling skill list) 2) "+" and "-" buttons next to skills are almost all in their place. Only problem is with highest located skill. There is "-" button, but "+" is missing.
  4. Yoshi If I understand correctly Demi wants to change katana to something else, because katana doesn't fit thief (backstabbing) well. Maybe then try to change it to wakizashi/ ninja-to? Still exotic weapon, that is nice reference to Kara-tur, and fits thieves much better. .
  5. picollo


    If u want, I can help with making wallgroups, search& lightmaps. Untill it doesn't require to make doors, it's easy, and not so much time consuming. Doors are pain in the ass, but I can do it as well.
  6. BEGIN ~Randhall~ APPEND ~Randhall~ //This line is Not really needed- only if You are adding stuff to existing dialogue file IF ~NumTimesTalkedTo(0)~ THEN BEGIN Greetings SAY ~Hello.~ IF ~~ THEN REPLY ~Hello.~ EXIT IF ~~ THEN REPLY ~Bye~ EXIT END IF ~NumTimesTalkedTo(1)~ THEN BEGIN Greetings2 //changed headline. This dialogue will appear with second talk with this guy SAY ~Hello again!~ IF ~~ THEN REPLY ~Hello!~ EXIT IF ~~ THEN REPLY ~Bye!~ EXIT END IF ~NumTimesTalkedToGT(1)~ THEN BEGIN Greetings3 //When u talk to this guy third, fourth, and every next time, it will appear this dialogue GT means GreaterThan SAY ~Look who is back, the one who doesn't say hello.~ IF ~~ THEN EXIT END //you are not using APPEND, so additional END isn't required You should also consider using GOTO, as lynx suggested to make more complicated dialogues.
  7. I have some questions about Forced Encounters. And believe, that this is the best topic to post them. 1)Nightmare asked: But how technically is it possible? encounters are controlled by Worldmap. And technically encounter-areas aren't placed on worldmap. So, we can't set encounter probability from encounter area to destination area. 2)There are four places for setting encounter areas. If I add for example three to one link, what determines, whitch area will be used to encounter? I can set using weidu probability for each encounter. But can I in-game change probability for only one of thoose encounters?
  8. I'm playing with polish versions both BG2 and IWD. And everything works fine. So I believe it should work fine with any language version
  9. There is also thing like "walls", that allows to add transparent effect. I think, that's what you want. Just mark region, that should be transparent, and use option "Add as a Wall". (It's option for IETME)
  10. OK, I don't know, how works G3. I've wanted this mod to be hosted here. But for the future, are there any rules related with hosting mods here? Is it limited to some group? Or should I PM at first to someone?
  11. Woops... I didn't realised, that this link requires loging, now I've uploaded mod in two other sites, but they are temporal. As I've asked in first post. Could any of admins upload this mod to G3?
  12. Thanks Miloch. I've made topic here, at G3 with this mod, so for english version people can post here. And yes, I've found this unnecesary line, and deleted it.
  13. Here it is. Korgan's Redemption now in English. This mod was inspired by a discussion on CoB about content removed from ToB. The mod provides the possibility of redeeming Korgan if you have Mazzy in your party. You will NOT be able to stop this redemption nor help it. In the vanilla game, banters between Mazzy and Korgan suggested the possibility of changing Korgan, and I wanted to keep it like the original. It's recommended to start new SoA game to be able to see the whole relationship between them. But I'm adding content only for ToB. If you are starting new ToB game, you should have Mazzy in party before Korgan. Thx to Miloch for proof-reading. Woops. Here are two temporal links. Could any of G3 Admins upload this mod on this site? http://www.easy-share.com/1912812949/Korgan_v6.zip http://www.filefactory.com/file/b412299/n/Korgan_v6.zip
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