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    Happy New Year!

    Happy new year!!!!!!!! hopefully a good one for everyone
  2. Thanks Thimblerig!! I think I got it now, I can be a bit dwarf sometimes (Thickheaded) PD: Could I have some spaghetti too?
  3. Thanks for the reply Mike I guessed as much about how to use a negated variable, but unfortunetly my doubt still remains, let me try and rephrase it. If I use a negated variable as the ONLY condition for something to happen, then, wouldn't that something happen anyway, anywhere? As I understood it, "negate" is something like... if Global "blabla" is not set to 2 then this will happen, but the thing is, Global "blabla" is not set to 2 UNLESS it is set to 2, or in other words, Global "blabla'' 2 is true only and only if it is set to 2, otherwise is false always and therefore is in its "negated" form (if Global "blabla" is not set to 2 then this will happen). Because I understand it that way, I can get my head around the fact of why bother in negating a variable at all, if a variable is only true when is set to be (let's say you want it to be true at the value of 2), then it will always be false otherwise, so why use it in its negated form? This should mean the same, shouldn't it? IF !Global("blabla","GLOBAL",2) Globa("yeah","GLOBAL",5) THEN RESPONSE #100 Destroyself() END IF Global("yeah","GLOBAL",5) THEN RESPONSE #100 Destroyself() END
  4. Mike I address this to you since you were the one that point that out for me, but anyone is more than welcome to answer Negate a variable: When I was ready to use that piece of info something came to my mind. If a negate a variable in a block such us: IF !Global("blabla","GLOBAL",2) THEN RESPONSE #100 Destroyself() END and Global("blabla") is 1 (it would be set to 2 if something entirely different happened), then... that means that Global("blabla",2) is set to false isn't? and Global("blabla",2) will always be false until it gets set to 2 right? therefore.... the condition you set in that block will always happen unless the block that sets that variable to 2 occurs... and then I asked myself, if this is true, why would I ever use something that is there anyway? I mean if my condition for something to happen is that that something is false, which is always unless a specific event occurs, then it would be false since the beggining of the game and then nothing I script would matter since the variable is always false and would trigger that response as soon as I meet however has it. amm... I have no idea if I'm making any sense at all, but I just can't get around that fact..... or maybe I'm just mixing things up....
  5. Extremely useful, thanks Mike
  6. Say, If I got this right... is it possible to negate any trigger or variable in the IE? example: !HasItem !PartyGoldGT() and so on.... or are there some exceptions?
  7. Yep, got it just fine, Thanks
  8. Cool!! I'll try it that way, thanks By the way, I kinda forgot how to post code in a nice way.... if someone could remind me how...
  9. For a while I've been having this question on my mind..... is it possible to add to the IF statement ELSE?? as in... IF Global("blabla") THEN RESPONSE #100 SetGlobal("blabla") ELSE Destroyself() Say yes..... please!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Thanks mate, that PartyGoldGT() looks very useful, I'll try and figure out how to fit it in and thanks too for clarify the BG2:EE question for me
  11. Hey guys, I know you all busy making changes to your mods to make them compatible with BG2:EE, but I've got a couple of questions if you don't mind... Q: If you have to pay someone in the game and you don't have enough gold, how can I prevent this from happening? "if you click the pay option and you don't have enough the game will take what you have anyway and things will get on regardless." Looking around the IESDP, I saw a True statement, something like: IF True() THEN RESPONSE #100 Bla bla bla Is that what I need or there is a completly different way to do it? Oh... and another thing, I know there is a tutorial on how to convert your mod to BG2:EE, but my question is, Is it fairly easy or rather complicated to do it? Thanks
  12. Wow, that's useful!!! I actually thought that Banter files where just for...well.... Banters, and so I was saving it for just that Now I've come to think of it, I always thought Dialogue and Banters completly different, and that's why you would us the SAY in the Dialogue file and CHAIN in the Banters one...
  13. Hey guys, I need some help here.... Is there no way to have more than a couple of blocks of Dialogue? I mean in the Char I'm creating, I have the initial hello block bla bla... and then a next block where she's telling you off about her quest, know, That block has 3 parts managed with 3 different timers, the first part fires up nicely and all works nice, the problems is when it fires up the second part when the proper answer is given in the first part. The script to manage that is ok since it triggers the conversation... or tries to, because the characters keep facing each other as if they wanted to talk but had nothing to say, that led me to the conclusion the problem is with the Variables in the Dialogue file, and I've been trying for a while, tracking all off them and trying different combinations, but it does no happen, in a way is like it's unable to recognize the part of the Dialogue it has to fire up... and I run out of Ideas So hence... my question up there. (And yes, I already used NumTimesTalkGT(0))
  14. Thanks for the answer!! i It's funny tho, that I realise that when I was taking a shower this morning before going to work!!!!
  15. Bueh, I recover this topic instead of creating a new one... After a looooooooooong break (life is hard), I've starting a new NPC mod (since the last one is quite advance and I can't seem to remember or understand anything I did....), as a way of refreshing my memory and Re-learning how to do this Anyways.... the question I would like you to help me with is: Is there a way to set up a dialogue in this way?: IF ~NumTimesTalkedTo(1 or more...) THEN Because if is only (1), then next time is 2 (obviously) and the same block of Dialogue won't start... which is the whole point actually. Kind of making a loop in that one Thanks beforehand!!!!
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