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  1. Noticed that the monster peasants holding the key to Aerie's ogre transformation still remain blue or whatever. It takes a party member attacking them to turn their circles red even though the monsters attack first. Something to look into I think.
  2. Try turning off the background environment audio sounds while in Nashkell. That solved the problem for me.
  3. Diana

    Sweeney Todd

    In my area one can get bootleg copies of any film released within a few days. IMO, the film is okay as I like Depp and Bonheim-Carter. But I've also seen on American PBS tv the play with George Hearn and Angela Langsbury in the lead. While This movie version is enjoyable, I sorely missed the opening theme from the Hearn/Langsbury version as well as a few of the minor songs by Todd's wife (the mad woman).
  4. Sent to the addresses you gave me at Spellhold -- for some reason my pm's aren't getting through. Hopefully you will have received them.
  5. Aerie mentions the 2 peasants who have the sword which is the key to unlocking her illusion. However, even though game text says they are attacking, the circles underneath remain blue. I think this is something to fix.
  6. Thanks - her work is too good to remain languishing on someone's hard drive. And I've seen the request for new bams throughout the IE communities
  7. I have on my disk a file I downloaded in 2005 of some inventory bams for shields, maces, armour, which Moinesse had done. I have not seen it offered on any site so far. I cannot get them to work in game -- they show up in DLTCEP but in the game itself you cannot see the item, unless you move it around. I had tried an inventory item for a shield. I don't see it on the paper doll, but if I click on it and move it around I see the item. If anyone of the Powers that Be at G3 wants them, I'd be willing to send the zip file as these are beautiful, as were her avatars, to be lost forever.
  8. Ladies and gentlemen, This discussion is certainly wonderful. I, and I'm sure others who are only fluent in English/American, look forward to playing mods that were created by our non-English colleagues. Good luck to you all!
  9. From what I've seen of Kim with the mechanical online translation - she is worthy to share with the entire IE community. Her language is slightly above a 'Teen' rating '' but she is not "x-rated" as we Americans say. She is 'realistic'. IMHO this is a great character and worthy of being translated by someone knowlegable in French/English. She is too good to miss.
  10. I'm no great translator, but I am a french translator, and I'll translate anything you give me. I'm already working on Kulyok's Xan for BG2 though (who is, I must say, I wordy little elf, with different paths, tons of banters, and quite a few LTs! ), and I'm not exactly Speedy Gonzalez (what can I say, gotta deal with RL too! ), but I'm getting more efficient as I'm learning all the french translations of some Realms terms. Bottom line, I'll translate anything you give me, but you guys are going to start taking numbers! Merci beaucoup. While I appreciate the offer, I think it would be too much, and of course the author's permission would be necessary if she was released to the IE community. Kim's banter file is 17 pages, interjections 12 pages, and her joining file is 57 pages, and I haven't mentioned her quest file! What I may ask you is to translate a word here and there that the online free translation programs cannot decipher, if you're willing. It's great to know that I'm not alone wishing to see what our colleagues have created.
  11. I recentlyl ran an online German-English translator for Rosenranken's Drizzt mod by Octavian. I loved it -- though the mechanical translation lost much during the translation. And I heard recently of a French mod - Kim the pirate from one of the IE French communities. From what I've managed to run through the French to English convertor, it is a shame that the rest of us cannot enjoy it. Her banters are funny! I just wish -- we had interpreters for these great mods from the foreign IE communities.
  12. Doesn't hurt to ask. TOB needed all the help it could get and I missed this piece since I didn't load QuestPak this time.
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