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  1. Well, at least something was learned from this. Thanks to both of you for the prompt help. I have to laugh a bit, that I made it hours into SoD before things started breaking.
  2. So yes, I used the independent installation assistant. It gave me a choice of creating an entirely new folder for the EET installation. Meaning I have a folder for each of the Baldurs Gate games and a 3rd for the modded EET installation. I chose the option thinking it would be convenient if I wanted to start a game with a different mod configuration. There are some mods that were apparently installed in the BG2 directory anyways, which I assumed was a part of the BWS installation process. Sounds like this was maybe not so good an idea! Looking more closely, it looks like all (ok, many but not all) of the mods were also installed in the BG1 and BG2 folders, rendering the exercise pointless. Pictures say more than words, so here we go: Independent installation: https://imgur.com/a/fASwb BG1: https://imgur.com/a/o8LzL BG2: https://imgur.com/a/0ZCZA
  3. 1: I think Edwin's been like this for all of SoD, although he did have normal banters with other npcs. It took me a while to catch on to the fact that his actual banters weren't going to show. HOWEVER, he did provide the same "you look odd" dialogue if I tried initiating conversation with him in the BG1 portion of the game. His banters were working just fine in BG1. 2: No mods added or changed since installing everything with BWS. I did change Edwin's portrait with eekeeper, as I decided that I liked the BG1 version better. Pretty sure I got a reputation increase in Coast Way crossing from helping the refugees, but I can't recall exactly. That would have been shortly after recruiting Edwin. DPlayer2.bcs: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jgppdjlph3208ji/DPLAYER2.BCS?dl=0 Change logs are attached. I chose the BWS option to install everything in a third directory (called Big World), so the files and weidu.log are from there. Running in the BG2EE directory produces nothing as there shouldn't really be any mods installed there. Heh, to be honest I expected to have a much lower reputation at this point, but my wild mage has somehow avoided fireballing random citizens. Thanks for all the help thus far! change-log.txt change-log1.txt
  4. Interesting! That command doesn't seem to help, unfortunately. I've been testing using a save from just before I visit Boareskyr for the first time, he always initiates the faulty dialogue there. I discovered one other thing while futzing around with Edwin though: initiating dialogue with Safana makes her leave the group: https://imgur.com/a/Gl5FR
  5. It says the global does not exist. Hmm! I attached a screenshot, on the off chance that I'm typing it in wrong : https://imgur.com/a/DEzLB Edit: the bdbanter.2da file you provided doesn't seem to have changed anything. Loaded a save where Edwin always initiates dialogue and still the the same issue.
  6. Thanks for the quick reply! I will give that file a try and report back. original bdbanter.2da is attached. Here's a link to the save, as it's just over the attachment size: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/wi4tna9u5sk6kg6/AAD87TKipc21GkRiVQ3CGoLPa?dl=0 In regards to: ~HQ_SOUNDCLIPS_BG2EE/SETUP-HQ_SOUNDCLIPS_BG2EE.TP2~ #0 #0 // Install high quality soundclips for new BG2EE content: 1.1 As far as I can recall, it was one of the options in the BWS tool, and there was no warning like there is for some advanced content that may be buggy or incompatible. Perhaps the install order needs to be updated? In which case I should post over in the BWS thread. Or maybe I was tired, it's one of the last checkboxes in BWS and I tend to get a little cross-eyed by that point ;-) Do you think it will lead to further problems down the line? BDBANTER.2DA
  7. I'm having an issue with the Edwin romance mod in an EET install. Whenever he initiates dialogue in SoD, it is blank and the only response is "Edin, you look odd." Which, if I remember correctly, was a PID option in the Edwin romance mod in case his avatar got messed up during the sex change shenanigans. He is constantly initiating this dialogue, probably because the game is trying to advance his conversations and quest in SoD. Any suggestions on how to fix this? I'm thinking the easiest solution is to advance whatever global is reponsible for his dialogue. What would that be, or how can I find it? I'm open to other suggestions of course. This installation has otherwise been bug and crash free, apart from one other problem- In SoD, Jaheira's voice set is playing voice clips from late in ToB when selecting her or giving orders. Wouldn't mind a solution to that, but it's not exactly a gamestopping bug either. Weidu.log is attached below. Cheers! WeiDU.log
  8. I prefer to re-load as little as possible too. I must confess that my party prefers to fast-travel with invisibility pre-cast, at least at night, after the first couple of ambushes. Yes, it's cheap but considering how ridiculously often the Bhaalspawn is ambushed/kidnapped/halted, it is also the rational thing to do. Also, spell triggers, contingencies, and more spell triggers. It's a secret fight - and famous for being one of the hardest fights in BG2 (but not ToB). You may need to google it, it's difficult to find the Twisted Rune without at least a hint.
  9. Yes, I discovered later on that there are two potions of explosion. So that change makes a lot of sense, it's redundant to have two potions that do the same thing. I'm still disappointed with the changes to a number of other items that had their abilities or charges replaced with passive buffs. Still, pleased with the mod overall, now on to BG2!
  10. I've never used the Cat and Mouse component, it always seemed a step too far. I like the idea behind it though! Anyways, I'm not saying vampires aren't overpowered, just pondering why. The reason, I think, is level drain being tied to melee attacks. I was referring to what Ahrimal said in the first post in this thread. APR= Attacks per round. Vampires are amazing fighters!
  11. Vampires are always going to be awkward in a d&d setting, since their primary mechanic is level draining. To make level drain a threat, they basically have to have ridiculous THACO and attacks per round, otherwise any party with decent AC could simply disregard. It's funny how a vampire without charms and level draining would still be a dangerous opponent because they are so powerful in melee. Despite that, level drain is still easily countered with negative plane protection -hence ANOTHER gimmick, the crazy charm spells, especially in SCS. Illithids and beholders have similiar mechanical gimmicks but they aren't countered quite so simply, nor do they require melee hits. So those creatures, while deadly for an unprepared party, don't pose as multifaceted a threat. And they aren't 4 APR combat gods.
  12. You still got those available. The oil of fiery burning now adds 1d6 fire damage on hit with weapons. It used to be a fireball.
  13. A request and a little feedback after playing some way through Baldur's Gate with IR and SCS: I'm very happy with most of the changes, except for one thing, the consummables and charge items. I understand a lot of them were overpowered, but removing the abilities instead of nerfing them also removes the "cool" factor. A fireball in a potion bottle is just... fun. A fire bonus to melee damage, less so. Or for another example, the potion of absorbtion was incredibly situational, but amazing if used at the right times. The update to a 10% damage reduction doesn't make a noticeable difference, nor does it involve any strategy on the player's part. I noticed the shield amulet and necklace of missiles have also been changed to passive buffs. I propose that rather than strip their abilities, they could be made more situational or weaker. Passive buffs are helpful, but the majority of the game's magical equipment already serves that need. Those consummables are fun to use!! Or if that's too much work, a component that installs all the item revisions excluding consummables. For positive feedback, I love how critical hits being a thing interacts with the revised armours. It really opens up options for gearing in a whole new way.
  14. The game freezes right there, so plenty of time for a screenshot. I forgot to say there also comes a popup pointing to a crashdump - a .dmp file. I tried checking it out in notepad++ but it was totally indecipherable. Would you like me to email or upload that somewhere? I just went back to test it again and for once I was able to blind Osmadi before he got the spell off
  15. Oops, here's a working link to that screenshot: http://imgur.com/a/bEPCJ
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