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  1. lol. I quite understand that, as I sadly suffer from the same thing. It's good know progress is being made.
  2. That's too bad. Oh well, I'll just have to keep popping in then. I look forward to the day when it comes out.
  3. Nice. Have I made mention of how much I admire your dedication? After all these years you are still at it. I applaud you, good sir. I really do.
  4. Good to hear you're still at it. I just reformatted my computer and installed BG 1 & 2; So, I wanted to check in and see if this was done as I was re-installing all of my favorite mods. I'll keep checking in and hopefully add this one to my collection one of these days.
  5. I'm glad to hear that you are still working on the Sand romance. I'll check back frequently for updates.
  6. Good to see progress. Hope to see it brought to life soon.
  7. My offer to help still stands. lol
  8. I'm up for helping as well, if you ever need it. It looks like it'd be a lot of fun.
  9. IceDragon


    This is a bit of prequel to Not in a Partying Mood. Enjoy! o0o0o0o Silvia kicked a rock as she walked through the ruined courtyard of her former home. It had changed so much and not at all. The fountain she had played in as a child was still there as beautiful as ever, the castle windows glittered just as wonderfully as they always had. But the gardens were different gone were the lovely red carnations her mother had so lovingly tended as was the lemon tree she had played under as a child. In their stead were scores of red and white roses, the colors of the Dhorn Empire. She had always liked roses, red and white ones in particular but now the sight of them brought a bitter taste to her mouth. She couldn't help but grin, albeit, cynically at the irony of it. She had always thought roses would look better but now that they were here she wished the carnations were back that everything was back to normal. No, not normal for this was what was normal now. She supposed she should say "I wish things were back to the way they once were." but they never will be. She knew that and accepted it but sometimes… "Something on your mind my dear?" A dark exotic voice asked. "Oh just that the more things change the more they stay the same." Silvia replied turning about to see her husband Rizzen walk over. He gave a smile, a smile that was more of a smirk and was uniquely his. She smiled back at him and walked over to him embracing him. He kissed her softly not saying a word. It was one of the things she loved most about him. His silent support. They broke apart to hear a rather annoyed voice say "Oh come on! You two can't be left alone for a minute can you?" Silvia looked around to see their eldest daughter Vivian standing there. She was clad in a light suit of enchanted chainmail as to not hinder her natural dexterity and was carrying a duel set of longswords. She had fought as much as anyone to reclaim the kingdom and Silvia had always somewhat regretted that neither she nor her siblings had been born in the castle as they should have been. Rizzen chuckled and drawing his wife closer said "It is rather difficult to keep my hands off her." Vivian made a disgusted face and said "I'm going to see if the castle is cleared." Silvia laughed shaking her head. She then looked up at the castle yet again and sighed she couldn't believe how long it had taken to win back the kingdom of Betancuria. It had been twenty-five years since she had last stood here and she was glad to have finally won it back for she had begun to think she wouldn't live to see this day. "Come, my love. Let me show you where my chambers use to be." Silvia said grinning. O0o0o0o "All hail Queen Silvia Lyonsbane!" The high priest said as he crowned her. The crowd cheered wildly and she smiled. There had been some reluctance to accept her for a fair amount did not remember her, didn't know of her or she was like a stray thought at the back of their minds. She felt it was more because of her Dark Elven husband and their half-drow children. The majority of people came around however once they either remembered her, learned of the old regime or that they were better than the Dhorn. The children were the ones who seem to be having the most trouble adjusting. They had spent their entire lives as rebels, descendants of the outcast royal family. Now that they were back in their rightful place they all seemed a little on edge particularly Vivian. She always seemed to have her hand on her sword and looking cautiously around every corner. Silvia sighed and leant forward on to the windowsill it was all a lot more difficult then she had anticipated. She had expected the difficulties of ruling the throne as well as the possibility of those against her. What she had not expected was the resistance she was getting from her own children. The younger ones kept saying they wanted to go back home even though she told them numerous times this was their home now they didn't seem to understand. They would just cry and complain, Lilly in particular would cry, stomp her feet and then go and sulk for hours sometimes days. Silvia pushed away from the window and stretched as she heard someone enter the room. She looked over her shoulder to see Rizzen walk in. She smiled at him and he said "Lost in thought, love?" "A bit." She admitted. "This all is just not what I expected and I thought I had thought of everything." He smiled and put his arms around her saying "It will all work out you'll see."
  10. This is a one-shot fanfic for "A Dance with Rogues". It came to me a while back after I played the module (which I have to say is awesome) I like the romance between the princess and Rizzen but being the absolute cynic that I am it got me to think what would happen further down the road. Anyway PC is called Silvia Lyonsbane and is a chaotic neutral rogue and shadowdancer but this story is more about Rizzen. Enjoy. . O0o0o0o Rizzen sighed as he looked out the window. Today was the anniversary of the triumph over the Dorn after they had been in control of Betencuria for twenty-five years and the whole city was in an uproar of celebration. He looked down at the parade going down the street to see his eldest daughter leading it as happy as anyone else and he smirked. She was so much like her mother even she did look more like him as his wife, Silvia, always told him. His eyes couldn't help but be drawn to her favorite tree as she crossed his mind. The lemons were nearly ripe. A knock on the door interrupted his thoughts and in walked his youngest daughter and son. "Why don't you come down to the celebrations with us father?" asked Lilly while Ryldaer stood behind her waiting for a response. Rizzen smiled softly at the twins as he always did when he saw them for they always brought forth the memory of when they were born what they had decided to name them. O0o0o0o "Well what are we going to do now my dear? There are two of them." Rizzen said smirking. Silvia looked up at him her dark brown hair swaying and said "What do you mean what do we do? We do the same thing as always. One gets a human name and the other a drow name." "You want to give twins names from two entirely different languages?" Rizzen asked incredulously. "Yes. It'll further emphasize my point that they come from both human and elven heritage." She said emphasizing the and. Rizzen sighed and smiled loving at her ridiculousness. He had told her many times that he didn't care about enforcing his side of family heritage on their now seven children he just cared about them and her for she had shown him how good it was to love and be loved though he was still naturally suspicious of everyone and he meant everyone else. "You have that look again." she said almost glaring at him. "What look?" he asked. "That you're a fool, cute, but still a fool look." She replied. This only widened his smile and he replied nonchalantly "I have no idea what you're talking about." "Of course you don't." she said rolling her eyes but smiling just a little at the same time "Now give me a name for him." She said indicating the boy asleep in the crib with his sister. "You can't think up one yourself? I think you'd be able to after all the drow you've been exposed to." Rizzen said smirking. Silvia frowned and said "After all these years I still can only manage to say hello, a few random curse words and where's the privy? Not that they'd be likely to tell me. What with me being a human and all." Rizzen laughed and said "Alright, alright how about Ryldaer?" She smiled and said "I like that." "I'm glad and the female?" "Lilly." She said firmly. Rizzen just smiled and shook his head again. O0o0o0o "Father?" Lilly said. Rizzen shook his head saying "Sorry Lilly I was lost in thought but no I don't feel like joining in." "Come on." Said Lilly "I'm sure the people would love to see their king." Rizzen looked back out the window and smiled at the reveling crowds and said "I'm sure they would but I think I'll stay here." Lilly glared and said "You need to get out and do something! It's been ten years!" Rizzen sighed not saying a thing. Lilly looked to her brother and said "Are you going to actually say something or just have me do all the talking?" Ryldaer stepped forward and said softly in drow "I know you miss her father, we all do and I know it must still be very raw for you but you must try to bring yourself out of it, we'll help but do you really want to spend the next few of hundred years in this state?" Rizzen looked at his son and smiled grimly replying "No I don't but it's almost ironic how much those last fifty years meant to me." He looked away again and continued "Before I met her all I did was practice my fighting and magic. I never really interacted with others. It didn't interest me. Power did. Then she came and threw my world upside down. Now I have all the power I could ever want and I'd give it all up just to have her back." Ryldaer stepped forward, putting a hand on his father's shoulder, and said "I know father, I know."
  11. This fan fic is based off of Tempest's Darian mod on Spellhold Studios, which should be checked out if you haven't done so already. PC is a female elven fighter/mage named Elvawen. Now onwards! Elvawen sighed as she sat back against her chair, swirling her drink about. She was glad Imoen wasn't about or she would try and 'cheer her up' so to speak and she was glad the bar was nearly empty but it was nearly three hours past midnight; the place was also in the middle of nowhere and it was late into the winter. She looked out the window into the snow storm they had come out of. It wasn't that she was unhappy but she wasn't happy either; she didn't really feel anything, not anymore. She knew it was a problem and had tried to fix it but regardless of how hard she tried it just didn't work. Most of her other companions had given up on her, even Jahiera had left. The only one remaining was Imoen, her sister and best friend. She sighed Kivan wouldn't have given up on her but he was gone as well, gone to Arvanaith to be with Deheriana. She was glad he had gone, he deserved to be happy but she missed him desperately; he had always been able to if not cheer her up help her find peace with whatever was bothering her. She almost missed him almost as much as… no she would not even think his name, she would not fall back even further down than she already was. She ran a hand over her face and slumped down further into her chair; she stared into the fire for what seemed an eternity but couldn't have possibly been more than a few seconds. She stood up and setting her drink down she made her way upstairs to take a bath. Nearby one of the only three other customers not including Imoen watched as Elvawen went up the stairs from beneath the cowl of his cloak. He had been watching her for a while but the normally perceptive elf was lost in her own little world and had not noticed. The man made a move to follow her but stopped and leant back against the wall he had been leaning against, sighing. He had been looking for her for over a year. After the happenings with Melissan she had more or less dropped off the map but he had found her trail a couple months ago and followed her here. Followed her all this way to this gods forsaken snowdrift of a country in this ramshackle inn and now that she was so close he couldn't work up the nerve to approach her. His head thunked back against the wall as he looked up at the ceiling. He then took a deep breath and quickly made his way towards the stairs before he could have time to second guess himself. He was stopped however by Imoen. She stepped in front of him and before he knew what was happening she yanked his hood down. "Darian." She said simply. The avariel averted his eyes and murmured "Imoen." Imoen looked at him suspiciously, he was acting odd. He didn't seem to have the all-out decisiveness he used to. She was actually glad of this maybe he had wised up and realized everything wasn't as black and white as he thought. He looked up to her. "Let me pass. I need to see her." Imoen pulled her key to their joint room out of her pocket and held it in front of him. He reached for it and she snatched it away. Her eyes narrowed dangerously. "If you hurt her again I'll show you that despite the absence of the taint that I'm still my father's daughter." Darian's already pale face went paler and Imoen smiled dropping the key into his hand. "Room four." She then went back to the bar and the two men who trying to win her affection. Darian just stood there for a moment and then quickly turned and all but ran up the stairs. Imoen smirked at this then flipped her hair and laughed girlishly at one of her suitor's jokes. Darian stopped at door number four put the key in twisted it and made to open the door. It was here he stopped again. He gulped. "What if she hadn't forgiven him? Sure she had told him to go if he needed time to think but he had seen the look of sorrow, of betrayal in her eyes when she said it. What if she was angry with him? If she refused to take him back? Threw him out and told him to never come back?" All these things raced through his mind as he stood there. He looked about for a moment and almost involuntarily flexed his muscles. His wings closed in closer to his body as they did when he was nervous. Then as they always did when he was unable to control his emotions they flared outward in a great arc, knocking everything in the vicinity over and creating a great wind that howled through the halls. It may just have been his imagination but it sounded somewhat mournful. He then took a deep breath and pushed the door open. She may reject him and it would hurt but not trying and having to live without her would hurt all the more. He had come to realize that quite clearly over the last three years. As it so happened Elvawen had just gotten out of the bath, she stood there dripping wet clothed in not but a towel as she tried to comb out her hair. Her eyes drifted lazily towards the door expecting her sister. She dropped the comb as their eyes locked. "D-Darian?" All doubt and nervousness gone he crossed the room and took her into his arms and kissed her soundly, pouring all of his longing and joy into that kiss while at the same time trying to express with how much he had missed her. More than anything however he begged her forgiveness with that kiss. Her towel fell to the floor and he pushed up against the wall, the roughness of the wood rubbing against her bare, wet skin. He then pulled away, his blue eyes shining and said "I missed you." She stood there mouth open unsure of what to say or do. Unable to think of anything else she said in a faint disconnected sort of voice "I guess this means you're done with your ruminations." He smiled widely and leaning his head against hers replied "Yes, yes I am." He twined his fingers with her own and kissed them lightly. With his other hand he tucked a strand of still wet hair behind one of her pointed ears and said in a soft, loving voice. "I've come to the conclusion that I want to stay with you Elva, my radiant swan, for the rest of my days." She smiled and leant forward and kissed him lightly. "Good." Was all she said. She then pulled him to her bed where they laid and merely held each other for the first time in over three years.
  12. These are my pics tell me yours. (mods are included) Baldur's Gate - Xan (Our quest is vain.) Baldur's Gate 2 - Haer'dalis (Wouldn't you rather a tune? A sonnet, some grand melody? Fine, have it your way, my raven!) Favorite overall: Haer'dalis Icewind Dale - Korin Icewind Dale 2 - Rizdaer Favorite overall: Probably Rizdaer but that's a tough one. Neverwinter Nights - Aarin Neverwinter Nights: HotU - Valen (I am yours to command.) Neverwinter Nights 2 - Bishop ( That's as comforting as leaving the village idiot in charge of a trebuchet.) Neverwinter Nights 2: MotB - Gannayev (I am emotionally wounded. Deeply, I think. What a curious sensation.) Favorite overall: Bishop or Valen but I'm kind of leaning towards Valen. Dragon Age- Zevran (We...are ridiculously awesome.) Dragon Age 2 - Fenris ("I enjoy following you.") Favorite overall: Another tough one but I would probably pick Fenris These are the only ones I have played feel free to add others if you like.
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