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  1. I for one was recently besieged with a horrible Cthulu virus that almost claimed my computer, but we are still here. Watching. watching watching
  2. Oh I am so prodigal! For those wondering, I'm still alive and about. Now that graduation and job finding and moving are done with, I can get back to this business of writing.
  3. London, May 29th-June 1st !!!
  4. No worries, LightStorm. Some of those have potential, and I've already got a few for the 'kissing' and other basic flirting. And yes... tail... Thanks for the interest. We're plodding at the moment, but work goes on. =)
  5. Indeed, a massage flirt will have to make an appearance somewhere. Inara's got more claws than fingernails, though, so that should be interesting.
  6. Well, aren't you all very diplomatic. (a clever avoidance of the word perverted) Just kidding. You *should* play through twice. There'll be plenty different for both sides. Though who knows what would happen if you hack for both at once. Inara will probably become a strange schizophrenic case.
  7. Cheers and Happy Birthday. =)
  8. Ha, Frankenstein and liquid candy. Did you actually get to see the big man dance this time?
  9. Urborg Vengrath: In general, do you enjoy dancing? Inara: Yes, quite. I find it can be a most exhilirating pasttime, if you have an able partner. And none of this drunken stomping about nonsense, though I am guilty of enjoying that every once and again. But skilled dancing to good music... (Inara smiles as though envisioning such a moment.)
  10. Opalescence: Aww, lil Inara's afraid of the dar... *ducks a dagger thrown his way* Hey! M'favorite jacket! Before you decide to chuck more pointy sharp things at me, I'll go. But before I do, one question: why aren't you more cheerful? Your sister seems a lot... happier. Did something really bad happen to you are do you just feel you're supposed to be the mature one or something? Inara: Cheerful? Rubbish, I'm perfectly cheer...well, perhaps that's not the right word. Too much like giddy... or something similiarly annoying. But no, I enjoy a good time as any other. As for bad experiences, we all have our pasts, do we not? And I act as I think best for each situation. But...you would say I am mature? (Inara smiles widely as though amused.) Keli would love to hear that.
  11. I too, am always late. Happy Birthday, Cam =)
  12. Dancer Fitz

    DUI stop

    Gracious glory be. This is too hilarious not to share.
  13. I'm woefully behind in keeping up with what mods are getting worked on right now, and I'm certain this list would expand if I did a little research(or refreshed my memory), but as it stands: Unfinished Business Blades of Brynnlaw Aklon Delainy Lands of Intrigue More Crossmod banter And mind, because Oi'd be done with 'em!
  14. Lily Livered Lurking Lurker of Lurkdom: So Inara, aside from the great tentacle beasts that will arise to devour us all when the stars are in alignment, is there anything you are truly afraid of. Inara: Inara blinks, her eyes lighting for a moment. Tentacle... You're not from the Cage, are you? She smiles and shakes her head. Afraid of? What do you take me for? I spent my childhood playing hide and seek with creatures the people around here would faint dead away to even see. There is a playful tone to her boast. I fear very little, cutter...but...I will admit that I'm not very fond of dark places.
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