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  1. Hey guys and girls, didn't find anywhere else to submit discovered bugs so I think it's here. It's just a small one - according to the documentation the Ogre's Sword (the one you get in the Circus quest to give to Aerie) proficiency should have been changed to Bastardsword. It was still at Longsword though. No mods except Ascension (this one before G3 BG2 Fixpack), UB and Valen NPC (both after Fixpack), so I don't think it's modified by them. Installed Fixpack V10. Greetings Viper
  2. Wow, your portraits are amazing, each one of them. Thank you a lot, I snatched quite a few of them to add to my collection of portraits for BG1/2 Greetings Viper
  3. I see, BG2 Fixpack also fixes that issue with Copper Coronet broken script, which wasn't a fault of Valen Mod at all but because of working for Bodhi and not taking Yoshimo at the start. Thank you everyone for your help, I'll download the new 1pp version and G3 BG2 Fixpack now Greetings Viper
  4. Well the only two abilities which get drained in the (non-modded) game are Strength by spirit trolls and shadow fiends, and Intelligence by mind flayers, that being opcodes 44 and 19 so you would need only to change those two. Not sure if there're any Intelligence-raising items but you wouldn't gain any benefit from the Strength girdles indeed, unless you don't need them. As for that animation with immunity opcodes, all you'd need to do is to put them all on an item like a ring or cloak and set the Timing on each effect to While Equipped. That would effectively make the animation and the effect stay active on you for as long as you wear the item, without the need to modify the original animation (which MIGHT cause few problems with the game if you change it's function time to permanent)
  5. The Big Picture looks quite similar to Big World Project... both being a mass overload of mods for Baldur's Gate II installed all together. Thanks for the suggestion, but I prefer to not use too many mods A bit "semi-official" expanded story as Ascension does, a useful NPC or two which the vanilla game doesn't offer, plus some useful fixes is all I would like to install. Thanks for 25 the hints, many of these are very useful and new to me. As for the newer version of 1pp, isn't it broken? It is marked as such, which is why I decided to use the 1.0 version back then also (it was an earlier version but also seemingly broken). What about the G3 BG2 Fixpack v.10? Should I use it instead of the old Baldurdash 1.12 one? Somewhere I remember to have picked up that it fixes some incompatibilities with Ascension, however the readme doesn't say anything about it.
  6. Ahh, I thought as much that Valen's scripts might have to do something with frequent but very short "slowdowns to still-stand" (and a broken Copper coronet script, which the mods seems to change) in the game. Too bad the unmodded game doesn't have much to offer concerning NPC Thief for an evil party. Strange is that I didn't have any problems with Unfinished Business (any content) on an earlier notebook with the 4:3 resolution, where I didn't need Widescreen. However on a newer notebook which I'm using now it looks better with it due to the 16:10 resolution. However after I complete the Baldur's Gate II installation with Widescreen mod, some UB options like Restored Encounters make Aran Linvail killable already in Chapter 3 immediately after joining the Shadow Thieves, without any consequences like unkillable Arkanis appearing, which shouldn't be happening due to game-breaking reasons. Hence which made me wondering about the right install order and / or newer version of fixpack(s). Thanks for the suggestions so far, I'll check out the Tweak Pack. Greetings Viper
  7. Hi guys, after playing vanilla (German language) Baldur's Gate II mostly without mods for a long time (exceptions being Unfinished Business v19, old Baldurdarsh Fixpack 1.12 and Widescreen v3.05 - normally I'm a rather mod-reluctant guy with games), I decided to add some diversion to the game with one or two NPC mods. And finally trying out Ascension (yes I know, I'm quite late). Problem is, after trying out first Solaufein Romance, and after that Valen NPC, few conversations (dialog.tlk file I suspect) and area scripts in the game got messed up. Nothing game breaking, just few things, and few frequent slowdowns, but it was annoying enough here and there to re-install BGII a few times anew. I've been mostly using the (seemingly outdated) Baldurdash Fixpack 1.12 so far since I remember reading the readme of the G3 BG2 Fixpack (not sure of the version now, might have been around 7 back then) and some of the changes changed too much of the vanilla game as I know it, without the option to de-select them, so I decided to stick to the Baldurdash version for the time being. However, I guess for some current mods it is required to use the G3 version now, so I'm open to any suggestions. After looking around the net I found few threads, mostly here in The Gibberlings and some on Pocket Plane, describing the relative order of installing things, but since there are so many different mods & combinations around, and Solaufein, Valen (and possibly Ascension) mods messed up my game on few occasions I decided to ask here for possible correction for this order of installation: It's only few mods anyway. BGII SoA BGII ToB BGII ToB patch 26498 (26499 Beta doesn't seem to be liked by any mods) Ascension WeiDU v1.4.24 (the latest I could find on Wesley's site) BG2 ToB Fixpack 1.12 (should I use the G3 BG2 Fixpack V10, and maybe Tweaks instead?) Valen NPC / Solaufen NPC (if they can be installed without breaking any conversations & area scripts in German dialog.tlk file) 1pp Flaming Swords 1.0 (I think Erephine released a newer version of that by now) Unfinished Business v.19 (skipping few options like Restored Encounters and Restored Minor Dialogs which caused some incompatibilities here and there) Widescreen v.3.05 Additionally, I tend to add very few own custom made items, and vanilla item, creature & spell fixes (which I discovered as necessary after playing the game) after installing all of the above, so any advises on their order of installation before or after the mods, by DLTCEP from .tbg files are welcome. Thanks for any help Greetings Viper P.S It is also worth mentioning that I don't intend to use BGTutu (or Easy TUTU) or Baldur's Gate Trilogy (BGT), just clean vanilla games. The game version I have is the old 4CD version for Soa and 1 Addon CD for ToB.
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