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  1. Unless it changed in later versions, Diriel will NOT romance a drow character (that was my first run through with this mod, too). Your best bet is to reroll or use a save game editor such as Dale Keeper to change your race there (not sure how you'd cheat up the "love talks", though). He should still chat with you, though Also, nothing really picks up until after the prologue (while it HAS been awhile since I played IWD2, my sister assures me this is true)
  2. I don't remember it being normal that as soon as you finish the opening chat with Hedron that everyone goes off like they want to say something but don't. I get it with v4 and v5 now, but I don't remember getting it before now. Some sort of added feature to make sure they all have the right voice set? (I want to make sure that it is working properly and I'm not going to miss out on anything)
  3. I got it to work (EEkeeper, change race to half elf) next question, are there any other conversations that may bug out like this? So I know if I should avoid choosing a subrace in BG2
  4. I do use a subrace mod. I can't remember who made it, but it is specifically for BGEE and adds such interesting subraces as half dragons and avariel. I am a half-drow (half-elf subrace)
  5. this bug must be a real pain in the ass...
  6. ah XD I'm not always good with acronyms. Sorry. *ahem* yes, it is LT14 as numbered in the guide.
  7. I don't know what you mean by NVROL, but I am running v9. Have had absolutely no problems up to now.
  8. I am at LT14 and I keep getting "NO VALID REPLIES OR LINKS" I have tried reloading my game, reloading BG, kicking everyone but Gavin out of my party, kicking out Gavin then reinviting him, killing and resurrecting everyone (via cheat keys, but they've never given me issues before). I am running on BGEE (since the original won't install on Windows 8)
  9. how would I restrict a class to a certain alignment (and gender, too, if possible)? Like, say I want to make a kit for a Priestess of Lolth; obviously, she isn't going to be worshipped by the good-natured folk.
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