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  1. I'm running into a installation problem while attempting a MegaMod Installation, it stops with the following error message: c:\GOG\BGII - SoA> ERROR: [CLABMO01.2DA] -> [stratagems_external/workspace/CLABMO01.2DA] Patching Failed (COPY) (Failure("resource [NMMONK06.spl] not found for 'COPY'")) ERROR: Failure("resource [NMMONK06.spl] not found for 'COPY'") Smarter general AI (Sword Coast Stratagems) was not installed due to errors. I have already updated the Stratagem Version from 25 to 26, the Error remains. I searched for all .spl files in my Bg2 Directory and found the nmmonk**.spl in the "sword and fist" mod. But it only counts tnonmmonk05.spl. In the MegaMod Forum another User pointed out that he just copied nmmonk05.spl and renamed it to 06, so he could continue but then the install freezed on a later point. I think the problem lies within the sword and fist mod, but since the last post is from January 2012 I figured I can rather get help here. So if anyone knows how to fix this, it would be greatly appreciated
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    Hi Guys, i finally finished my MegaMod Installation, and I found Mur'neth in the Mines. After talking to him I wanted to add him but then my game crashed. Tried another time, still crashing.. I wanted to reinstall but something seems to be off, I'm getting many "Possible Error: file not found in action 7" messages Finally it stops and then says " *** Music will be installed once you press the Enter key ***" then it stops and doesn't continue. I hope i didnt mess up my install Anyone can help
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    I had the same error, but the File you attached worked CamDawg, so thank you very much
  4. Can confirm this, no download possible atm
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