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  1. Solasta: Crown of the Magister is an upcoming CRPG in development which is using Wizard of the Coast's open game license for 5th edition. The lead developer is a co-founder of the company that made the Endless series of strategy games (Endless Space & Legends). They have a short playable demo that you can download off of their Steam page. While it is still considered pre-alpha, it already shows a lot of promise IMO and is fairly polished. The tactical combat is pretty fun and really left me wanting to play more. The game is currently funding on Kickstarter (just about to reach the goal with over a week to go) for those interested.
  2. Cool. YW. I figured someone here besides me would like the look of this game. 85% with a week left to go!
  3. Realms Beyond: Ashes of the Fallen is a an upcoming isometric party based CRPG with turn-based tactical combat on a hex grid and using the OGL ruleset (i.e., 3.5e D&D). It looks absolutely fantastic to me. If they can match the quality of Temple of Elemental Evil combat I'll be happy. But probably the most exciting thing about it is the developers are planning to release it with their level editor / toolset so hopefully players will create lots of their own modules a la NWN. It is currently on KS and off to a good start with ~40% after 3 days.
  4. Whalenought Studios, the developer of Serpent in the Staglands, have their next game up on Kickstarter. It's a cyberpunk, part-based CRPG with turn-based combat (a bit different from typical turn-based in that every action takes a certain amount of time, so actions play out in real-time) and stealth mechanics. They're ~80% funded with a week to go. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1649838104/copper-dreams/
  5. During their Pax East presentation yesterday, someone asked them whether the game would have mod support. The lead programmer gave a "yes, but toolkits / editors will probably come post-release" response to it. The question is around the 42 minute mark.
  6. I've been following the development of a promising look game tentatively called "Icy". It's a dialogue-heavy adventure RPG in a post-apocalyptic setting where the world is experiencing a new Ice Age. The gameplay will involve a lot of tough moral choices and a strong emphasis on the survival aspect; e.g., your party must hunt for food, scavenge for supplies, and deal with dangerous beasts and cannibals. There's some really nice artwork as well. The game is nearly complete with an estimated release of June, but the developers are running an Indiegogo campaign to help with polishing: A $6 pledge gets you a digital copy of the game. Looks like they'll reach their modest goal soon. You can also help by voting for the game on GOG wishlist. Update: Game has been successfully Greenlit on Steam.
  7. Other than PC (which includes Windows/Mac/Linux), what other platforms would you want the game to be released on? Since Microsoft holds the license for Shadowrun video games, they're obviously unlikely to let HBS port the games to Sony or Nintendo consoles / handhelds. The only console that seems a possibility is Xbox... But personally I'm glad that SR: Hong Kong is going to be a PC exclusive, so they can focus on optimizing the game for keyboard / mouse, without having to consider how the UI will work with a gamepad. And none of the hardware limitations of tablets this time, either. (I enjoy playing Shadowrun Returns on my tablet, but if it was holding them back, I'd rather it be PC only).
  8. Well, from what I know about Shadowrun... things can get pretty weird sometimes. But in a really cool way. The story in Shadowrun Returns (Dead Man's Switch) was very good, but rather short and linear. Dragonfall-Director's Cut was a huge improvement in many ways and gives a decent number of role-playing, and choice & consequence. It's a masterpiece really. Highly recommend it if you haven't played it. Yeah HBS has proven that they can deliver. And I appreciate that they are trying to not over-promise. For instance, a lot of backers have been asking for Astral Space, but they came out and said, it would be really expensive to do right and we just don't think it's in the scope of the project this time. That's much better than just setting it as a stretch goal to get some extra money and then scrambling to try to pull it off.
  9. Very cool. I recall being really awful at archery when we did it on phys. ed class many years ago. Once in awhile I'd get a lucky shot, but more often than not, I'd do something stupid like bump the arrow with my hand and knock it off course. Never really tried to shoot a bow that actually had resistance to it, but I imagine that it would be even harder to aim.
  10. Any other Shadowrun fans here? Developer of Shadowrun Returns and SR: Dragonfall, has recently launched a Kickstarter to fund additional content, features, and engine enhancements for their next standalone Shadowrun game. In this case they've already funded the base game with sales of their previous titles, but there's lots of funding goals to add in additional stuff they want. I'm backing this because Shadowrun Returns was good, and Dragonfall - Director's Cut was incredible... I want the next Shadowrun CRPG to be even bigger and better.
  11. An SSD is the most important thing that will cut down loading times. You'll want something big enough to install windows and any of the games where you've been experiencing long loading times on your old system... 60GB is much too small, I'd shoot for at least 120GB (which is what I have with my current rig). Of course, you also want to have adequate RAM but I think 8GB should still be plenty for a gaming PC; 8GB is what I currently have and I barely know what the loading screens look like in most of my games Also while it sounds like you're planning on buying from a local store, if you're willing to order a custom PC online, I'd recommend either Digital Storm or Magic Micro. The advantage with this is you can pick out the exact components that you want and both still offer Windows 7 as an option.
  12. Serpent in the Staglands a CRPG (PC/Mac/Linux) with RTwP combat, inspired by Darklands and the Baldur's Gate series with lots of choices to make. Graphics are old school 2D pixel art, but all very well done and I just get a really good vibe from this one. The setting is based on medieval Transylvanian folklore, so it will be quite a bit different from the typical fantasy settings. They have 2 days left on Kickstarter already passed their funding goal and are now working towards stretch goals. They also have a Steam Greenlight page and a GoG wishlist... I'm sure they'd appreciate your upvotes there if you have a minute.
  13. My main suggestion whenever buying a premade computer is to research all of the components to make sure they are high quality. For example: many PC manufacturers will often cheap out on things like the PSU because they know many people will just look at the Watts and assume the higher the better but not all PSUs are created equally. Check for reviews for the components online (newegg is useful for this). In general, when the component manufacturer offers a long warranty (5+years) that's another good sign. You definitely want to make sure your drives, motherboard, etc. are reliable so you don't have to end up replacing them in a year.
  14. Yeah, unfortunately I haven't played PnP in many years, but I really like what I've seen of the 3.5 ruleset in NWN2 and ToEE. And from what I've seen in a character creation video on Subterranea's website, the developer is even implmenting some of skills that didn't make it into either of those games (Climbing, Escape Artist, Jumping, Gather Information, etc.).
  15. I tend to roleplay as a character with similar moral compass or worldviews as my own; so basically Chaotic Good / Neutral Good. I like to help people in need, do the right thing and generally treat NPCs with kindness . I don't necessarily have qualms about stealing from the obscenely wealthy though; so I often end up sort of playing a Robin Hood-esque character. I have tried a few times to play an evil character in various RPGs that allow it and find I have great difficulty. Part of the problem is I actually feel bad (recall feeling really awful trying to play evil in KOTOR once my companions started reacting to it). The other problem is the way it is usually implemented in cRPGs; BG 1/2 and NWN 2 really seem more suited for good-leaning characters. Most of the quests involve helping people in some way and while I suppose you could only complete the ones where there is a monetary incentive, but that inevitably means skipping a lot of quests (and missing out on EXP or unforeseen rewards) or breaking character. I really want to complete an evil playthrough of BG1 &2 sometime but especially in the first game it seems difficult to stick to. The stories of most RPGs I've played just tend to fit good or least neurtal characters better than evil. I'm hoping that Pillars of Eternity may be different since the storyline supposedly is not about saving the world. I do also prefer playing males.. Tried playing a female PC a few times but that just breaks immersion. As for other facets of the personality, I suppose I tend to act how I would act. I like choosing humorous / sarcastic dialogue options when available but I am generally not mean or cruel.
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