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  1. That's odd. I am playing BG1EE with no mods, and I do encounter skeletons by pack of 4 in High Edge even at low level. About respawning delay, it seems to behave like BGT but I didn't check it extensively.
  2. Using Stratagems v28 with BG2:EE, on Linux. Noticed an old bug being back : Mae'Var is missing his Shadow Armor (LEAT08). Besides : the elemental summoned by the wizard spell "conjure lesser air/fire/earth elemental" stays neutral after the mental fight. http://forum.baldursgate.com/discussion/28931/conjure-elemental-remains-neutral-after-mental-combat weidu.log
  3. Like mentionned earlier in this thread by someone else, I am unable to install SCS v23 on BGT and Linux, I get the error "bolt02\n.itm" not found with first component. (Please notice that on Linux end of line codes are different than in Windows).
  4. Well, another requirement is that a Linux version will have to avoid completely calling .BAT files. It's better if no shell script is required to install a mod, but if one is needed, you will need to bundle a Linux-compatible script.
  5. French : @600 = ~Suivant du Grand Baptiste~ (identical to what I sent you by PM, it's just to be sure that everything is in one place)
  6. French @1500 = ~Restauration d'objets mineurs~ @2000 = ~Restauration des tresors aleatoires~
  7. Hi, I've read some posts about compatibility between the new 1pp v4 and IR/SR. But it mostly talks about IR, so I'm starting a thread about SR. I've tried to install SR v3.1 first (all components), then 1pp v4 (all components). I noticed that 1pp v4 "spell tweak" component failed to install. This is from 1pp debug file : Well, it's not a big deal, we might assume then that 1pp did not overwrite any SR change at first sight. I thought it would be good for everyone to know.
  8. The problem you're talking about is a very well known problem fixed by the official TOB patch. You need to download and install the TOB 26498 patch, no other patch is needed. If you don't own TOB, use the official SOA patch, which also fixes the problem as far as I know.
  9. Note : I removed the mod from my FTP long ago since SHS is back up and BGT 1.14 is out but I couldn't edit my previous message to remove the dead links.
  10. I really like Demi's suggestions. Please go on that way!
  11. I really like Monster Summoning I Dimension Step/Dimension Hop Ray of Fatigue - Power Word Fatigue The spell "Fog Cloud/Obscuring Mist" is really interesting, but I wonder if it is not too overpowered for a first level spell?
  12. To add on the previous reply: the solution is to install the latest stable TobEx before any mod that bundles TobEx, like SCS. In that case, SCS won't overwrite the already installed TobEx with its outdated copy.
  13. SCS's Skip Candlekeep does not adjust to reaction level and will give the "average" loot. I will release in few days (doing the finishing touches currently) a new mod that will include, among other things, a component doing a similar job of SCS's component, but not based on it, that will adjust to reaction level and will avoid any 4th wall breakage.
  14. I like the idea. The solution A is not acceptable because unspoiled players would loose unique artefacts, and spoiled players would stash them before going to Candlekeep to recover them later, but why would PCs do that, unless with heavy metagaming?
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