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  1. hmmm im using the v20 beta ...maybe i dont have the right link
  2. hmm dvkshout.spl uses webtrav.pro .. which is a single target pro instead of dvkshout.pro??
  3. I agree kinda mostly... whether i like it or not.. its not really consistent and doesnt make sense unless all arcane magic spells/wands rings.. amulets anything that cast a spell like effect ..should trigger them.. maybe even divine too if its not use in a temple.. until the lisc..err worthiness is proven
  4. demi sorry was more focused on as2 and as3 actually working.. and always figured the 2-3 animals versus 4-5 monsters was intentional ..personally since i love playing druids id love to see as brought to 4-5 animals to at least match MS spells... as for the R/CL i totally agree makes much more sense for it to be an R/DR but because of the pnp rules im sure some would muiss the R/cl; if it was totallyremoved..
  5. re tobex and EE it also doesnt enable to comps that allow you to see more than 24 spells selectable.. memorizable..etc.... its been a pain. response ive gotten is they arent real high priority on enebaling the currently disbaled tobex [parts unless one because absoulutly nessacry for a higher priorty fix then need to do ..basiclly unless it becomes in their interest they probably wont do it.. love the modded sppr612 thanks subtle
  6. actually what i was looking for was under .pro area effects" not allies" thats where i can set it to includ not affecting summoned crits too
  7. acckk no no i meant using NI.. l;ol duhs i typoed anyways where in the .spl do i find the flag to set it for party friendly? i know ive run across it bnut bnow when i need it i cant find where in the .spl file using NI it is?
  8. where in a .spl under NI do i find the varible to make an aoe party friendly? or not? i know there was a setting somewhere to make aoe damage only affect enemies.. but for some reason now i cant find where that varible is set... i meant Ni orignally i appearntly typed the wrong thing sorry
  9. wouldnt greater restore cure deaf???
  10. tried em out they are killer.. a couple vamanc01 could really mess up a party heck 2 or 3 of em can do damage to any full party until you hit godlike levels...30+plus defiently improved.
  11. Since v29 you can install Improved Vampires. From what I've tested it yet didn't crash, not that I tested much anyway. Creatures that you have to spawn are VAMANC01 and VAMFLM01. I've put ALL the associated files (not items that are checked for immunities) in the .zip file. vampires.zip I don't have v30 installed on BG2:EE right now, sorry. so how do i install intigrate this into my bg2ee/scs 30 setup..... do i just dump the vampire .zip into my override folder?? and do i have to C:CreateCreature(" blah blah ...... ?? if so when do i do this?? or will it automaticlly do what its supposed to when it should?? i guess im asking for basic instructions for use..
  12. my error i had something in override folder thought it was clean install.. re cleric magic fang.. so all good
  13. hmm cleric seems to get magic fang... was that oversight? or is that a me only anomoly?>
  14. other spells dont seem affected least not 1st-4th lvl just as2 and as 3 .. im getting the impression the AS series is cursed seems to be perpetual heacache
  15. a straight druid cant cast AS2 or 3 as1 and as 4 cast fine...bg2ee tested with a shape shifter too and a clean un modded bg2ee dl.. only spell rev newest upload on it...
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