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  1. Well, console travelling to Underdark and then walking back into the Temple seemed to have triggered it. Odd.
  2. Installed EET about a week or two ago and was enjoying it muchly until I got to the end of BG1. I killed all of Sarevok's acolytes and then Sarevok and nothing happens, has anyone experienced this or know of a way to force the SoD transition? I tried CLUAConsole:SetGlobal("DeathOfSarevok","GLOBAL",1) but to no avail. Not sure if its relevant, but I also had a bug in Durlags tower where after killing all the elementals it wouldn't teleport me to the chess board. Setting the global flag for that fixed that issue though. Mods Installed via BWS: SCS + Ascension EET Tweaks - Total XP Cap Disabled/Wand Case Klatu's Tweaks and Fixes - Free Action does not prevent haste or movement rate bonus
  3. With the modifications made above, the XP cap was successfully removed from the main game arc, however I am capped at a paltry 600,000 XP for Black Pits 1 and TWO! This is obviously game-breaking as-is because BP2 is a 20+ level campaign and right now I'm stuck at lvl 11 (I'm assuming because it's treated as a single campaign, during BP2; the BP1 XP cap still applies to my solo sorcerer who has just beat BP1 and has transitioned into 2) Any ideas? A search like agb1 did with "600000" yielded 1 result https://github.com/K4thos/EET/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&q=600000&type=Code ; but it seems unrelated. EDIT: Found it Baldur's Gate II Enhanced Edition\Data\00783\override\StartBP_.2da (it is shared by both games) Change value of XP cap to -1 and it is removed.
  4. Just wanna weigh in and say bob_veng's idea seems the most appealing and logically coherent to me, although if he hadn't made a good case and I hadn't thought about it, I probably would have said leave it alone. I only mention that because it might be wise to consider expertise opinion over popular opinion in this case, as some, like me, aren't as familiar with the mechanics or aware of the benefits to game structure. If you're big on world map freedom over cohesive gameplay mechanics/or a purist, it would make sense to have both a "leave it alone option" and Veng's staggered idea, but the latter gets my vote as creating a more unified and immersive gaming experience.
  5. I figured the XP additions from siege and bg2+tob additions wouldn't be really much of an issue because the experience is rather exponentially increasing iirc. Meaning I don't think the extra XP from Siege or IWD would really upset the balance in the later games too much because at that point IWD quest experience is so little compared to what a level 18 char needs for any substantial progress if that makes sense. It seems to me the bigger issue would be with each other as they have a similar level range throughout (IWD and BGEE) (but to be fair I am talking with no immediate numbers/out of my ass so I could be wrong)
  6. While I really love the idea of combining IWDEE and HoW into EET (what a sick RPG mega-game it would be), it got me to thinking how it would be possible to optimize it so that no section of BG1 nor IWD is remarkably easy from the experience of the other game (assuming EET Tweaks fixes the XP cap removal). Any ideas for the most likely optimal chronology for retaining original difficulty? Maybe I'm over thinking it but that's an issue that I've been considering. Bonus Question: About how long would EET+IWD take to complete? Or rather, how many hours of gameplay would it be to finish the entire...Uh...tetralogy (pentalogy?)
  7. I actually do agree with the idea by the OP, despite the shaky somewhat hard to understand grammar (that is, assuming such an option wouldn't be exceedingly difficult to provide). xD The beamdog entry is seen by many as not being up-to-par to Black Isle quality, and by others as not even a true "canon" game to the franchise so to speak given the nature of it's release by a completely different studio. To me, the option for removing SoD seems justified, and would probably save some people money who only want to play 1 + SoA + ToB (the "canon" series so to speak) in a merged journey. EDIT: To be honest, when I saw this mod I thought "ahhh, do I have to get SoD to play this?"
  8. No problem, just glad this project exists. Thanks.
  9. That looks much better and perfectly acceptable to me. Thanks for the update! Look forward to seeing it. I actually am surprised I never had that problem with vanilla BG1...it has been a long time.
  10. Started a Multiplayer Campaign with my brother, would be a shame to have to restart to the beginning, we are at Chapter 3 I believe. I tried importing the save directly just to see what would happen with rather comical results. The game loaded, but clearly the code didn't line up properly, Baeloth's name was changed to "I'd like to see your services!" (I'm assuming it's a dialogue of his at some point ) and the original map was overlaid on-top of the EET map with weird dialogue names for the towns, lol (although everything else seemed about the same; inventories looked okay at a glance) Anyways, was wondering if there was any simple way to get the save to work on our EET version of the game, or is it just tough luck at this point?
  11. This was reported in the "Map Areas" thread as well, wanted to make sure it got attention and visibility. Durlag's Tower is 3 maps east of Beregost, rather than east of the Carnival which the map ui would lead you to believe. It is hilariously nonsensical when you actually look at it, as the third area east of beregost is far north and east of durlags tower, yet going east once more enables Durlag to become reachable. Basically, it would be near impossible to figure it out on your own if you didn't look at this forum (well, you'd probably eventually indirectly figure it out). Great work overall though, this mod is insanely awesome regardless of the few hiccups!
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