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  1. Ok, I will wait as long as necessary and I will also stop hijacking this thread Edit : I hope you will give us news when it's ready
  2. Where ? Who ? When ? (Well, about "who", I have a guess... )
  3. LOL, I don't remember... Am pretty sure it depends on the way you skip SoD : this way you can go Back to BG, this way you can't. I have no savegame to check ATM.
  4. I have not played NTOTSC since... so long... so I won't say about this particular mod. But, generally speaking, I am REALLY happy when "new" modders do maintain "old" mods and port them to EE(T). For this, I say "Thank you", even if I think it doesn't perfectly stick to "original author point of view". BTW, there is a big difference between "original author point of view" and "what I think original author point of view was" so... pointless debate.
  5. Your Question seems clear to me. I don't know the answer but I can tell you how I (personnaly) do : I install Pre-EET mods in BWP order, then EET, at least I install Post-EET mods in BWP order. And then, I don't know if I have already met your kind of problem All in all, I don't think there can be a "one fit all" rule for this kind of problem : it probably highly depends on why the post-EET mod should go before a pre-EET mod.
  6. It's not an EET bug, people have reported the same behavior with BGT. It's probably a popular mod...
  7. Indeed, If it's works, it's even better !
  8. It's strange. I always play with a full custom party and they are all striped when arriving Chateau of Irenicus. My last play with Jaheira, Imoen, Minsc is so far... SoDBGone has been created after that... However, I see no impact if you strip them and move on with them "naked". Helm of Balduran should be in the expected chest.
  9. No problem. As examples, here are saves just before DSC007 and DSC009. Just enter the cave (DSC007)/the door (DSC007). DSC009 is VERY small, it may be easier to start with this one. But in this save game, I did already entered twice in DSC009 (entering, clicking one coffin, leaving, saving. repeat as much as needed). I can send you a save before. Thank you.
  10. I also agree this component was a very interesting one !
  11. I experience some problem I never had before but I don't know if it's DSotSC related or not. Each time I enter specific area, the game freezes. DSC007, DSC009, DSC035, DSC037 are of them : I can enter, walk few seconds and it freezes. In DSC009 sometime I have the time to unlock the chest, but i have never the time to disarm the trap on the chest or kill the vampires in the coffins... I know that my bug report is light, but do not hesitate to ask me more (or to ask me to do something).
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