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    BG1NPC v23 Bug Thread

    Awesome!! Thank you For some reason I didn't knew that there was a v24 version until a moment ago... now I also found that there's a Git repo too, so I just downloaded the last version from there! Gonna restart clean and redo my install again! Thanks!
  2. Leeux

    BG1NPC v23 Bug Thread

    Heyas all o/ I just found out some strange files generated in the override directory comes from BG1NPC project and wanted to see if it was a known issue? I'm talking about this one (%Undercellars_BCS%.bcs): I've tracked it to the bg1npc.tp2 script, line #970: EXTEND_BOTTOM ~%Undercellars_BCS%.bcs~ ~bg1npc/Phase2/baf/P#FW0112.BAF~ EVALUATE_BUFFER Could it be possible that that line should have been: EXTEND_BOTTOM ~%BaldursGate_Undercellars_BCS%.bcs~ ~bg1npc/Phase2/baf/P#FW0112.BAF~ EVALUATE_BUFFER Like the other references to that same area script in the file? EDIT: Forgot to say, this is BG1NPC v23.3 that I have installed. And that I did some searches around for this issue and didn't find matches, but I certainly remember seeing some discussion somewhere about it
  3. Yeah, I kinda see your point...it's true in what you say that there's no need to use special chars in the folders since it could lead to issues... it's asking for it! I just use it because I think it looks better aesthetically than starting the names with using numbers, or something like that. Never thought about it, and never had to, to be honest... I never had problems with this despite having that folder as base install for several years now, and including the classic BG games there too... and including a whole BWP setup once in the past, several years ago. I"m gonna probably revamp the whole folder structure installation once I install my new HD and SSD, and I'll take that opportunity to remove the funny chars from the names then! Thank you Jastey! So it can cause troubles then! My first intention was to report this to SkieCost thread at beamdog forums, but then I thought it'd be better to ask to the EET people, since I wasn't sure if this was a mod's issue or something else that I screwed up myself Gonna leave the installation on hold for now, I'm in no hurry... so I don't have to redo everything if/when this gets fixed Best wishes to all and thanks for the help!
  4. I hasn't caused me issues up to now... why do you say that? But yeah, it's a relic of a time where I used to have multiple versions installed at the same time... both Steam and classics from GOG, and several playthroughs running concurrently in different directories. I could probably simplify it now, that I'm only playing Steam EE versions now. (Root) contains several copies of the base installs, for different patches... and also the actual Documents folders too... I point to them using Windows Junctions from the Steam library folder and from My Document folder. That way by only changing a junction I can switch quickly which game I'm playing. The funny characters are only for the purpose of those folders sorting above the other stuff that's present in those folders I assure that everything works correctly! This is not the first time I"m doing this same installation... last time I had this same Warning too, but the installation finished correctly and I was able to play! I had to reinstall due to the fact that I screwed up with some mod ordering and I decided that it was better to fix it when I wasn't still too deep in my playthrough... so this time I was more careful with checking things before jumping directly to install. That's why I wanted to know what are the cause of the warnings too.
  5. Heya all o/ I'm trying to install Skie Cost of Girl's Soul over EET, and my installation gives me a couple of warnings and I'm not sure what they mean... Maybe someone can point me in the right direction... or maybe they are a non-issue, I don't know... Here are the messages I'm getting: #EET_NPC_TRANSITION patching for l#2sdskie: BG2 NPC without BG1 content #WARNING EET_NPC_TRANSITION: "L#2SDSKI.bcs" doesn't exist in game #WARNING EET_NPC_TRANSITION: "L#2SD25.bcs" doesn't exist in game This happens while trying to install this component: #Installing [Skie: The Cost of One Girl's Soul - Allow Skie to return as a joinable NPC] [2.2] Could it be that I'm missing some extra content that this mod depends on? I mean, I tried to read the mod's OP very carefully, and I'm sure I didn't miss any important instructions... but I can be blind sometimes I know it's just a warning, so the installation can continue and Weidu says the component is installed with warnings, and probably other mods will install correctly too... but I didn't want to have problems later while playing, and it's best checking now that I'm able to redo everything from scratch if I need to. I checked the override folder and those files mentioned in the message are present there, so not sure what's the warning is about I've attached the installation DEBUG log, in case it's needed. Thanks in advance for any help Best wishes! SETUP-SKIECOST.7z
  6. I think it basically means you need to have your games installed outside of Program Files, so there's no UAC shenanigans involved, and second, it would be prudent be have them be backups of the installs, so if any (steam or client) updates happen, your installations are not ruined. What I did is (I have games on Steam btw) have them installed to a steam library outside of ProgramFiles (I have all my games that way) and then, made copies of the clean installation and used those as starting point. Specially for your destination install (i.e. the BG2 that will become EET) you won't want Steam updates messing with it at all. After that you can run the game by launching the Baldur.exe directly, and EET setup creates a desktop icon for you that points to it directly. As for the second part, you need to start both the games and at least create a character and save so the games create their respective Documents\BG folders for save and initialize all the data there. I don't think ToB is needed, since it shares the same Documents folder as base SoA.
  7. Hey there, big thanks for your reply, I'll quote parts and answer below them: I understand that and yeah I wouldn't ask for that feature to be introduced, but just wanted to point out that there's something strange that has to be going on, as other extra-party companions gets taken into account by the haste mod (in particular an NPC from a mod comes with a wolf companion and he was getting hasted), but not this mod's familiar, for some reason. Perhaps it's something to look for, maybe? The readme I have installed says it's v2.1, but in my WeiDU.log says 2.2: ~WTPFAMILIARS/SETUP-WTPFAMILIARS.TP2~ #0 #0 // WTP Familiars (Requires ToB, BGT, BGEE, BG2EE, or EET): 2.2 Could it be caused/related to using a banter accelerator for companion dialogue? Or the fact that I'm playing the game at 60 or 45 ticks per second (not sure atm,) instead of the default value? It definitely started nagging as few as 30 real time seconds after I picked up... and yeah, one of the times after an area travel/transition we got attacked instantly on arrival (random spawns) and the cat starting asking to be left out of the bag also at the same time while the combat was happening around us... it probably something triggered as soon as we arrived to the area, when there wasn't any enemies still engaged... but when the dialogue popped up, we were in the thick of combat already. Also, it seems that the timer runs/take into account area travel time? As I said in my original post, after a 16hs area travel time the cat decided to forcefully leave me... even if I picked it up just a moment before transitioning and not even 10 seconds had passed. It happened exactly as it sounds, we traveled from an area to an adjacent area and landed exactly in the corner of the destination area... 6 of the party members where placed correctly inside the valid terrain, but the 7th (which was my PC) landed outside the area limits, in the black region of the map where there's no terrain... I imagine that this should be something to do with the fact that there's an extra party member that the game doesn't recognize while selecting the positions in the destination for each character? Also, much later I tried again the same transition (after a full game restart) with all the 7 party members out, and that time the bug didn't occurred, so is not entirely 100% reproducible sadly. In case it matters, the areas in question where modded ones, I think from either DSotSC or NTofSC... perhaps they have some issue themselves? Cannot say for certain... still, when I picked up the familiar and did the same travel in the same session, when we're a party of 6 members we all landed correctly in the same spot where we had the issue in the attempt just prior. Also, another problem of having the familiar out is that it also causes lots of pathing issues, specially in dungeons/crowded spaces/corridors, and often don't want to walk at all when you use select all party members and give an order, depending on the formation you chose and the space available on destination, and you have to select him (the familiar) and move it individually to make it start accepting orders. That's sad to hear, as the mod is the only one that I know that solves the issue of having a single familiar type assigned to each alignment... I would really like to plat a Chaotic or Lawful Good character and still be able to pick the cat, instead of being forced to have a Fairy/Pseudo Dragon (I don't recall now which is which,) and not be forced to go Chaotic Neutral to be able to have a cat familiar Still, I understand your point of view and respect your decision, but I hope you can see my side too... I really don't understand how it can be justified even from a RP point of view, the familiars seems to be intelligent creatures, at least going by how they speak (I can't see their stats in-game) so they would surely understand the fact that keeping them safe is the best course of action while traveling the hostile world, and specially in dungeons where traps abound and is often difficult to path around. W.r.t to the fact that they are buffed... my experience atm in my game, and keep in mind that I'm playing an imported character that finished ToB to quickly test my current mod installation, and for that reason the familiar levels got bumped to L36 after I summoned him... and he stills dies to bears in BG1 areas, in 3 or 4 hits... (playing the game on Insane mode atm.) so no, they aren't suitable for combat even with the buffs, sadly... and the fact that you have to micromanage an extra party member that has no abilities and no defensive options, is a bit too much in my opinion. Also, for some reason non-hostile bears turn hostile when near him, and not when the party is near them... I'd think a bear would not "hate" other animals that much, but I could be wrong I don't see having the familiars on your pack as an exploit myself, I don't personally agree with that... you have to resign one of your inventory slots permanently, and as someone that often plays solo runs I can testify as to how valuable inventory slots are! I'd concede and agree with the fact that the idea that you could keep the cat on your bag for a period of time is a bit dubious, and perhaps it's a good reason to chose a different companion! But I assume that all of them do the same complaining, with no difference of familiar type, no? I haven't tested them all yet. Anyways, great mod overall, I really liked the good parts, and besides some few minor gotchas I haven't had any other problems... but perhaps is not for me, sadly Best wishes, Leandro.
  8. Sorry to be a bother, As I said in the title, I screwed up and chose to install the component ~CDTWEAKS/SETUP-CDTWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #2372 // Alter Dual-class Restrictions -> Install options one and two (everyone can multiclass anything): Internal working version, unsupported Instead of the one that I should have chosen, which is the middle option, i.e. "Allow non-humans to dual-class"... because I read that option wrong, the part "everyone can multiclass anything" tricked me into thinking it was the "free for all" option, instead of the "reverse normal behaviour" option. Now I realize my error after reaching chapter 4 in BG1 while playing EET and a whole host of other mods, and I'm not able to dual class Imoen because of that Is there any option that would allow to change that restriction in-game using Near Infinity (I'm handy with that) and if it's simple enough, I can probably do that... I don't think reinstalling is an option as it's one of the earlier mods installed and it would require rollbacking a lot of stuff... lots of stuff can go wrong, in my experience if I do that... unless that changed somehow in the last couple of years I've been absent from the BG modding action EDIT: I realize an easy solution would be to turn Imoen into a half-elf in EEKeeper, and I did that as test and it worked... that's how I found out my original error But I'd prefer not to do that in all honesty! EDIT2: I managed to find the file I had to edit to be able to Dual class Imoen... I used Near Infinity to change the file called 'CLSRCREQ.2DA' and changed the 0 for the entry DUALCLASS to 1 for the column HUMAN.
  9. You're totally right on that point, of course! Thank you for bringing that point to the original mod's thread, I wasn't sure where it was hosted and I was tired of having to debug a different issue on my modded install yesterday, and didn't want to research too much... sorry! BTW, other than the speed issue and the area transition issue, I didn't had any problems at all having the familiar travel with us in the open... and it's a nice change from the original game! It's just, I regret taking the blasted Cat (), I'd probably have had better luck with the Fairy Dragon, maybe The only issue seems to be that the timers on events are a bit low (maybe they interact badly with the Banter timer reduction tweak?) and the permanent loss is a bit too much IMO, I think for starters it should be good to have the familiar pop out of the bag by themselves and not disappear at all... and maybe be grumpy for a bit! EDIT: Forgot to add, There's still the issue of the bugging out on area transition that seldom happens for me (maybe due to the extra 7th party member, depending on place of arrival...) which is the real issue that started everything!
  10. Hello, Is there a way to give the familiar a permanently haste effect so he can keep up with the party? I'm using a mod that gives the party increased speed while out of combat (CDTWEAKS, "Increase party movement speed outside combat -> By 100 percent" component) and I constantly have to wait for him to catch up... which is exactly the thing I was trying to avoid when I installed the extra speed mod, to avoid having to use the Paws of the Cheetah and have one character that's constantly waiting for the rest to catch up. Also, I'd prefer to have an option to be able to keep the familiar on my bag while traveling the hostile world and only have to release it when in cities or the like... as it is, I think it's a bit too disruptive of the game-play for me, and I wish I'd have know from the start of this kind of functionality before installing it... and yes, I've read the Readme, and now checked and double-checked, and it doesn't say anything about the actual behavior of the familiars, just mentions the changes and the new way the penalty for dying work and that's all, and just a passing mention of "They will make themselves heard when they feel they've spent too much time in the backpack", and not much at all... else I'd not have installed it from the get go. The nagging while they're in the bag is also a bit disruptive, is constantly interrupting the flow of the game even while in combat (at least, in my experience) and is too frequent and it doesn't allow for any time of having them on the bag at all... they start to nag you as soon as you grab them, with not even a few minutes pause. For example, in my case, I had to grab my cat before transitioning an area that was giving me trouble on arrival, because it was bugging out and leaving one of the characters outside of the area boundary... and as soon as I arrived that cat just left leaving me with a penalty and no recourse to avoid it. And certainly the Readme doesn't mention anything about that particular feature at all. Sadly, I cannot uninstall the mod now without completely ruining my modded install at this point, so I'd have to live with it... but I certainly would like a way to disable the mod's functions or, in the worst case, maybe get rid of the familiar without incurring on a penalty so I can complete the game in peace. Best wishes, Leandro.