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  1. Hey DavidW! Welcome back, and glad to you see you're OK! Congrats on the new baby! That's awesome
  2. But, isn't that a bit heavy handed? As long as mods use it for what it's meant (i.e. absolute conflicts like, editing some NPC dialogue in ways that can't be reconciled, f.e.) there should be no problem, but I can envision situations where a mod can forbid to install, I don't know, let's say, some Tweaks Anthology components because they just break the "balance" they intend to be. I.e. it'd be a bit open to over-use, IMO. On topic for the thread: @ AL|EN, that's looking awesome! Could it be extended so that the rules have messages attached, that can be used as to why that rules is in p
  3. Leeux


    Every time this thread lights up, it makes me happy As was said, hope you're doing well, and the mod too! No pressure though, of course! We're here just to keep the place warm
  4. I'm not sure if it has changed over the versions since I last found this, but IIRC at some point in the past the SCS Fireshield Red protection from Insect plague type of spells worked only for enemies and not for the player (and it was intended to be that way, also IIRC.) As I said, last time I heard of that was more than a couple of years ago (and I was still playing on patch 1.3 of EEs at that time too, so probably the SCS I had installed was even older) and hadn't had the chance to verify it for my own again since then. I add this just in case you're aren't sure about it... if you
  5. I used to play the game in the early '90 (I had it on floppy disks at that time, like 10 of them!) and I don't even know which version it was! In that version I could pretty much go against as many opponents I wanted and could beat them in Hard or Insane (I don't recall now...) but the new version that you get from GOG it has been patched up to the last patch and that means it has been rebalanced a lot, so many of the old tricks I remember don't work anymore... and many units I used to rely on were nerfed and bonuses changed. So, yeah... I never got into it seriously again... it'd pr
  6. I love Master of Magic! I used to play it a lot when I was younger It's kind of a more advanced CIV (for the time we're talking about... ~1991) it was certainly more advanced than CIV1, and had the cool feature of having turn based mini-combat scenarios to solve map encounters, before any other games that I know of incorporated that. It's still available at GOG and it runs well, and it even has a kind of modding community with rebalancing mods, and bugfixes and such! Never played with those mods installed myself... as of yet, at least! But I have it on GOG and still launch it from
  7. Oh indeed... that would be good too! Don't misunderstand me, I mean... I think an absolute sorted list of mods can and actually do work (for example, BOSS for Oblivion which has exactly that kind of scheme going on,) the thing is I think it would maybe be harder to maintain in the long run (IMO,) and maybe even harder for modders to decide 'where should I put my mod?' when keeping in mind that the list will get bigger and bigger as more mods are added!
  8. Instead of an absolute order wouldn't it be better to list mods and their relations to other mods? I mean, it's hard to make a completely and fully fool proof ordered list of mods that works for everyone (IMO, at least) but it may be simpler and easier to state: MOD 'x' must install after 'y' due to 'reasons', or that MOD 'a' COMPONENT 'n' needs to be before MOD 'b' etc. In one case (absolute order), whenever you add a mod to the list you have to keep in mind the relation of such mod with ALL the mods already present in the list, in the second case you only need to know relations of the m
  9. Ah nice to know! Thank you @subtledoctor! I'll keep that in mind and try it next time I come back to BG... I'm patiently waiting on IWD on EET support to restart my modded playthrough
  10. Yeah, agreed! And me too! I have this on my queue of mods to try when I come back to re-play the game... having vacations in a week, so I might get the itch to start a new playthrough
  11. This is just an opinion, of course and as such it has no weight at all... but, I personally wouldn't need to have the story integrated into the Bhaal spawn saga at all myself... it'd be enough for me to be able to play the PST story inside BG2:EE engine as a separate campaign! Also, I'd personally love to have PST areas available as resource for mods to use, perhaps integrated into the world map (or not... depending on the area's nature, I guess...) It'd cool to have PST story available as a Campaign in the campaign menu that you can play outside of your normal Bhaal Saga games, whe
  12. This looks awesome! Looking forward to being able to play it when it releases! Amazing work
  13. Hey Lefreut, So glad LeUI and you have found a new home! Love your mod! It's a must in any of my installs!
  14. How many Druids were there in the encounter? Looking at the scripts, they all have to be dead and they're 5 different ones, in total. Maybe one of them is still alive and out of sight somewhere?
  15. Nice! Awesome, thank you! It's strange that this is not used more often then I used to think that maybe it was impossible to mod these rumors, and that's why. Nice to know they can be modded!
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