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    Thanks K4thos.
  2. Blash2

    EE/EET Mod Setup Tool

    Why not simply switch to Alien's Project Infinity?
  3. Aw Looking forward to being able to play the entire EET with Charname/Minsc/Jaheira/Viconia/Imoen/Edwin, without any unwanted character during my travels.. Seems I'll have to wait for DavidW to play SoD Anyway thank you man
  4. Hello, any news about this component in SoD? Thank you very much.
  5. Blash2

    Has anyone heard from K4thos?

    Well, as the topic says, any news from him? It's been a long time..
  6. Blash2

    Mod Compatibility List for EET

    Thanks for the work on SoBh
  7. Blash2

    Crash on sleeping

    I personally would re-install everything, carefully choosing the mods you want.. In my experience, I found out that this is the best course of action, since sometime we include mods we're not interested in, and more mods = more chances of error.
  8. Ok Roxanne, now it is 100% clear Anyway, just for the record, the mod seems to not be getting updates since a while (last is from 2014), and the mod topic on www.baldursgatemods.com is abandoned. The topics on Beamdog forums are not getting any answer either. I wouldn't count on future updates, so *MAYBE* the patches could be integrated in the Fixpack and BWS should point to the present version of the mod, to prevent a new hypothetical version including compatibility to be downloaded together with the patch. But these are just ideas and pieces of information, I know that things will be done in the best way as always As for myself, I'll try to stir the waters in the Beamdog forums topic
  9. Wait wait wait everybody, let's make some clarity. Since: 1) This mod is already EE compatible, but not EET compatible; 2) EET compatibility patches already exist, according to what K4thos wrote in the second post here, but the Dropbox links no longer work; 3) EET compatibility patches are included in BWP fixpack (source: http://gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=27741&page=33#entry248962) ; 4) Roxanne is at the moment the most active mantainer of BWP Fixpack (source: https://github.com/BiGWorldProject/BiG-World-Fixpack/commits/master ). I asked: 1) K4thos, would you provide again those patches? 2) Roxanne, as soon as K4thos releases the patches again, would you include them in BWP Fixpack? Unless there is something I completely misunderstood, what I proposed is completely possible, no intervention would be required from the mod author, and the mod would't be modified (so, no 10000 GP tome required).
  10. This topic needs some love too
  11. I tried but found no way to separate Minsc and Dynaheir.
  12. I think it is needed.. at least two mods turn Imoen into a multiclass mage/thief: Sandrah's Saga and NPCs Enhanced for Everyone.
  13. Multiclassed Imoen will not generate issues?
  14. Just leave her XP as it was when you left her? Shouldn't take long for her to adjust.