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  1. 2 cents you meant, otherwise you're adding a famous rapper
  2. What exactly is extreme? We're in an EET forum, I supposed EE specificity was a requirement rather than a limit
  3. Hello everybody. Thanks to @K4thos for the original tweak, to the suggestions gathered, to me bothering everyone (lol) but most of all to @Roxanne completing the job, we have a new "Protagonist can die" tweak. The new tweak: - is compatible with the 2.5 releases and of course EET; - makes the game end ONLY when everyone in the party is dead, regardless of charname's condition. Just to better explain, my game didn't end even with charname chunked. I could revive him in a temple and of course I had to modify his appearance with EEKeeper. Enjoy! https://www.dropbox.com/s/ar7egyefm39m8o2/Protagonist_Can_Die_V93.zip?dl=1 EDIT: Charname can be petrified, imprisoned (level 9 wizard spell), mazed (level 8 wizard spell) etc.: gameover cutscene does not play, ever.
  4. As many others I'm sure, that mod is a gold mine
  5. Very nice, glad to have been of help
  6. My initial intent was to keep BG1 soundset through the entire EET. Then I discovered this: https://github.com/BGforgeNet/bg2-tweaks-and-tricks#extended-soundsets-for-npc It is very interesting because it allows to: - keep one soundset through EET without any transition; - enrich characters' soundsets adding lines from BG2 (or vice-versa); - preserve some sort of consistency considering BG1 and BG2 voices are very similar, where SoD ones are not (try to listen Minsc for example: same actor but completely different voice acting). So I kinda "updated" my intent Speaking of the suggestion you gave me, thanks first of all! I prefer though not to mess with game files and rely on mods made by people who know their business But most of all, it seemed to me a pity that existed three different mods/tweaks doing just half of the work: K4thos only for Polish language, yours only for BG1/SoD and qwerty1234567's one only for BGT. I told myself, why not try to do something to let the whole community have a "complete" tweak? Yes, I read : I'm already in contact with him and offered to do some testing, he told me he will let me know as soon as possible. Of course I'll post here any update.
  7. I did some tests: @Ulb's NoSodSound works wonderfully, but of course doesn't affect the BG2EE portion of EET. @qwerty1234567's "BG2 Tweaks and Tricks" unfortunately can't be installed on top of EET, but in the future hopefully will I'll post again when there will be any news about the topic, in the meanwhile thanks everybody!
  8. The coolest mod manager evah https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/74335/project-infinity-public-beta-for-all/p1 https://www.gibberlings3.net/search/?&tags=projectinfinity&search_and_or=and&sortby=relevancy https://github.com/ALIENQuake/ProjectInfinity It's @AL|EN's project, involving also many member of the modding community.
  9. Very interesting! Detect Magic is an AD&D spell that's missing in the BG saga, it is a very welcome addition. It seems you're making very interesting mods! What about putting them on GitHub for future Project Infinity usability?
  10. Attract the modder's attention to the unnoticed bug report with a casual comment: done
  11. That's great, another component for my next EET run!
  12. @qwerty1234567 send me a private message with your e-mail address, I will buy you a license straight away, with the sincere hope you'll make all your mods fully EET compatible (by the way, I noticed you're working on Unique Artifacts, that's another mod I'm very interested in). @AstroBryGuy would you consider adding another option for your Jaheira Recast mod, that would be "keep BG1 character sounds"? Currently only new SoD and BG1+BG2 are available. Edit: I'm sorry.. it seems enough not to install Jaheira Recast to keep her BG1 soundset intact. Nevermind and I seize the opportunity to thank you for your work
  13. It would be nice to have an online install order where single modders propose changes, and those changes have to be approved by other mod authors, so a discussion may arise in not very clear situations. Something like pull requests on GitHub.
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