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  1. Hello @jastey, is there any hope these two cool mods get resuscitated?
  2. Here I am again in this old topic. There is a doubt I'm having. Let's consider Yeslick. After the transition to BG2 I will find him where I left him (in the FAI for example) but he will have no content. If I install the Yeslick for BG2 mod, the "old" Yeslick will be deleted from the game and a new one will be created. Is that right? Or I'll find two Yeslick? My doubt is valid also for the rest of the BG1 vanilla NPCs (Xan etc.).
  3. Has anyone an idea about how "revised times and area visibility" works? Are there any possible issues? Any examples of travel times modifications? I searched in the mod forum and in the readme, but found nothing.
  4. Hello! I'm doing the Jaheira quest, but after killing the druids around Beador he just lies there on the ground.. I checked and the variable X#JaheiraHealsB doesn not exist in my game. Have you got any idea why?
  5. Just tried summoning him with CreateCreature.. no problem for me.
  6. @K4thos to remove point 2 ("2. Adds code to global script that triggers Game Over normally if tweak is disabled, player1 is chunked or whole party dies:"), how do I have to modify the tp2 file?
  7. Thanks Ulb, it seems it's exactly like that. As of today, I'd say the two mods are incompatible.
  8. What difficulty level would you suggest for a no-reload game? I tried tactical but found it not that hard (also thanks to some mod-introduced items) and was thinking about hardcore, but I read some frightening details..
  9. Quite complicated. But it seems we're sorting things out. Apparently it is an installation order problem (or conflict) with Trials of the Luremaster mod (or a bug in that mod). I'll post here again as soon as I have something clearer.
  10. Hello @DavidW, I want to report a discussion we're having on another forum that might involve SCS. I would be glad if you participated, or if we could analyze the issue here: http://baldursextendedworld.com/Vanilla_Forums/discussion/437/missing-spell/p1 To make it short, it seems that in certain "mega-mod" installs, IWD spells aren't correctly assigned to NPCs.
  11. I found out something curious. After applying the tweak, the BCS files you mentioned will contain this: IF OR(3) NumInPartyAlive(0) StateCheck(Player1,STATE_EXPLODING_DEATH) StateCheck(Player1,STATE_FROZEN_DEATH) THEN RESPONSE #100 GameOver(19377) // The main character has been killed. You must restart the game. END I made some tests, and I found out that upon death by petrification, game ends anyway. The game doesn't end if I modify the script into this: IF NumInPartyAlive(0) THEN RESPONSE #100 GameOver(19377) // The main character has been killed. You must restart the game. END Sounds right to you?
  12. Cause medium wounds (level 5 spell) is available to Jaheira at level one, in the level one druid spells..
  13. I found this inside BDANGATH.BCS: IF Global("BD_ANDRUS_GO","GLOBAL",0) THEN RESPONSE #100 SetInterrupt(FALSE) ForceSpellRES("BDGAMEOV",Player1) // Trap the Soul SmallWait(15) FadeToColor([10.0],0) GameOver(219377) // The main character has been killed. You must restart the game. SetGlobal("BD_ANDRUS_GO","GLOBAL",1) SetInterrupt(TRUE) END Do you know what it is? EDIT: Got an explanation on another forum.
  14. Are you using latest version of the EET games, that is 2.5?
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