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  1. Oh right that's it. It's just comparing 0 to 0.
  2. The inability to isolate it says enough. If you can't build a case from scratch then butcher your mod instead. Throw away all other components, then mechanically cut unrelated code pieces from this component, testing each time, until you actually arrive at a minimal example where it still happens. Then look at what remains, and if you still can't figure it out, share the full code (branch on github or something).
  3. And effects would only wear off once too, don't see how that's relevant. Although coming to think of it, fatique itself is a better indicator. It makes sense for the party to rest when some characters are tired, even if it hasn't been a full day, and/or spells are not depleted. But then giving it some more thought, maybe it's one of those ideas that sound nice in theory, but in practice aren't so great. Supposedly it would be cool to have fresh, rested party after travel, but what does it mean in terms of gameplay? Almost entirely removing outdoor rest from BG1, since one rest is enough to cover an area. And BG1 is mostly outdoor. Too much towards casualization for my taste. I have a few tweaks of my own that I thought would be so great when I was writing them, but some years later, I find myself skipping them.
  4. Technically, you can come out on the other side of the dungeon. Not sure if that happens in original games at least, my memories are vague. Underdark, SoD starting dungeon? Isn't the shadow dragon area replaced after its defeat? Various mod added content may not add areas to worldmap, and induce travel by other means. Fatique can go up and down with various spells and effects, which may wear off before or after script block is run. Pretty sure there's a mod that allows teleport to known areas. Have fun!
  5. Reset it, something like // pseudo IF GlobalTimerExpired("mytimer", "GLOBAL") THEN RESPONSE #1 SetGlobalTimer("mytimer", "GLOBAL", 24h) // full rest END IF True() THEN RESPONSE #1 SetGlobalTimer("mytimer", "GLOBAL", 24h) Continue() END
  6. Version 2 is released. Too many changes to list them all. Check the forum for details. \
  7. Fireshield reacts on hit, not per round. For firing every second, you can use multiple effects with increasing delay.
  8. That wiki article, as most wiki articles tend to be, is stocked with sources.
  9. Ooh, drama. It's right there on wikipedia. Seriously, though, cognitive distortions work even when people are aware of them. // nerd mode off As for mitigating kensai, "ken" stands for "sword", not dagger nor axe. I think a reasonable lore-friendly tweak would be to limit kensai to 2 pips in non-sword specialities. Anyway, archers are still more versatile with their variety of arrows.
  10. You can try cleaning cache and decompressing all biffs. Although, just in case, I'd make full game dir backup before that.
  11. Not everything is directly related to coding, but I'll leave it here as a reminder: https://ielib.bgforge.net/ https://golem.bgforge.net/ https://hive.bgforge.net/ https://bgforge.net/happy-ie/
  12. I believe it is a good practice. Extra checks result in better code quality overall. You can suppress the warning with silent option. INT_VAR silent to whether the function should suppress warnings when no effects were altered. This option also suppresses the verbose option (default is 0). Or explicitly check the spell beforehand for matching effects.
  13. It's still on to-do list, like last year, and year before... Anthology occasionally re-implements and expands this or that component that's was in TnT (like unique icons for quest items), so taking the lazy approach for now :D.
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