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  1. Just wanted to thank you and let you know that I would love to use this, if I hadn't already started a playthrough after delaying for a looong time Next time, it will be included for sure.
  2. It is, and on further inspection it actually works. For some reason, when traveling to an area there's a brief moment when all ST bonuses are not shown; after walking a bit, they return to normal. Also, having 9 Int with SoB means (+1) to those saves, which then the enchanter bonus nullifies, so no modifier is shown at all, and that threw me off as well. As usual I was trigger-happy with my report rifle. The only missing things then are those passive indicators. It would be cool to have them included in future updates, but right now knowing that they work is enough.
  3. It's not, at least for me. Maybe a recolored 'minor globe of invulnerability' icon?
  4. My bad The only ones I have are TnB, FnP, MnG. Basically it seems that the record screen description is for the vanilla specialists (are minimum stats requirements a vanilla thing?) Anyway, no big deal, just an inconsistency . If you say everything works, great. The poor enchanter is going to be sad because he got nothing to show off while the illusionist gets his shiny non-detection icon Seriously, sorry to be such a pain, just wanted to be sure. Thank you very much for your efforts.
  5. I come to disturb you once more to ask about Specialist Mages (EET, TnB 0.8sd45) I noticed that some passive abilities are not displayed in game in the character screen, namely the enchanter's (immunity from charm and sleep, +1 to saves vs spells for all party members) and the transmuter's (immunity from polymorph and petrification). Is this another case of 'silent working' components, or the effects are actually not there? I'm confused because the abjurist spell shield effect is being displayed correctly, with the icon and in the message box. The conjurer too gets his summon monsters I, II, III. Also, the kit descriptions from the character creation screen and the record screen differ quite a bit: which features are actually used and which aren't? From testing the kits I can tell that: miminum stats requirements yes, +1 bonus spells per level no, auto gain of all spells of a given school yes, active/passive unique abilities yes, but maybe not correctly displayed for some kits as said above, specialists can cast spells of any school yes.
  6. Here you go. I'm using EET. As for the area of effect feedback, I kind of suspected that it wouldn't be a trivial matter don't bother with it, it's not like we don't know the area of spells by heart, it was just a cool thing to have. Rings.rar
  7. So I've been experimenting a bit.. casting spells doesn't change things. Dakkon's zerth blade and the reaching ring are still giving bnouses to the memorized spells only. The visual indicator matches exactly the number of spells I can cast. Things are a bit... different with the ring of wizardry, Evermemory. I gave it to an 18 Cha fighter 9/sorcerer 8, and for some reason he acquired 4 vanilla memorization slots. These were just added on top of the spells he already had, so that for example I could have two instances of sleep in the casting menu: For MnG multiclasses, apparently it still doubles the 1st level spells.. even more so. An 18 Cha Jester (mage 12/thief 13) has 5 1st lv mem. slots, with this ring he has 12. After resting and waiting a few seconds for the scripts to run, he then gets the normal casting slots without any bonuses: Another thing I noticed: Your spontaneous/multibards spells are not compatible with the 'Hidden gameplay options' component "Show Area of Effect Range". Vanilla Color spray: Color spray when cast by a fighter/sorcerer: Pretty much every spell that's not self-targeted looks like shown in the second image. I mean, obviously those are not actual spells, learned by conventional means, so I guess are not recognized by the script that shows area of effects, but I was wondering if it coud be possible to make them compatible.
  8. Didn't work for me, either with a fighter/sorcerer or a jester. I tried it on a saved game, new game, also tried resting, with no results. SETUP-MULTISORC_ROW_HOTFIX.DEBUG
  9. Hmm, this one took a while because I did a fair amount of changes and added a few components, but now I can just copy-paste everything into PI, shouldn't take longer than a day, so it's worth it. Of course I'll let you know if I find something, but you do such a good job that i won't reach chapter 3 before a new update comes out P.S. Same story for SoDTweaks, of course.
  10. Oh man, I 've just completed a full reinstall... Are these crashes frequent? Should I be safe with just version 1?
  11. Thank you Arthas, I had checked that a while ago, but it doesn't mention the particular warning I was having... I actually came here looking for a fix for Tyris Flare
  12. It may be worth mentioning that Yeslick NPC for BG2 gives the very same problem during installation. Following @jastey's explanation I was able to fix the mod's tp2 and installed it successfully, although it might be better if someone with actual modding knowledge could have a look at it. Attached is the modified (don't dare to say 'corrected' ) tp2 file. yeslicknpc.TP2
  13. Got it. Having innate sequencers is pretty sweet, and that component looks also very good and polished. On the other hand, being able to choose from all the known spells without having to plan the memorization first is very handy too, I'd say the advantages between all the components are very well balanced. Just did a quick test with the Reaching Ring and Dakkon's Zerth blade, and they both work, though without the casting slots bonuses. I guess this is for technical reasons, too.
  14. A question regarding Innate metamagic: I have installed 'Revised Metamagic -> Innate metamagic, learned automatically by everyone: 0.8.44'. Mages and sorcerers that use the vanilla spell learning system get their minor matrix, sequencer, and contingency correctly and they work like a charm. However, those spells do not work for multiclass bards: after casting them, the spell selection window is empty. I guess the UI tries to read the spellbook, but since there are no actual spells memorized, it just returns a blank page. Furthermore, after casting them once, they disappear from the special ability menu, even after resting. In the case of multiclass sorcerers, they simply do not get any sequencer or contingency. Maybe this is just how it works. Do I have to install option N. 5, the one that 'leaves sequencers and contingencies as spells you must memorize, but when you cast them, you "fill" them with any spell you *know,* without expending any memorization slots'? Does this component use the 'Spell knowledge' UI that multiclass sorcerers use? Another small doubt that just popped out of my mind: what happens if a multiclass bard or sorcerer puts on a ring of wizardry or similar items?
  15. That all makes sense. It's pretty confusing when only half of the spell effects are displayed (ST bonuses); protection from evil at least has two icons... you still don't know if the spell is working correctly, but the visual cue is reassuring Anyway, it's always worth checking when there are dozens of mods installed. If you say eveything is in its place, I'm good. Thank you Doc.
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