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    First of all, it's great to see you're back, K4thos! Man, I've been waiting for you for ages Second, with the all respect for tipun's work, I do believe that your version will be better integrated with the whole EET (given that you're the author of it), which is my (and many others) current IE gaming platform. Besides, you have put so much work to get this done already, it would be shame to see it wasted. Also, in case you will release it, please do update it to patch 2.6. Honestly, I see no point for not updating the game from 2.5 to 2.6, so it would defeat the purpose if one can play
  2. Haven't tried it yet, but I guess it's natively compatible with EET, so you should be safe to install it after EET_Core as any other EET compatible yet. Following entry from 2.0 changelog kind of back my assumption:
  3. Cahir


    That was actually a good post Very thoughtful and sensible. You may be of course right, @jastey, it's just there was a lot of teasing of IWD-in-EET in the past and I got maybe a little too excited.
  4. Cahir


    That's the whole point. We haven't heard anything from him for a long time. He could just drop to let us know he is doing a longer break, or he is stopping the development for whatever reason. Or anything. Seeing he is actively working on a completely different project on his GH, makes me worried he just doesn't care anymore about EET. Sorry if this sounds harsh, but I just kinda lost hope. And EET is the only way I want to finish my journey with BG saga
  5. Cahir


    Did anyone try to contact K4thos, if he plans to continue developing EET or not? I was rather sure he is just waiting for patch 2.6 to happen, but now I'm more and more convinced he is not interested in IE modding anymore. The fix for 2.6.6 is still lingering in the forums and this is rather serious issue to fix directly in the main build
  6. Since basically the last thing Daeros did before 2.0.0 release was testing his mod on patch 2.6.6, I'd say it's pretty much 2.6 compatible.
  7. Expanding the idea, there can also be a hardcore version of this component. If there is no one in your party with enough Lore (let's say 20), those items can be hidden so well, that can be unavailable to the party. It's simply not there. It can be available again after one of the party members reach a specific Lore threshold. A combat log message can appear informing that there are stories of a powerful artefact hidden in X area, and it could be wise to visit it again.
  8. While I agree that adding more RP to the BG series would be welcoming, I'm also in the camp that reading the same book a couple of times to gain some bonus (or even opening the book a couple of times) could be tedious. UNLESS there would be a way to limit the book description while reading it for the first time to only a fragment and revealing following parts with each consecutive reading until the full book can be read (adding a bonus to Lore in the result as a reward). But I imagine this would be a nightmare to code (probably a couple of copies of the same book needs to be made which may not
  9. Thank you Cam, for releasing this little gem and appreciate for mentioning me in the credits Now, copy & pasting our brainstorming from Discord: I was thinking how to improve The Lore of Learning even more and I have one more idea. One that could slightly differentiate Lore from Identify spell a bit. As usual, I have no clue, how hard this would be to implement. What if, after reaching a certain (high) Lore threshold a character would be able to get an idea that some specific magic item lay rest somwhere in the area. This could be implemented as a short info in the combat log, s
  10. But of course, the thread what necroed, thus I find the one who necroed it as OP
  11. Sorry, for chiming in, but I couldn't resist. There is only one quote that fits perfectly that what OP wrote:
  12. Cahir


    So, is it completely new take on IWD-in-EET or Roxanne stole another mod, being impatient of K4thos going MIA? Sorry for being blunt, but reading this topic is like reading a monologue.
  13. Yes, it's exactly because of that. Patch 2.5 made most of the BG1 Unfinished Business components obsolete. Some are still worth installing, though. But I believe those obsolete components will be skipped during installation if you choose them, so no harm doing that.
  14. I see. Out of curiosity, is this a permanent decision, or it can be changed if Beamdog decides to update UI in future patches?
  15. Do you plan to update your mods after patch 2.6 release, if needed? New patches have a bad habit of screwing with existing mods.
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