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  1. I also noticed I don't see new posts in "Unread Posts" section anymore, which is super annoying.
  2. Oh lord, I really tried to understand this. But I failed. This definitely means I'm no power gamer
  3. You are very quick to call other posters liars. As I explained at Beamdog's one can be both a power gamer and a casual player. So, no, I was not lying here. Believe it or not, but I didn't even finish BG2EE (w/o mods) to this day, not to mention SoD (so I'm very much casual BG player - my pseudo-modder talk doesn't change anything in this regard). But I always try to role-play my characters, so I'm definitely no power gamer. Look, PI is really not that difficult to use. The main problem is a lack of proper documentation that would explain the whole set-up process in detail. In my case all
  4. Jarno, did you ever mod a game (any game) blindly? Without doing a research how to mod or which mods are worth installing? If you do it regularly, it means you have sufficient programming experience to figure out how to mod any game without guidance. I'm not that person. I always do at least couple hours of research to properly prepare myself for installation process. Even installing a simple WeiDU mod can be difficult for someone who did not use a mod in his entire life.
  5. Well, I don't think there is a point discussing it with you further giving your attitude. Don't like the tools that are available to you, don't use it. Simple.
  6. You know Jarno, that wasn't do hard to edit. I just change couple of values, I actually did not write any code, because I don't know how to do it.
  7. Me, @4udr4nand Ulb (who just ninja'd me). That's three people. Surely there are more who don't post neither here nor at Beamdog's.
  8. Look, you can install mods manually if you have trouble using mod installer, that's perfectly fine. Both mod installers appeal to different audience. PI is more for users that know exactly which mods they want to install and in which load order should they use to work them together nicely. For those players PI can save an immense amount of time, especially when they want to play around with install order a bit, and need to re-install often. I find using PI a blast even if setting it up took me a bit. One just need to learn how to use it. Once you do it, it's like a breeze. EET Mod Install
  9. And the other part of this beauty would be of I could have seamless experience playing this mod in EET setup (i.e native EET compatibility). Each of us would love to take a piece of this cake
  10. It's Sarevok Tweaks, or something like that. Judging by the prefix, it was done by Crevsdaak. Unfortunately it's not on his Github, so probably it's buried somewhere in forum's Miscelleanous section here or at SHS. I've definitely seen it somewhere.
  11. SoD to BG2EE currently throws install error while installing after EET. It seems to work installed on BG2EE before EET, though. But it seems Daeros Trollkiller is working on the next version that will provide native EET compatibility.
  12. Just remember to select EET from the drop list if you want to play EET game. Also if you plan to install Awesome Soundsets and SoD to BG2EE Items, currently you need to create sort of mini sort order list for them, install them on BG2EE first (changing in the drop list) then switch again to EET and install the whole main list as explained in previous post. Author of the second mod is working on new version that *should* add native EET compatibility, so you could install it along with other mods using EET option from drop list.
  13. I'm writing from memory, I'll be able to check exactly in my PC on weekend, unfortunately. First of all, yes you have to download your mods manually while using PI. I recommended down loading them to separate folder (I named my PI Downloads). I'd start by using list provided by me or other players here at G3 (doesn't really need to be mine, cause it may be a bit out of date now, some component numbers may be added or changed in newer mod versions) and just remove add mods as you fit. You've gotta be careful with the install order though, mine was a result of weeks of discussion. You can safely
  14. Great stuff! I seriously consider switching Imoen in Stone for Imoen 4Ever in my delayed EET run, now with more mods compatibility added. Download link at G3 doesn't seem to work, though.
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