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  1. AFAIK both authors are inactive for years and not sure if there even a way to contact them at this point. They were also doing another, more ambitious mod, but they never finished it.
  2. Just to add to the post above, apart from Lava, who is writing mods in English anyway, Polish BG modding scene is virtually no more at this point. EDIT: Sorry, I was being imprecise. We have also our dear Roberciiik, but AFAIK he is rather doing a great work updating existing mods, rather than writing new mods from scratch.
  3. It wasn't, and I'm fairly certain in won't be (no one is working on it AFAIK). Authors of this mod worked on a new version (a major update) years ago, but they never finished and retired a from a modding scene.
  4. Hi David, Not sure if you accept feature requests for future versions (or even for release version), so if not, feel free to disregard this thread. I'd like to request a couple of additions to subrace component: Human subraces - not sure if the engine allows for that, but I would love to see human subraces (like Chondathans, Tethyrians, Calishites, etc.). I realise, in P&P, it's mostly flavour distinction, and I'm perfectly fine, it would be also just a flavour addition in ToF, but that would IMO add more immersion and role playing options. Two new elven subraces - star elves and avariel. Here's the Wiki page about star elves, in case you're not familiar. As for avariel, I guess the presence of wings may be a problem in implementing them, but if it's possible, that would be a welcomed addition.
  5. Thank you. I hate to see it unpinned, but the reality is that it's obsolete and people shouldn't trust it anymore. There may be still some truth in it, but I can't verify how much.
  6. I wonder if maybe this topic should be unpinned. It's an old list that hasn't been updated in couple of years now and it became awfully out of date. I don't want people to risk messed up installations, because of all those mod updates, that happened over the years.
  7. Here's update for Polish version: @5000 =~Eksploracja obszaru zapewnia premie do Wiedzy~ @5001 = ~Twoje podróże pozwoliły na uzyskanie premii do Wiedzy.~ @5002 = ~Dalsze podróże pozwoliły na uzyskanie kolejnej premii do Wiedzy.~ @5003 = ~Intensywne podróżowanie pozwoliło na uzyskanie premii do Wiedzy.~
  8. As silly as this may sound, Endarire is the main reason I rarely visit BG forums anymore. He simply jumps out from every freezer these days. I almost feel like being stalked.
  9. In fact, seems Summerfall Studios related the release by a week (to 10th of August), to not overlap with updated PC release of BG3.
  10. Also, Liam is probably busy with the pre-launch marketing and events for Summerfall Studios first game, Stray Gods. So, I wouldn't expect him to find time to deal with SHS issue in the near future, unfortunately.
  11. It's a shame he didn't describe which tools did he use to accomplish this. I'd love to experiment myself. Seeing the entire BG saga fully voiced makes me drooling.
  12. Sorry if it was answered before, but is current version recommended to use on EET or there are still some outstanding issues and it's better to wait until they're fixed?
  13. I can't help much from a technical point of view, but if this would make incorporating future translation updates easier, I'm totally fine with that. But in case of translation updates not done by original BGEE/BG2EE translation team members, or approved by them, I'd like such changes to be added via optional component (optional to "official" changes). There were some translation change suggestions in the past, that were discarded by our team for different reasons. Other than that, I'm totally OK with any solution you'll come up.
  14. This is great. Something very similar was done by elminster in Eve of War mod, and this was one of my favourite features of that mod. I was always a sucker for canonical lore and each time I encountered bits of lore I knew from p&p, I felt like a kid in a candy store. If I could suggest a couple of more features of this kind: Allow Halbazzer Drin to cast Meteor Swarm (as per "Volo's Guide to the Sword Coast", p.219). Give duke Eltan some of his canonical items - according to Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting (TSR1085), p. 34, he possesses following items: greenstone amulet, plate mail +2, displacer cloak +2, ring of absorption, ring of anti-venom, girdle of storm giant strength and gauntlets of ogre power. As for weapons, he wields a silver long sword +2, silver dagger +2 and neutral, telepathic short sword +1, called "Roan", who is his longtime friend. Roan can detect magic, invisible creatures, illusion, traps and know alignment, each once per day. It also automatically returns to Eltan if it leaves him. His most prized possession is, however, a hammer of thunderbolts, which he rarely uses. Now, I realize canonically he is loaded with magical items, but it would be fun to give him at least one or two most iconic items. Scar - give him his canonical items: scimitar +2, six throwing axes, bracers of defense (AC2) and greenstone amulet. Also, his real name is Hurbold Duethkatha, which is a secret known only to his surviving youthful acquaintances in Waterdeep, as well as his friends Eltan and Moruene (Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting (TSR1085), p. 35)
  15. Thanks, I've changed download link to the one on Nexus Mods and upped mod version.
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