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  1. Why bother to play EET at all? Just grab BGT and have fun with it.
  2. There is a mod (exclusively for EET at the moment) called The Cowled Menace" which expands The Twisted Rune (and Qysar Shoon VII) plot. Didn't play it yet, but it looks very promising.
  3. @jasteythere are no new components with this update, right?
  4. I think, there was an issue with ARP, but either some PI version fixed that, or I was instructed by @AL|EN to worked around that, I can't recall now. Didn't try Drake, so I can speak for this mod.
  5. Hmm this will probably be a stupid, question, but it is strange, so probably you have missed a step in setting up PI. Most of those mods were perfectly visible on my end. But, have you actually extracted all of those mods from zip/rar/exe or whatever extension they're archived? AFAIK PI can't detect archived mods, they need to be unpacked first. Also do you have the latest PI version installed? As for Sirine, I think Martyr is her default kit, so it won't show as an option (just guessing here). But yeah, definitely ARP and AC were working fine using PI, when I last tried. I skipped Restored Random Encounters component from ARP, because of an install warning, but either way all of its components were visible.
  6. I have done something like this in my install order. Just check my EET install order. txt attached to the first post in my topic. I have splitted SCS the way you want.
  7. Yeah, Polish SoD translation (official one at least) was put on hold for well over a year because of no voluntaries and my own lack of free time and motivation to work on it. But now there is a strong team assembled any we're finally (I hope!) be able to cook something for Polish players. They have been waiting far too long for it. Safe to say, it has been VERY promising last week in this regard.
  8. Thanks, Doc. I've been recently distracted by SoD translation (organizing a team, setting up tasks etc.), so my EET run will probably need to wait another week or two. So, I'll definitely update MnG if you managed to release new version till then.
  9. Not right now, I'm afraid, there's too much on my plate at the moment.
  10. OK, for those who are still interested in the topic. Since a couple of new translators have recently shared their interest in helping with Polish SoD translation and significant work has been done within last week, we have officially restarted the project. There is still a LOT to be done and this is STILL a matter of MONTHS rather than weeks, but there is significant amount of hope to make it done this time. I don't want to give a false hope just yet, but there is a rekindled determination among the team to make it finally live. Fingers crossed. I will use my upcoming (just waiting for new SCS update) EET run to familiarize with SoD (shame on me, but I haven't had a chance to finish it yet), just to enhance the quality of my own contribution. Current plan is to release translation in batches via WeiDU mod, as we did with BG2EE, just to be able to test it out thoroughly before we share it with Beamdog to officially implement it in game (if of course any new patches are even on the horizon). Over and out!
  11. Great news, thank you for checking it! This means that I will definitely wait with my EET run for the next SCS version.
  12. Splendid, thanks for info Lots of bug fixes sounds very promising. I'll wait with my EET run for a new version.
  13. Boy, I would never start playing my EET run
  14. @jasteydoes it mean there is a new version incoming?
  15. @DavidWdo you plan to release SCS update during your current modding window? If yes, how much time do you think you need to do it? I'm asking because I'm about to run a large EET installation, but I'm inclined to wait a week or two if this is the case.
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