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    Do, K4thos, how is it going? Any progres with IWD-in-EET?
  2. Jastey, please don un-nerf anything. There is literally only one person in the whole discussion that is unhappy with the nerfs. The rest of us are perfectly satisfied with the changes. There can SCS-style difficult mod or Tactics-style. The latter was the style prefered by mod authors before DawidW's genius emerged. The trend was to make encounters harder not by making enemies smarter, but making them overpowered, with unrealistic stats. I would said, if mod authors had a modern tools at their disposal back then, their vision of how to make DSotSC or NTotSC more difficult could have been completely different and maybe more SCS-style, who knows. Besides, we don't even know, for obvious reasons, how original authors feel about those nerfs. It may well be that they would be completely fine with it. Telling that it's against their wishes or intent is just a wild guess at this point. Did someone try to reach them? Probably yes and without success. If they can be reached and they've said they are not OK to nerf their mods, I'm sure jastey would not have done it in the first place.
  3. I think it was written just to sting Jastey, since as we all know she's Roxanne's main 'admirer'. But I gotta admit, this is low even by Roxanne's own twisted standards. What's funny is that she seems to be aware of any new mod out there faster than most of us puny mortals even blink.
  4. Ok does this mod add some content or flavor if I decide to hanging out on BG1 portion of the game until I decide to jump in SoD wagon? I mean is there something new added in this mods that ties in even more connection between BG1 and SoD? From what I understood from description there are some new dialogs you can encounter specifically after defeating Mr. S. This would be really cool, it could make me feel more of a hero of BG.
  5. So, this basically allows me to play EET, without SoD part? Not that Iplan to skip it, but as I remember SoD part is mandatory for EET runs. I'm not sure if I understood the description right, but what are the benefits of this mod if I play EET and I *do* plan to walk through SoD part too?
  6. Thank you @Gwendolyne. Appreciate it
  7. @Guest Shaylo I have updated the list you have mentioned: http://baldur.cob-bg.pl/bg2ee-mody. It now contains download links to both SHS and Github mirrors. @Gwendolyne while at it I have noticed that some of the mods (mostly IEP Banter and Friendpacks) were not updated on SHS (it's still one version lower than on GH mirrors). Edit: There are still some mods missing on that list (mostly from Beamdog forums) which I will add soon(ish). But I hope all SHS and G3 mods are there.
  8. Cahir


    @K4thos is there a slim chance that Bubb is not aware which features exactly you need for EEex to continue developing IWD-in-EET? I hate to see project is in limbo because of such trivial matter as miscommunication. I'm asking because Bubb is adding new features to EEex from time to time, but it seems to be not the ones you are waiting for. So I'm wondering if features you requested are particularly difficult to implement or maybe Bubb is not aware of them or just simply forgot about them (or forgot that it's for further development of IWD-in-EET, the mod for which many of us players are waiting for). Just saying, simple reminder doesn't necessarily need to be perceived as putting unwanted pressure.
  9. Yes, I got it too. Seems to be Vanilla forums thingy. Probably it was some global update or something that required resetting the password.
  10. I never said it's a crime to play classic version, just... It seems you have awfully hard times to put up a stable mod list on TuTu. I imagine it would be easier on BGT.
  11. Wouldn't just be more convenient to play on a different platform than TuTu? From what I understand it's considered obsolete these days with less and less support (especially from modders that started to mod in EE-era). As I see most of your problems come from mods not playing well with TuTu, so why torment yourself with TuTu? Is there some secret advantage of TuTu compared to other platform that makes you want to stick with it so badly?
  12. Cahir


    For paying for server, yeah maybe. For mod financing, I can't remember any example.
  13. There was no official update, because there was simply no progress for a long time. To be honest I was really close to give away Project Leader mantle. Now... there's a real chance to give the project a spin that came up recently, but I don't want to announce anything just yet, until it's official (exactly to no give you a false hope). Besides, translation is not being done directly in Beamdog Translation Tool (I use it to actually import lines already translated elswhere), that's why you don't seem to see any progress at all. Unfortunately most of translators involved in BGEE and BG2EE translation were not interested in translating SoD and there weren't a lot of competent candidates that wanted to help (there were candidates, sure, but they didn't guarantee a quality of translation, which is of an utmost importance to me). But like I said, there is something going on and I hope we'll be able to announce it quite soon.
  14. Don't give up on this just yet
  15. DoS2 writing does seem to be more mature than DoS1 (which indeed was a bit gooffy) and I did really enjoy this game. I do think though, that BG3 art style should be completely different and writing even a bit darker than in BG2. I don't mind funny easter egg here and there, this was after all a core part of both BG1 and BG2 (although more often in BG1).
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