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  1. Yes, it's exactly because of that. Patch 2.5 made most of the BG1 Unfinished Business components obsolete. Some are still worth installing, though. But I believe those obsolete components will be skipped during installation if you choose them, so no harm doing that.
  2. I see. Out of curiosity, is this a permanent decision, or it can be changed if Beamdog decides to update UI in future patches?
  3. Do you plan to update your mods after patch 2.6 release, if needed? New patches have a bad habit of screwing with existing mods.
  4. @Raduzielwhat is the exact incompatibility between DoF and Spell Revisions? I've been debating for some time whether to choose DoF or F&P, but this one point always turned the tide towards F&P. But of the incompatibility is cosmetic, this could change my perspective.
  5. As jastey wrote, please stick to English in this topic. As for your question. Who knows? It's much harder to translate from Polish to English than the other way around and there are only a handful of us in the Polish community, who are able to do it right. And by "right" I mean to do it in a way that native English speaker won't cringe while reading it. I, for one, don't have any plans to translate a mod from Polish to English in the near future, but who knows, maybe someone from our SoD translation team or from Children of Bhaal community will accept the challenge. IF I would decide to d
  6. @Endarire red means that I remove a mod or a component from my lost for one reason or the other. Green means that I added one. I will be coming back to the idea of doing this playthrough now that we finally finished translating SoD to Polish and I will revise my list. It will be much leaner, there are two many tweaks and gameplay changes at the moment. I want the experience more closer to vanilla this time.
  7. @Artemius Ithis is a splendid idea, I for one would really appreciate it. I've got two questions, though: 1. There are two parallel versions of Item Revisions: the original one (currently in beta v4) made by Demi snd maintained by @Mike1072and Item Revisions Revised, made by @Bartimaeuswhich is significantly different from the original version. Are you planning to do compatibility patch only for original version or also for IRR? 2. Both original IR v4 and IRR are using vanilla-style item stats description and Weimar's Item Upgrade uses both vanilla and EE-style of item stats descrip
  8. Can confirm this, since I have translated most of Argent77's mods to Polish. And I also keep Polish README up to date. But this is not a rule, though. I'm not so strict when it comes to translate README for other mods. I think I did it only for those made by Argent77
  9. Oh, shoot. I completely forgot that I already sent those to you. No worries, then. Just forget about my previous post I'm getting too old for this...
  10. @jasteynot a bug, more of a request. Would you be so kind to add an EE-Style Item descriptions for EE games in the next update? I adjusted the setup file (see attachment), with EE-style descriptions for my own needs, but you can grab just item descriptions alone, if you're interested in this kind of update. Thanks in advance SETUP-AJANTISBG1.zip
  11. I also noticed I don't see new posts in "Unread Posts" section anymore, which is super annoying.
  12. Oh lord, I really tried to understand this. But I failed. This definitely means I'm no power gamer
  13. You are very quick to call other posters liars. As I explained at Beamdog's one can be both a power gamer and a casual player. So, no, I was not lying here. Believe it or not, but I didn't even finish BG2EE (w/o mods) to this day, not to mention SoD (so I'm very much casual BG player - my pseudo-modder talk doesn't change anything in this regard). But I always try to role-play my characters, so I'm definitely no power gamer. Look, PI is really not that difficult to use. The main problem is a lack of proper documentation that would explain the whole set-up process in detail. In my case all
  14. Jarno, did you ever mod a game (any game) blindly? Without doing a research how to mod or which mods are worth installing? If you do it regularly, it means you have sufficient programming experience to figure out how to mod any game without guidance. I'm not that person. I always do at least couple hours of research to properly prepare myself for installation process. Even installing a simple WeiDU mod can be difficult for someone who did not use a mod in his entire life.
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