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  1. Yeah, sorry for the confusion. I planned to install Revised Armors, and then I saw you have updated YARAS, so I thought it may do the trick for me. Either way, the goal is to have EE-style of IR descriptions correctly patched (eg. with EE style, with dashes and all that stuff) by AR or YARAS, with whatever new lines or line modifications these components have to offer. I'm attaching IR4vb10 readme for clarity. So what Revised Armors does is: Applying movement speed, Dexterity and Speed factor penalties based on the armor type (these are all added as new lines in item descriptions) Applying Damage resistance based on the armor type (this is also added as a new line) Changing the armor values vs different types of weapons (see the table under Revised Armor Bonuses paragraph). So it seems it does change that, as of v4. Allowing spellcasting in armor, by applying arcane casting failure chance (I don't see it added in the item description, in the example shared by @subtledoctor) Adding casting time penalty based on the type of armor you are wearing (this also seems to be not present in the item description) Adding Move Silently and Hide in Shadows penalties based on armor type (also not added to the item description) As for shields, the changes Revised Armors applies are as follows: Changing the armor values - the change is only for medium and large shields (RA simply changes the AC value here) Changing the additional abilities of different shield types (ie. bucklers are loosing piercing protection). RA changing the text or adding a new line (like -1THAC0 for Medium shields) As for Weapon changes - Revised Weapons component does the following: Changing the damage dice, according to the table under Weapon changes paragraph. This simply changes the value in the description. Changing the speed factor, according to the same table. Changing some special properties, according to mentioned table. readme-item_rev.html
  2. Sorry for not being technical enough, it's because I'm having trouble to explain it properly. I'll try to prepare some examples tomorrow, it's almost midnight here, need to hit a rack, otherwise I'll be a zombie tomorrow at work. Need to check exact lines that Revised Armors and Items components are adding to the description and find EE equivalent. I forgot the details, it was over a year when I tried to figure it out.
  3. I do want to install both Revised Armors and Revised Items. I haven't tried to adjust regexp patching for Armors, because of the Armor type description split vs different weapons type. It was too difficult for me even to think about tackling it. I'm not sure if I follow what do you mean, that my changes can prevent others to install Revised Armors. Those EE-style descriptions can be purely optional component, I think? I'm doing it in English, IR does not have Polish translation, as far as I know.
  4. Thanks for the offer David. What I would like to achieve step by step is:item_descriptions_EE.zip 1. Create an EE-style version of IR(R) item descriptions. In attachment is my attempt for IRR (maybe not up-to-date, this was done for one of the previous versions). Of course, I can prepare also a version for Subtledoctor's fork. 2. I would like Revised Items and Armors components to correctly patch these descriptions which is normally done via description_updates.tra file. At the moment, it correctly patches only IR or classic game formats.
  5. As far as I know, those are the only download source of those mods. I do my research. When there are more that one source, I try to provide them all.
  6. Possibly, but this is even more beyond my skills I know nothing of WeiDu coding, so I'm not even sure what those functions mean.
  7. Here (pages 3-4) are my attempts to make it work. I was semi successful with items and shields, but haven't tried to modify armours, because of the reason described by Bartimaeus. Basically, I would like to have undmodded EE descriptions + newly added IR lines starting with "–"
  8. Subtledoctor, you've got it right. Revised Armours and Items patching code tries to patch my already revised descriptions and fails to do that. You are also right that not touching those lines and leave an IR version is a subpar solution. Hell, to be honest, I would rather leave pure IR description that play with IR/EE mix. As for what exactly needs to be done to make it work: Basically, the regexp functions in the attached file need to be modified to take into account EE descriptions (not only those modified within IR, but also from other mods). description_updates.tra
  9. Yes, my partial success with updating this on my own ended also here. This is above my skills too. But I'm fairly sure it can be done, just preferably with someone that has deep understanding of regexp.
  10. Yes, I was thinking exactly like that. Well, I thought rather that EE descriptions could be installed as an optional component, if you don't want it to be default for EE games, but an .ini option would be fine too (providing the instructions how to change it will be simple enough for me to understand ) Anyway, here is an example of what I've had in mind: IR(R) description EE-stylised IR(R) description What I like in IR descriptions are the small flavour touches, like the name of the ability, i.e: – Mithral: +1 bonus to Armor Class instead of simply – +1 bonus to Armor Class I very much like to preserve those little things. As I've said, I can prepare EE style descriptions, the only concern for me is IR correctly patch these descriptions for Revised armors and weapons components. Obviously I don't know a thing about WeiDU coding or regexp, but I just feel the original IR code can be adjusted to catch also EE descriptions, it just needs someone who actually understands it to expand its boundaries.
  11. I'll wait eagerly for the news, thanks for looking into it! I must say I lost hope there may be ever solution for this issue.
  12. Perfect example, thank you. Unmodded EE plus YARAS would be the optimal outcome for me, yes. Would it work like that also for modded items? Let's say from BG2EE to SoD Item Upgrade or Weimar's Item Upgrade? Does YARAS patch the descriptions or did you tailor all unmodded items by hand to match YARAS style?
  13. Ok, sorry I admit I haven't actually use YARAS yet. I know that IR components add some additional lines to item descriptions and have a patching code to correctly append those lines to any mod added item. Unfortunately this code does only recognize vanilla style variations of item descriptions. I updated item descriptions of IRR for my personal use, but IR patching code gave subpar results adding vanilla style lines (that comes from Revised armors and items components) to newly EE-style descriptions. If the only thing YARAS does is changing AC value in the item description, it should be OK. But I admit, I'm with Graion Dilach here. EE style armor descriptions split AC modifier vs different types of weapons (opposing to vanilla where you have just one value). I haven't quite catch your point about the Armor itself losing those modifiers. Could you please elaborate a bit?
  14. Thanks for sharing this, subtledoctor. Do you plan to update this fork further? If yes, then I know that I may sound like a broken record, but is there a chance to add EE-style item descriptions for EE games? This would allow me to actually play IR. I can even prepare such descriptions for you, not a problem. I cannot update WeiDU code to correctly patch those descriptions for Revised Armors and Items components, though. It's far beyond my skills
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