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  1. Just remember to select EET from the drop list if you want to play EET game. Also if you plan to install Awesome Soundsets and SoD to BG2EE Items, currently you need to create sort of mini sort order list for them, install them on BG2EE first (changing in the drop list) then switch again to EET and install the whole main list as explained in previous post. Author of the second mod is working on new version that *should* add native EET compatibility, so you could install it along with other mods using EET option from drop list.
  2. I'm writing from memory, I'll be able to check exactly in my PC on weekend, unfortunately. First of all, yes you have to download your mods manually while using PI. I recommended down loading them to separate folder (I named my PI Downloads). I'd start by using list provided by me or other players here at G3 (doesn't really need to be mine, cause it may be a bit out of date now, some component numbers may be added or changed in newer mod versions) and just remove add mods as you fit. You've gotta be careful with the install order though, mine was a result of weeks of discussion. You can safely
  3. Great stuff! I seriously consider switching Imoen in Stone for Imoen 4Ever in my delayed EET run, now with more mods compatibility added. Download link at G3 doesn't seem to work, though.
  4. @jasteyjust to be sure, there are no new components in v5.0?
  5. Damn, I should be more persistent with the request for updating item descriptions to EE-style for EE games, then This would be probably noticed only by me, but Hey, let's go crazy
  6. FWIW Kazgaroth the Best had more than one claw So, I think in this particular case immersive explanation is right there.
  7. I'd say V4 has probably fewer bugs than v3. Not sure why you claim it's for testers.
  8. That's interesting, thanks for the tip. I'm actually mostly interested in alignment fixes from The Oversight.
  9. Where is the "Like" button when needed
  10. The list will be updated at some point when I finally find the time to play this run. Currently it's is postponed because of RL stuff and SoD translation project to Polish which needs to be done before I start playing. I didn't test my mod compilation thoroughky ingame, so can't tell just yet if it's buggy or not, but as far as installation goes, it was installed without errors, with just couple of harmless warnings. Unfortunately I don't use Roxanne's EE Setup Tool, so cannot help you with that. But I hardly doubt, that my mod compilation is bigger that what's the tool is offering.
  11. I think capitalized D is an inconsistency within original EE's. AFAIK majority of items uses normal "d". I think you showed one of the exceptions on your picture But no, I don't change this manually for original items
  12. It's not like that I find EE style superior to IR style, rather that the inconsistency between IR and other mods are bugging me. And I freaking HATE capital "D" in Dice Roll entry.
  13. Yeah, I know I'm doomed here Fortunately applying changes from new IRR version to my fixed base tra file is much easier thanks to your tip to use WinMerge. Besides I didn't suggest switching to EE altogether, rather to include EE text style for EE installations only and leave original IR descriptions for vanilla engine. The way @CamDawg did when he updated Weimar's Item Upgrade mod. I realize, though, that would be more job for you later, updating changes in both files.
  14. For me personally the only gripe I have with IR or IRR is the vanilla-style item stat descriptions which doesn't mesh well with EE-style descriptions. I have fixed this for IRR for my personal use, but it's tiresome to apply those changes each time new version pops up.
  15. Should work with LeUI. I have tested it on my EET Install and I think some compatibility issues were fixed along the way. Not sure about Dragonspear UI, though. Nevered tried it since it's not compatible with EET yet.
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