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  1. Hi, thanks for trying out the mod! Much appreciated, glad you made it to the end (quite the feat considering not everyone plays through ToB) answer below:
  2. Thanks for reaching out to the author like this. Why does an unofficial item mod completely changes the behavioral scripts of an unrelated character? That would be best reserved for an optional component. At this point I would say that this mod is incompatible with mine due to writing in new scripts for a character that is vital to my mod (but is not to theirs). A possible solution I see would be to install my mod after theirs, it might work (at least the override scripts will) but this is untested as of now and could create problems. The opposite is absolutely impossible and will certainly break my mod. This is what the mod author said: Interesting. It is already the essence of what I'm doing in my mod, so it's safe to say that we are trying to do the same thing. But with a whole new quest attached on my part that extends into Throne of Bhaal Unfortunately, you have to choose one here. I tried for my mod to be as light as possible but this I can't fix I think, I'll have to investigate their mod in detail to see the extent of it though. For now try installing my mod after. Perhaps if the mod author could include this as an optional component like we do here in many mods? Hell, I have some in my mod. That would work very well for everyone involved and is best for compatibility. Sadly, I can't make Zallanora's scripts optional on my end because she is a central character.
  3. They really just overwrite/replace the whole script just to add an item? That is just coding bad practice. Not much I can do because that's just brute-force coding. Try to install that mod before mine, if that's possible? My mod is fairly light anyway, it patches what it needs to patch in existing files, modded or not, and ignores the rest (good coding practice). For mage18z though I write in a new override script because I didn't want to edit the vanilla GPSHOUT.bcs (which can be found on MANY NPCs), and it's a complete new AI script so I believe it's justified that I included a new script for mage18z. It's even taking into account changes made after by SCS which makes it quite more complicated, but I managed to find a good compromise with that. Besides, very few mods actually change the mage18z cre file, and if they do, hopefully it's just small patch changes (like klatu's tweaks which is 100% compatible with my mod because of good coding practice on both ends) and not overwriting in with new material. I'll be on the lookout for mods modifying that file, particularly the override script, because it is, I think, my mod's multi-compatibility weak point. I haven't checked their code, but if they're overwriting the whole mage18z.cre file and not just the override script, then it's a whole other order of magnitude worse. If yes then that mod should be installed as early in the load order as possible because it's a disaster waiting to happen if they do this with every file they modify. Thanks for reporting that by the way, I'll include it in the readme under "compatibility" next update.
  4. I designed this mod for maximum compatibility, I changed the scripts based on how SCS handled it, and included the critical parts of the code in the ones that SCS didn't change. Now I did account and test with SCS, but it's possible that SCS has changed since then though, especially this creature, I haven't tested with SCS in a while. Unfortunately I have a forearm injury right now so I can't test extensively, but I'll check it out, thanks for the report! Also, still trying to figure out whether the 2.6 patch broke something in this mod.
  5. Just reviving this because I am curious: Did you have time to do this, and how did it go?
  6. Haha cheers mate. Indeed, lots of powerful wizards in this game running around with a nonmagical quarterstaff. Makes 0 sense, especially those who teleport on you with the intention of ambushing you.... wearing nothing. lol
  7. Well the mod finishes in ToB so I don't know if you had an intention to get there or stop at SoA.
  8. I designed my mod to be install-able either before or after SCS, limit issues as much as possible. Now did I succeed? That's the question. Look out mainly for the AI in my mod's battles. Hopefully SCS doesn't break any of them. But I took SCS into account so it should be fine. What worries me is the difficulty. The last battle should be quite hard with SCS on, depending on the difficulty slider of course.
  9. Sorry for the small delay. Indeed you are right. This is quite a tricky situation, I will have to do some testing before I can say exactly when the mod should be installed. If you really need to know right now, I would say try installing Cowled Menace before SCS (and thus, also before EET_End)
  10. I'm considering it indeed! First I'm trying to get it stable as much as possible. As far as EE-only features go, I think it's mainly the journal right now, but I'd have to delve more into it to be sure.
  11. Because SCS won't even let you do that. EET_end has to be installed already for current SCS version to install.
  12. Unless a miracle happens or k4thos says otherwise, assume you cannot install EET's main component last. The current interrogation going around is whether it's better to install SCS or "EET_end" last, certainly not the main EET component itself
  13. Sounds interesting, would like to use a UI upgrade in EET. Keep us posted!
  14. Hello Alexander, You need to install the Enhanced Edition Trilogy prior to installing this mod, it's required. And yes, you can install all the other optional components on a clean BG2 install but they're minor components that have nothing to do with the actual quest mod. Just small tweaks I made that I think some people might like. Good luck!
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