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  1. I'll see about that, I don't have much experience with BGT seeing as I never played with it. I switched to EE early on. Tagging you @K4thos as this mod is built on EET!
  2. Someone has been working in the shadows, manipulating events on the Sword Coast to their advantage... Hey guys, My first mod here. I created this because I wanted to tie up loose ends with 2 things in Baldur's Gate: the Twisted Rune, and the Cowled Wizards. So this mod was born about a year ago! It requires the Enhanced Edition Trilogy by k4thos as there is content to be found in BG, BG2, and ToB (the quest cannot be completed before ToB) Download link (alpha v0.1): https://github.com/Maltodaxtrin/CowledMenace/releases/tag/0.1 Readme: https://maltodaxtrin.github.io/ I included some screenshots in this post. Basically I'm looking for testers and people willing to try out the mod and provide feedback! Be gentle with me, this is my first time making a mod and using github. However, I spent a lot of time learning how to code in a way that doesn't break other mods as much as possible. You can see for yourself in my code. Special thanks to lots of people here including demivrgvs, Roxanne, kreso, DavidW, CamDawg, Nythrun & Miloch (area patching), Avenger, and every other helpful fellow! Also, thanks to K4thos for making the EET
  3. I'm not sure because it's been discussed a lot, but what is the actual plan as for carrying over stuff from IWD1? Will your XP and gear carry over the main BG campaign?
  4. You need to post your weidu log so we can see which mods you have installed. It is located in your main bg2 folder
  5. This mod aims to add Icewind Dale to Baldur's Gate, in the same world map. To then re-separate it is..................... why are we even discussing this?
  6. Using a vvc worked really well thanks!
  7. I tested and No Traps or Locks doesn't conflict with adding new "trap" areas like I did in the script above. They still work.
  8. Hey guys I want to add an effect to a spell that's attached to the caster, and lasts as long as the duration. Let's say I want to add a 3D effect to Spell Trap that follows you around, here's what I've tried so far: COPY_EXISTING ~spwi902.spl~ ~override~ LPF ADD_SPELL_EFFECT INT_VAR opcode = 215 // opcode for "Play 3D effect" target = 1 // self timing = 0 // Instant/Custom duration power = 4 // no idea what that does but it's what they used on Fireshield (Blue) resist_dispel = 3 parameter2 = 1 // Attached to self duration = 108 // 108 seconds for testing purpose ... it lasts 1 second STR_VAR insert_point = 1 resource = dx#trap // BAM resource END BUT_ONLY I've tried all sorts of permutations of the above parameters but I can't get it to work. Always just lasts like 1 second then disappears, although it pops again for a second when casting a new spell (????) Is there a more straightforward way to attach a 3D effect to a buff spell? I've checked all the buff spells in the game but it really seems like their effects are hardcoded. Stoneskin, for example, adds "Stoneskin effect" to the spell. So customizable! Thanks!
  9. You guys have great ideas, really interesting! I didn't know SoD conflicted with the Icewind Dale timeline for an IWD-IN-EET playthrough! Hmm I like the genie idea from a fair.
  10. Checking her dialog it seems to me like you should EXTEND_TOP SCROLL01 0 and not 1, because 1 is after the greeting. 0 is the greeting state. By the way when making new dialogue try to use EXTEND_BOTTOM instead since some modders rely on the vanilla answer order, which EXTEND_TOP screws with.
  11. Can you post what you tried? You have to EXTEND a specific state and it should work.
  12. you don't have any other mods installed? In your bg2 install folder there should be a file named "weidu.log". If you have it, copy-paste its content here EDIT: Also, never install any games that you intend to mod in Program Files. This could be why your install bugs out -- always install Baldur's Gate and mods in a separate Games folder you made outside of Program Files
  13. I'm not an expert but from what I've read no one should be using BigWorldSetup these days
  14. I fixed it by stating cre right from the getgo (first line) ACTION_FOR_EACH cre IN ~TANWIZ02.cre~ ~TANWIZ03.cre~ ~TANWIZ04.cre~ BEGIN ACTION_IF FILE_EXISTS_IN_GAME ~%cre%~ BEGIN COPY_EXISTING ~%cre%~ ~override~ LPF SANITIZE_CRE RET ok = ok END PATCH_IF ok BEGIN SAY NAME1 @1004 SAY NAME2 @1004 END BUT_ONLY END END
  15. Oh I definitely didn't catch that thanks!
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