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  1. Daxtreme

    Making new spellcaster CRE - what happens with SCS?

    Thanks!! Much appreciated. Finally, what about If I give a custom script to a vanilla character, does SCS replace it or skip over? edit: it's a Class script (spellcasting AI)
  2. Daxtreme

    Making new spellcaster CRE - what happens with SCS?

    Awesome! So SCS parses all the CRE files in the game when it is being installed, even custom ones?
  3. Hey guys, In my mod I'm making a new enemy spellcaster, and I was wondering... I'd like for it to have vanilla scripts if the player is playing vanilla, and SCS scripts if the player is playing with SCS. But the problem is, SCS is generally installed last. It'd be lame if someone were to install SCS but then steamroll over my spellcaster because it uses the terrible vanilla scripts. Anything I can do? Does SCS overwrite general spellcaster scripts? If yes, I could assign one of those to my spellcaster and SCS would overwrite it if installed? Thanks!
  4. Daxtreme


    This project is amazing. Can't wait to see that... and play it! Wow, BG and IWD all in one, truly mind-boggling.
  5. I have to say, David, you're amazing, and thank you for working on such a huge, complicated, and awesome mod such as this one. Truly a blessing to this community, thanks! Awesome mod. SCS is a must, and I approve of all the changes you made. I remember being visited by 5 cowled wizards with SCS 30 and instantly getting swarmed with fiends everywhere, that definitely felt dumb. Now it's fixed, one of MANY awesome fixes. This new SCS seems like ... ideal! Good job
  6. Daxtreme

    SCS v32 and the difficulty slider

    Thanks a lot David, just read this, incredibly excited, great work! Amazing even, I'm really hyped about a next playthrough now. Awesome idea. Going to wait for this eagerly.
  7. Daxtreme

    What's needed for SCS v31?

    Just chiming in to say that all the work you guys are doing is much appreciated Incredible
  8. I disagree that Energy Blades is bad. And you're not "wasting" a spell slot, all HLAs are free to cast once per day once you learn them. Cast them or not, but you always have them once per day. So in a sense, your single cast of Energy Blades is free and isn't comparable to any other casting because it can't be switched for something else. It just exists. And I love Energy Blades, it's highly useful against spellcasters as unless they're protected by absolute immunity or PfMW, most of the time either the damage or the lightning damage make it through and interrupt their spells. It's also very good to wipe out those pesky summoned fiends like Cornuggons or weaker summons without much effort. Also gives you uber movespeed which is definitely useful. I'm pretty sure Spellstrike has a radius already now. In the "Arcane spells" thread pinned to this forum it says there is a 10' radius, don't know if it's still there or been removed.
  9. Well not exactly, as you still have access to all your level 9 spell slots which were previously mostly used by HLAs, so now you will actually use level 9 slots. Also, believe me, mages are still by far the most powerful class.
  10. Daxtreme

    Charm Person

    I like how you would try to make an actual worthwhile difference between Charm and Dominate! Not sure about the feeblemind part
  11. Daxtreme

    Proposal: tweaking invisibility

    That's very interesting! Is that something that's possible?
  12. Daxtreme

    Monster Summoning 9 Alternatives

    Stone to Flesh could transform Stone Golems into Flesh Golems? Haha!
  13. This mod is still being worked on by kreso If it's being worked on by demi, he's not broadcasting that
  14. Daxtreme

    StartDialogue and Time Stop

    if I do that though, isn't there a risk that the Time Stop will fire twice? What about using a timer? Here's what I came up with: IF GlobalTimerExpired("zalladlg","LOCALS") !Global("zallaout1", "LOCALS",1) THEN RESPONSE #100 SetGlobal("zallaout1", "LOCALS",1) StartDialogueNoSet(LastSeenBy(Myself)) END IF HPLT(Myself,15) !Global("TSFired","LOCALS",1) THEN RESPONSE #100 SetGlobal("TSFired","LOCALS",1) ReallyForceSpell(Myself,WIZARD_TIME_STOP) // SPWI909.SPL (Time Stop) SetGlobalTimer("zalladlg","LOCALS",2) Wait(2) END The dialog seems to work all the time, however the Wait period is a bit unpredictable. Sometimes she waits, sometimes she doesn't
  15. Daxtreme

    Rest for party members

    Well SCS has an option where you can only rest once in Irenicus Dungeon Maybe it can be applied to more places?