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Area making - IETME; Objects


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It is not an object, just a part of a tiled bitmap.

You could use dltcep to convert the tileset to bmp.

Then copy it into your own bmp which you can convert back to tileset again.


Yeah, you could do this with ietme too, probably.

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The white background is there because the file is a bmp format and it has to have some colour. The tile maker uses a colour that has a good contrast with the object in the tile and that makes it easier to remove.


You can remove the white part in IETME.


DLTCEP probably can too, though I've never tried using object tilesets with that.

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dltcep is able to add tiles to the tileset only (no objects like ietme).

It can only help converting parts of the tileset to bmp which you can later alter and move to another bmp (by the use of some painter program).

Then convert the bmp back to tileset format.


IETME has some limited object patching function, but it is full of crashers, it can also screw an area easily. So my guess is he is using IETME :)

Some of those IETME bugs could be fixed by dltcep by simply loading the area then resaving it. Or the check option can give you hints. You can also take a look at the structures (NI might be useful too) and find out what's wrong.

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