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Coran Romance not affecting Briel quest


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Hello, first of all I want to say I love the mod, especially the Coran romance which is probably one of the most fun in any game and suits my PC perfectly. So far the only problem I've had with it is the repeating flirt loop when you enter the temple area east of Beregost but I found the solution to that in another post here.


Apart from that everything has run smoothly, and I reached the vow lovetalk before speaking to Brielbara about the baby quest. When I spoke to her though, the quest dialogue ran exactly the same as I remember it being without the NPC project, and Coran and charname didn't have much to say about it. I thought it was weird but I continued with the quest anyway, bought the book back, got a reward, and that was it. She asks Coran if he's ready to be a father and he awkwardly refuses, but charname gets no say in it at all and the quest appears to be over.


I'm sure this isn't how the quest goes. Coran is still Chaotic Good, the romance is active and CoranRomancePath is 1. I can still flirt with him but no more LTs come. Is there some requirement I need to fill before talking to Briel the first time? I have a backup save before taking the quest but I don't look forward to loading it as I did a lot in the mean time. I'm not sure if it matters, but I'm on chapter 5 and haven't yet visited Firewine bridge. If anyone could help out I'd really appreciate it!!

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Ahaha... ahh.. okay well I looked through my last save again and it turns out the variable that I should have manipulated was Coran_Ask_Baby. The reason I was worried was mostly that the romance path stayed at 1, and that setting the love talk timer to 1 did nothing. Anyway I've reloaded and now I'll just let it run its course without worrying. Well this is embarrassing but at least my game is okay.

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