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PPG: The Fields of the Dead v1.07 released


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Thanks to the arrival of version 1.07 The Fields of the Dead is nearly out of stock as far as bugs go. It is now possible to play past Sarevok's coronation and complete the game again. The list of fixes for this update includes:


-Therella has been restored

-The duel with Ludrug has been fixed

-Ramazith now has a pair of Bracers of Defence

-Abela's hair can no longer be pickpocketed (not FotD bug)

-Chanthalas Ulbright will now take the 500 gp (not FotD bug)

-Petrine's quest can now be solved

-The containers in Red Sheaf Inn have been fixed

-A fatal bug during Sarevok's coronation has been fixed (again)

-Greater Dopplegangers outside Durlag's Tower will not turn into Kiel

-The Knights in the game of chess no longer randomwalk

-Some doors and containers did not yield XP when lockpicked

-Some containers could not be lockpicked

-Skeletons in Durlag's Tower no longer experience morale failure

-Gervisse will now turn hostile correctly

-Marek's AI has been corrected

-Various bug fixes


Download: http://www.pocketplane.net/fotd

Forum: http://forums.pocketplane.net/index.php/board,54.0.html

FotD site: http://www.echon.dk/fotd/

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