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  1. I assume that is not possible then.
  2. Why not? I have simply found a way to avoid the issue.
  3. Or that. I had forgotten about the GiveItemCreate action. Thanks.
  4. I did not use the effect via a spell, but attached it directly to a creature. That way it always succeeded. It looks like I will need to use your implementation to add the random element.
  5. This effect ignores probability values.
  6. Echon


    Does this even work ? Cause I would think, it would not. Ignoring for the moment that this is unrelated to the issue at hand, yes, yes it does. The block loops and the string is displayed over and over. You know, I do run my scripts before I ask people to help me fix them.
  7. Echon


    I tried a couple of different things to see if anything changed, but it never worked as intended. Now I have made a simple workaround that does not require ChangeEnemyAlly.
  8. Is this action known to be buggy? Or not work in specific instances? The reason I ask is because this block loops: IF !Allegiance(Myself,GOODCUTOFF) Allegiance(LastSummonerOf(Myself),ENEMY) THEN RESPONSE #100 DisplayString(Player1,1) // Why hast thou disturbed me here? Hast thou no manners? Get out! ChangeEnemyAlly(Myself,GOODCUTOFF) SetGlobal("MaxStrength","LOCALS",0) END This block on a normal enemy gnoll worked fine: IF !Allegiance(Myself,GOODCUTOFF) THEN RESPONSE #100 DisplayString(Myself,1) ChangeEnemyAlly(Myself,GOODCUTOFF) END
  9. I had been considering taking a look at projectiles and number of targets, but I guess it is not worth the time.
  10. From IESDP 14 Nearest Returns the nearest visible creature - usually the active creature. Huh. I am not sure how I overlooked that. That is a very elegant solution, and one I wish I had thought of myself. I just tested it, and the script works as intended now. The script can also change the allegiance as needed so using different summons will not be necessary. No. It needs to a cast a spell on the x nearest allies, with x depending on the caster's level. Cure Light Wounds is just used for testing purposes.
  11. That would make it all a lot more simple, but the number of targets affected by the spell increases with the caster's level.
  12. Thanks! That explains why I got those results. Also, this is the kind of information that needs to be in the IESDP. I mean, that would have saved me a lot of time. I tried several, but ended up with GOODCUTOFF.
  13. I know PCs are 2, but I wanted something that covers party members, summoned creatures, charmed/controlled allies, etc. I am sorry, but I am not sure what you mean by this.
  14. What is the 'friendly' equivalent of NearestEnemyOf()? Nearest([ALLY])? Nearest([GOODCUTOFF])? I thought I had used these previously without problems but I am getting some unreliable results. I summon a CRE with a SPL via an EFF (allegiance = the caster) and it runs a script with this bit at the end. IF stuff THEN RESPONSE #100 ReallyForceSpell(Nearest([GOODCUTOFF]),CLERIC_CURE_LIGHT_WOUNDS) // SPPR103.SPL (Cure Light Wounds) ReallyForceSpell(SecondNearest([GOODCUTOFF]),CLERIC_CURE_LIGHT_WOUNDS) // SPPR103.SPL (Cure Light Wounds) ReallyForceSpell(ThirdNearest([GOODCUTOFF]),CLERIC_CURE_LIGHT_WOUNDS) // SPPR103.SPL (Cure Light Wounds) DestroySelf() END With two members in the party, player1 receives a CLW and the two others are cast untargeted. With four members, player1 and player2 receive the spell, with the last being untargeted. Using ALLY instead of GOODCUTOFF, all three are untargeted. What is the issue here?
  15. Echon

    Cast Spell (146)

    Thank you! I had not noticed that small detail. Odd that it requires two blank spaces. V1.0 comes from WeiDU's CREATE, which must be bugged.
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