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Fixpack v3 question

Guest Xul

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Just a brief question. I am not quite understanding compatability issues with using this fixpack with other mods. Let me first explain, this is my first time using mods with BG2 (noob here :) ).


It is my impression that non-Weidu mods must be installed prior to Weidu mods. However the notes on the fix pack indicate it should be the first mod installed. The only non-Weidu mods I would install are included inside the v4 Tweakpack. However, the nomenclature of the fixpack has made me think that the Fixpack and Teakpack should *not* be used in unison. Am I simply misunderstanding that, or should the Tweakpack not be installed after installing the Fixpack?


Thanks in advance for your advice. And a very sincere thanks to all your efforts in creating these bug fixes and mods. You have developed a wonderful community.



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The only non WeiDU mods I wanted to install are included in the tweakpack (the bonus merchants, experience cap increase). I had those in my overrides folder from long long ago. I was just confused by the nomenclature used in the fixpack notes:


"G3 Tweaks (as of v18), BG2 Tweaks (as of v3): The 'Fixed SoA World Map', 'Magically Created Weapons to Zero Weight', and 'Make +x/+y Weapons Consistent' components are already included. G3 Tweaks has been deprecated by BG2 Tweaks and should not be used."


As it was included within the section of non-compatible/already installed mods I wasn't sure if I could install the newer v4 teakpack without causing problems. I assumed it was likely to be okay, but for a modding noob it made me think twice. And thanks for the reply.


Generally speaking, from what I have gathered on this site, as long as the mods are installed using WeiDU, the information is just added to the overides folder and (im guessing here) into dialogue.tlk?? without overwritting any other mods utilizing the same files? So any NPC additions, banter packs, etc...install "alongside" eachother (for lack of a better explanation).

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