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Opcodes 17 and 18 (HP)


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I'm a bit confused here. I have a spell that applies opcode 18 to a creature (increase maximum HP) however when I apply the spell only the Current HP fields in NI and DLTCEP are showing the change.


When I changed the spell to use opcode 17 (increase Current HP) nothing happened when the spell was applied. The creatures HP (max or current) was not changed.


Type being used in both tries was 0 (cumulative modifier).


Which Opcode will actually increase the max HP of a creature so that he can heal back up that the new HP level? What I have now will allow the creature to use those HP in battle but only Heal back up to the previous HP score.


My creature is meant to go from 24 HP to 44 but currently those 20 extra HP are only bonus not a permanent increase to a max of 44.

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Not with effects that directly modify a value stored in the .cre, no.


Timing mode 1 will change the max hitpoints value and go away (i.e. won't be stored as an on-cre effect). The max hitpoints change will still be permanent.


Aww, Nythrun is absolutely correct (and i was wrong). Timing mode 1 is the only mode which in some cases can affect the stored base stats and not getting embedded (subject to removal).

So, though not all timing mode 1 effects modify base stats and those are subject to removal, only a timing mode 1 effect has a chance to do what you originally wanted :)

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