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Wild Mage Additions - R/O possible glitch?


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What a great mod Wild Mage Additions is, I'm really enjoying it using the Spellshaper kit. I'm not quite sure if I'm experiencing a glitch, though. I just leveled up to level 14, and the level-up screen advised that I had received 2 additional level 7 spells. However, the slots did not appear in the spellbook, however.


Wild Mage Additions: http://home.tiscali.de/jo.ge/bg/shaper.htm


The Spellshaper .pdf states



± Wild Magic (Casting level varies from 5 below to 5 above the spellshaper's own level)

- 5% Chance for Wild Surge

- Much slower spell progression (New spell levels at experience-level 4,6,8,10,13,16,19,22)

- Less wizard spell slots (-2 level 1 to 7 spells, -3 level 8 and 9 spells, compared to standard wild mage)

- â€ÂMetamagic†items that modify the number of wizard spell-slots have no effect at all.

- Gets no high level abilities

- Suffers -5 to hit and -2 to damage when using ranged weapons

- May wear only one ring (one ring slot permanently occupied)

- Alignment changes to chaotic


The language above is a little vague, at least to my pea brain. But the PC doesn't have any level 7 spells yet, and if I read the above right, he won't get new level spells (level 7 at this point) until level 16.


I think everything's okay, and the level-up info screen may be hard coded or something, such that the reduction of spell slots goes into effect despite what the game's screen says. Does this sound right to you all?

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