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  1. Thanks Avenger. I have now set up the language. This continues to perplex me. For Bendalis I opened the .chr file from "characters" and under Effects > Edit, I added the effect "Spell effect: Berserking [246]." I then exited effects and saved the .chr file to Override. But when I open the game and start a game with Bendalis the innate star button is still inactive! Grrr. And again, I have also tried adding an innate spell slot for him, although this time rather than creating a copy of SPCL321 (Enrage) I tried just adding that spell directly, with memorization set to 1 and 1. Still nothing shows up. in-game.
  2. So wait a minute... When I try "adding" an effect to Bendalis, it looks like I should be able to simply select the kit effect for Berserker Rage. So I edited the added effect, under "Effect opcode"; and from the dropdown selected "Spell effect: Berserking [246]." I tried saving that as "bendalbr.eff " and assumed that it was assigned to the .chr file. But no luck in-game with doing that either.
  3. Okay thanks. I'm using BG[2]EE as the game type and I had the chitin.key location correct. But indeed I had not chosen the correct location for the "Location of IEEP effect descriptions (.dat -file)." So that is now corrected (i.e., BG2Effects.dat in the DLTCEP extraction folder). I still can't get Berserker Rage spell (saved as SPCLBBR to Override) to appear in-game for Bandalis, though. Do I have the "Level slot" set up wrong? I tried using the "Add level slot" button and the Innate now appears in the dropdown as "1 Innate 1 (0) /17" So I tried setting the memorization values at 1 and 17. But still no luck.
  4. I'm sorry I'm so dense at this, lol. When I open Karan's .chr file and try to edit the Effect for opcode #21, for the "Effect opcode" dropdown I see only Unknown(x). I tried Unknown(21) but I'm not really making sense of what I get for that. I.e., I don't think that's showing the Lore ability (?), but if it is I can't see anywhere to increase the lore points to 10 per level-up. When I open "Load effect" I don't see a list of opcodes...
  5. Thanks for guiding me in for a landing here, you've been very kind and patient throughout. In DLTCEP v7.6d, taking as an example that I want to add for Bendalis the Berserker Rage special ability I did the following: First under "Edit spell" I loaded Berserker Rage SPCL321 and clicked "Save Spell as..." I named the spell SPCLBBR (BBR = Benadlis' Berserker Rage) and since the destination folder was Override by default that's where I saved it to. Then I opened Edit Creature: new creature > Load external creature > and for .chr file type opened Bendalis' .chr file in the characters folder. I opened "Items & spells." Then inspecting "Level slot" I did not find "17 Innate level (x)." That is, there were no Innates at all appearing in the dropdown there. So and under "Spell level & type" I selected "Innate" and "spell level 1." Then "1 Innate level 1 (0)" appeared under "level slot." Under "Number of memorisable spells" I selected 1 of 1. Under "Browse" for "Choose spell" I used the search function for SPCLBBR and it appeared (its location is in Override). I clicked OK and it appeared under "Resource." I think clicked "Save Creature As..." and selected the .chr file type, again saving the .chr file to Override which is the default. I first assumed that Override would "override" a .chr file by the same name in "characters." But I tried importing Bendalis into a new game and the innate ability did not show up. So I tried renaming the .chr file to "Bendalis1," but still no luck--the innate ability does not show up. I.e., the special ability star icon is inactive.
  6. Okay, thanks. It would probably be the most artful way to go about it to modify the existing characters. Although then Theodon, Jessup, Bendalis, and Shistal won't be available until chapter 6. Honestly, though, I'm not sure I will ever attempt to make such a mod. Again, I'm not sure that enough players would be interested in playing it for it to be worth the effort. But anyhoo... Is there a way for me to assign innate abilities to the .chr files for Bendalis, Dreppin, Karan, and Shistal using either DLTCEP or NI? I don't know why I can't seem to get EE Keeper to do this; I've done it before with other PCs using EE Keeper. Oh, and also--how to increase the Lore points that the character gets upon level-up for Karan and Shistal to 10? When tried changing the Lore value in NI it didn't show up in-game. Then I think this mini-mod will be complete. :-) *** Edit: Do you think I should try renaming the .chr file names? Edit: Oh wait, I tried that already with the Karan2.chr file (see image a few posts above). :-\
  7. Sorry, it's probably a little confusing what I'm up to: My main goal has been achieved thanks to you, argent77, Mike1072, and lynx. The main objective was to create a mini-mod for a tactical challenge over at the BGEE forums that uses the Candlekeep characters in MP mode (fully explained here). So that has now been accomplished, for the most part. However I would still like to tweak Bendalis to give him either the Barbarian Rage or Berserk ability, and the three clerics (Dreppin, Karan, and Shistal) to give them special innate ability spells that reflect their respective deities. For Karan and Shistal I would also like to increase the number of Lore points upon level-up to 10, making them equivalent with a Bard. That seems appropriate to me for scribes of Candlekeep. But anyway, these are .chr files versus .cres. So it didn't seem to me that there should be be a problems with using the same names... The file extensions are different and the files themselves are located in different areas of the game directory. But maybe the same name is causing a conflict that I didn't anticipate with EE Keeper? By the way, this morning as I looked through my old collection of BG1 and BG2 soundsets, I'm not actually finding any sets that I would really want to use for any of these 18 Candlekeep characters. So I'm not going to worry about that. If I do eventually find soundsets that seem perfect for a particular character I would recommend it. But it would be up to the player to download the soundset from wherever (e.g., File Planet) and get it into their game directory. The second possible goal that this MP game tactical challenge got me thinking about is attempting a mod (for single player mode) that makes the 18 characters joinable NPCs. I'm not sure if I will ever take that on... But I was thinking that such a mod would have to modify certain parts of the game in order to remove the existing NPCs that the mod is recreating as joinable (and their doppelgangers in the catacombs). Either that or modify the existing NPCs to make them adventuring classes as I have envisioned them for the MP game tactical challenge, and joinable. I'm not sure how popular the idea would be to players. So I'll wait to see if there is a favorable reaction to the MP game tactical challenge before I would consider trying to make such a mod. Earlier in the thread I was musing about what such a mod would look like, though. I think that if I can find the time to try designing a full-fledged mod at this point, it would be a NPC mod for this character, for which years ago I made a feeble attempt at starting that sort of petered out.
  8. Not sure what is happening with EE Keeper. I'm going to try uninstalling/reinstalling it. I was able to use it to add the Barbarian Rage special ability to a Fighter/Transmuter PC that I made several months ago. Maybe something happened when I changed the location of the game? I changed the EE Keeper installation directory accordingly, but maybe something a little buggy happened when I did that? Anyway, using DLTCEP I'm not quite sure how to assign a special ability to a .chr file. I can find the spell but I'm not seeing how to add it to a given character. (Sorry for my njubishness.) Also, given that I'm not building NPCs but rather these are PCs to be used in MP mode, I guess I would just add custom soundsets and assign them under "customize" > "sounds." Does this tutorial really seem so bad for that purpose? Remember, they're not NPCs but rather PCs.
  9. Thanks. Problem is that what that does with EE Keeper is assigns the spells as either cleric or wizard spells (even though in EE Keeper they are assigned from the Innate tab), and changing the value for the memorization tab from 0 to 1 gives access to all the spells of those higher levels, which isn't what I'm after. However, I should think I could do the same thing that I did with Tiax's Summon Ghast special (innate) ability for Parda for these three priests. That is, I could modify Yeslick's SPIN112 and replace Dispel Magic with another desired spell. Then the player would assign those special ability spells for Dreppin, Karan, and Shistal via their respective scripts in-game. I don't think I will bother with trying to change the record page screen to say "Priest of ____" for them, unless I can make a number of simple but meaningful tweaks via NI. For example, I noticed that under NI that the character's Lore value can be adjusted within a .chr file; and I tried that for Karan and Shistal whose Lore (I would argue) should be at at least 7, if not comparable with a Bard at 10 points per level (because they're scribes at Candlekeep). But when I made those changes and overwrote the files as such it didn't show up in-game when I leveled them up.
  10. Using EE Keeper I opened the .chr. files (which best I can tell uses the game's characters folder) under File> Open Character File..., then created a new MP game and imported the characters into it to start. E.g., so for the above version of Karan named Karan2.chr I imported that version into a brand new MP game.
  11. It's interesting that using EE Keeper I'm able to modify the .chr files for those three priests as follows with innates Dreppin - Innate ability: Slow Poison x1 (SPIN102) Karan - Innate ability: True Sight (cleric) x1 (SPCL732) Shistal - Innate ability: Word of Power x1 (SPIN758) i.e., I can see it in EE Keeper: But they don't show up in-game. I tried looking at the .chr files in NI to see if i could make sense of this, but no luck.
  12. So I'm in the process of tweaking the characters, and in particular the three priests, Dreppin, Karan, and Shistal: I did some experimenting via EE Keeper: Since I'm conceiving of Dreppin as a priest of Chauntea, I gave him innate abilities of Resist Fire and Cold x1, Cure Disease x1, and Hold Animal x1. For Karan, conceived as a Priest of Oghma, I assigned innate abilities of Know Alignment x1 and Farsight x1. And for Shistal, conceived as a Priest of Denier, I assigned innate abilities of Glyph of Warding x1 (Denier's portfolio includes Runes). However these spells all show up as Cleric spells rather than innates. I guess that could suffice in that these three characters can enjoy a bonus of having access to those higher level spells right from the getgo. But they will not have the additional casting of the spell(s) in the way that Yeslick, for example, gets Dispel x1 every day in addition to being able to memorize it. So, I guess EE Keeper will not let me do it the 'Yeslick way'. Question then: In the same way that I modified Tiax's special ability Summon Ghast, could I do the same thing for those three clerics, and assign a script that gives them the special ability cast those spells as innate abilities? Differences here being that I would want for the script to allow the character to cast more than in some cases multiple spells, and they would be just the regular cleric spells, used as innates. Also, in your opinion does it seem better aesthetically to limit the special (innate) ability to only one spell? If so, I guess for Dreppin it would be Hold Animal; for Karan it would be Far Sight; and for Shistal it would be Glyph of Warding. For Karan and Shistal it would be nice to increase their lore bonus by an additional 3 points per level. How to do this? Also--how would I alter the description of the class on the character record page for these three characters from just "Cleric" to "Priest of Chauntea," "Priest of Oghma," and "Priest of Denier"?
  13. Hallelujah! Success at last. :-D Thank you so much, Jarno and Mike!
  14. Okay, I revised the .tp2 to the following: BACKUP ~pardasfd/backup~ AUTHOR ~Lemernis~ //README ~<filepath>.txt~ VERSION ~beta 1~ MKDIR ~%USER_DIRECTORY%/characters~ MKDIR ~%USER_DIRECTORY%/portraits~ MKDIR ~%USER_DIRECTORY%/scripts~ COMPILE ~pardasfd/pardafam.baf~ COPY_EXISTING ~pardafam.bcs~ ~%USER_DIRECTORY%/scripts/pardafam.bs~ COPY ~pardasfd/spinsfd.spl~ ~override/spinsfd.spl~ SAY NAME1 ~Summon Fairy Dragon~ SAY NAME2 ~Summon Fairy Dragon~ COPY ~pardasfd/char~ ~%USER_DIRECTORY%/characters~ COPY ~pardasfd/pics~ ~%USER_DIRECTORY%/portraits~ But I get a parsing error when I try to install:
  15. Okay, thanks, I will try that! Just FYI, I'm pretty sure that I did have the characters and portraits folders before running the mod installation for the first time after uninstalling and reinstalling it to the Users directory versus under Program files (x86). I'm not quite sure how that happened because I had removed the BGEE folder from Documents (saving a copy of it elsewhere in Documents though). However I was surprised to find that my saved games were still there after reinstalling (how I wonder?). But anyway, I suppose it's possible that the mod installation created the portraits and characters folders. (Aren't those created at installation, though?) Note that I was having "unable to open target" issues before as well, i.e., when I had the game installed under Program Files (x86).
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