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  1. Thanks to the labors of CrevsDaak Keeping Yoshimo has been resurrected and is now available for download for both PC and Mac, both for the original game and the Enhanced Edition. See this post for downloading the newest version. Extract the contents of the zip folder to the folder in your BG2 or BG2EE directory that contains CHITIN.KEY. (For example, for my installations those were C:\GOG Games\Baldur's Gate 2 for original BG2 and C:\Program Files (x86)\BeamDog\Games\00873 for BG2EE. But the location may vary depending on your installation.) Then run the "setup-7C#Yoshi" application to
  2. Please report any bugs you encounter with Keeping Yoshimo in this thread. Note also that we have a thread here for reporting compatibility issues with other mods. Thanks!
  3. Keeping Yoshimo is basically as finished as its going to get. But that said what is offers is plenty. We are moving (glacially) toward releasing it as finished. I've just been too busy IRL to playtest it, coming back to it now after quite a number of years. I would actually appreciate it very much if you can have a go with it and confirm that it all seems to be working properly. To install the mod follow the directions in this thread. Summary: Basically, you download this file: _Yoshi.zip And to install: simply rename a WeiDU.exe to Setup-#!Yoshi.exe and run it in your
  4. This definitely sounds fun, what the heck, count me in. I can't begin any work on it until at least late September, and spare time for me to work on it will be precious. But I'll do what I'm able, and the scope seems realistic.
  5. In the interest of actually getting the thing completed I think it would have to be a relatively short and sweet quest mod: Tamoko sends you to the Shou Lungian alchemist wizard (located somewhere in the city of Baldur's Gate, presumably) receive the sub-quest from the wizard to assemble the item's components gather components salted in existing areas throughout the game (such as the flesh golem cave, in Narcillicus Harwilliger Neen's inventory, etc; but at least one component should pose quite a challenge to obtain; an astute player will already have some of them by then; some should be pl
  6. Thanks, I'd be curious to see that thread. Not sure what I can actually do at this point time-wise, but I'm at least interested in the idea.
  7. Thanks Miloch! You've made me feel very welcome. *palm to forehead* re: EE conversion. Right-o. Been out of the swing of this stuff for four years. Okay, well, I may eventually try to get my feet wet with DLTCEP to fiddle with KY's dialogs and perhaps take another look at this mod's big battle. But I think it is safe to say there will be no new content for Keeping Yoshimo. As it stands, the mod does allow the player to experience what its like to keep Yoshimo to the end of ToB. I think the plot addition and writing to achieve that are at least passable, particularly given tha
  8. I haven't spoken with Icen in years, but based on our last communications (that neither of us had time to devote to the project any longer) I think it is safe to say that there won't be any further development of this mod. At one point we had thought to perhaps add a SoA encounter and ToB quest. But we ran out of steam and other demands in life took precedence, for us each, respectively. As long as this mod runs stably, I would call it finished. Or as finished as it's ever going to get, lol. If anyone wants to adopt Keeping Yoshimo and improve or expand upon it, we can talk. N
  9. It's been ages since I played the Keto mod, and honestly I don't remember any of its details beyond her perfoming in a bard competition in Imnesvale. But if the song Keto sings in that competition refers to Yoshimo and his death then I don't see how the two mods could ever be compatible. I'm looking through the TRA files... I haven't found the text for Keto's song, but it does appear that she is rather taken with Yoshi. I would not be surpised if she might in fact sing about him for her quest. She also has some lines with Kesley bemoaning his death... *** I'm still unable to fin
  10. I guess scripts for Keto's dialogues about Yoshimo's death might be adjusted to fire if-and-only-if the Dead("Yoshimo") variable is found. But then again, it sounds like a lot of content was written around Yoshimo's death because of the friendship Keto forms with him. I can see how the authors of Keto might not want to compromise their mod. It may just be best for them to be incompatible.
  11. Quest Pack has the following feature that could mess up KY: KY is scripted to have a Yoshimo conversation fire after Sanik is killed. It's the dialogue where Yoshimo asks to hide out in the Vulgar Monkey. So we could advise in the readme that this particular feature of Quest Pack is not incompatible; however do not assist Sanik in killing the assassin--let Sanik be killed. *** Note: a small point but IIRC it's not Sanik's death per se that is the trigger for that conversation by Yoshi. Rather it's the Innkeeper's last line "As you like" after Sanik is killed. But in Quest
  12. Banter Packs includes a dialogue between Imoen and Jaheira regarding Yoshimo's death. Hopefully it checks for the Yoshimo's death variable in order to fire. But if not, then that one dialogue (not the whole mod) is in conflict with Keeping Yoshimo.
  13. Keeping Yoshimo is incompatible with the following component in Unfinished Business. Just this component, not the whole mod. We could mention it in the readme, although any player who is installing Unfinished Business would see right away that it should not be installed:
  14. Yeah, hopefully it's matter of a simple scripting adjustment to check for a variable, and then not have Keto's dialogues pertaining to Yoshi's death fire accordingly. Same applies for any of the mods that have material that assume Yoshimo to die. If it's just a relatively small number of banters, I would hope this would be easy to add to make our mods compatible.
  15. Keeping Yoshimo is conceptually incompatible with Yoshimo Friendship, because the latter is written for Yoshi to die per the vanilla game. And from another site: So I think it's just Keto that is incompatible. I.e., Kelsey without Keto hopefully does not raise the subject of Yoshi's death. But I'm waiting for the poster's response on that question.
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