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Let me just say that I think I've enjoyed this the most of your pieces UUF. And the scary thing is, if you are willing to bend BG II to the absurd...it works.


After all, Aberil-Toril seems to be the dumping ground (well, Planescape before that) for transdimensional teleported victims...


Of course, by assuming different identities...it would be amusing if Jaheira would meet up with a little accident...and get her place taken over if the Bhaalspawn doesn't fancy Aerie ;-)

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WOW!!! thank you so much!!! ;):D:D


I seem to have a talent for seeing absurd situations with shameless homages to almost anything under the sun...did you like shrek 2? my brother thinks shrek 1 was better, but its been such a long time since i saw shrek 1 i can't remember details...currently right now thinking about writing a unholy combination of legend of the rangers(babylon 5), star trek (trouble with tribbles) and gremlins calling it "trouble with jansens"... :D:D:O


yep, toril is sure full of those interdimentional transport victims...


yeah...so the former fairy godmother pretends to go back to the circus, smacks jaheira with a blackjack, and takes over her place...


of course she would have to brew a potion of "Happily Ever After"...but she would have to kiss her true love...hmmm...so she would actually need a simulacrum scroll, since obviously her true love is herself... :p;):suspect::)

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