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Spiritual weapon of Sune


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At the beginning of the game (Priest of Sune level 7) I didn't get spiritual weapon. I hope it is just a small bug. ;-)


P.S. I tried also Priest of Selune and everything was ok there.

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Guest Elric of Grans

After a long break from the game, I decided to give it a whirl again. I had hoped to use Divine Remix to make Clerics a little more interesting, but I seem to have hit this bug too. Is there some kind of a work-around I can use to sort this out?

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For the record: The +1 charisma bonus is also missing (it should be also in NMSune.2da). It's not hard to add it, but you will need to create the +1 charisma spell first.

Of course there are more important issues with divine remix. I hope, that there will be a progress one day. For example we are waiting over one year for the czech translation, which is really a shame. :-/


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