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Game slows to a halt on second floor of de'Arnise keep

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I'm experiencing a rapidly increasing slowdown when having entered the second floor of the de'Arnise Keep, from any entrance, with a modded game. The unmodded game works fine. This is a problem because I really like the mods I have. Here's everything I installed, in order:


- BG2 SoA

- BG2 ToB

- Official ToB patch

- BG2 Fixpack

- 1 Pixel Productions inventory icons

- BG2 Tweakpack, a number of options chosen.


Which components of these mods might be causing this excessive slowdown? I'm really liking some of the tweaks and fixes, and would like to know if anyone knows what might be wrong. Uninstalling the BG2 Tweakpack options one by one seems like a poor use of my time. I am not expecting anyone to do that for me - I'm just asking if anyone might know why this is happening and hence be able to help me out.


The slowdown symptoms are first a short freeze, then a longer freeze, and very swiftly the game spends most of its time frozen. Pausing the game lets the cursor move smoothly and everything is in order - until I unpause the game again.


Note that I have used the exact same graphics, audio, etc. settings for the unmodded fresh install I tested the save with, and played at least 5 times as long on the second floor without any slowdown occuring.


Thanks in advance for any help.


[edited for clarity and additional info]

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