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This should be interesting...


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I have completely failed to notice that they've made a move of this wonderfull book:




I hope it's good, I loved this book. Although the trailer seems a bit cheesy, the cast lineup is very nice. (With Ian McKellen and Peter O'Toole! :) Claire Danes is a very lovely actress too, and there's not quite anyone like Michelle Pfeiffer when it comes to witches.)

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Yep, I have high hopes that this movie will be good. I know that I've been keeping track of it via Neil Gaiman's website off and on.


And it looks like things are finally going forward for a movie adaptation of his book/spinoff: Death: The High Cost of Living (Highlighting the character of Death from his Sandman series)

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Guest erik

Looks very promising. O'Toole, De Niro, Flemyng from Lock, Stock and Snatch... and a lot of british unknowns. Just as it should be in such an arch-british story.


I have both the book and the illustrated version, so I guess I count as a fan :)

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