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Guest Josef

Mur'Neths voice package

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Guest Josef

Any chance of getting a download of just the sound-files, for those of us who maybe want the voice for our main-character?


Havent installed Tutu or anything like that at all yet, just BG2 with Expansion and a few other smaller mods.

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Maybe Andyr could correct me on this, but the bulk of the mod's data is likely to be from Mur'Neth's voice files and a separate download probably wouldn't save you much in the way of time.


Andyr should be able to let you know exactly where the voice files are located and provide a simple file to de-ogg them, if they're compressed and unreadable.

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BigRob's words are correct--they form a large chunk of the mod's download size. If you extract them (e.g. by installing the mod) then you could use them for your own character, but the names won't match the game's convention.


I don't have the time to fiddle with it, but if you listened to the .ogg files you could work out what the files would be named if it were a PC soundset, extract them to the game's file format, and then move them into the Sounds directory.

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