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Question about Attacks per Round


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I would like to know if somebody has ever tested how P&P Attacks per Round translates into Bioware's engine.


I am asking because I have found this situation analyzing NPCs:


all classes that are playable (fighters, wizards, clerics, ecc. ecc.) have basically the same Attacks per Round number (1) which is going to improve according to class, weapon proficiencies and so on.


But monsters have their own class and seem to evade the general rule above and instead adopt a special rule by being assigned a static Attacks per Round value.


And with "monsters" I also intend humanoids like Drizzt. Drizzt has a whooping 10 Attacks per Round according to Near Infinity while the P&P suggests his attacks should be 5 (half). Now, when I met Drizzt in game it never seemed he could attack 10 times per round. It might really be 5 times per round instead. But in this case, why is Near Infinity reporting double as many attacks he delivers in game ?


Ankhegs are reported to have 2 attacks per round. Do they really attack twice per round in game or only once ?


Can somebody help me out here ?


Thanks a lot! :(

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You can have a maximum of five attacks per round, ever. The attack per round stat is


0 = 0

1 = 1

2 = 2

3 = 3

4 = 4

5 = 5

6 = 1/2

7 = 3/2

8 = 5/2

9 = 7/2

>=10 = 9/2


If you have a fractional attack per round rate (let's say 3/2) you have a roughly even chance of getting two attacks or one attack in any given round. The possibilies do not alternate.


Haste lets you "bypass" the 5 attacks per round limit by halving the duration of your round (for all purposes other than attached durations); If you have five attacks per round and cast improved haste, you still have five attacks per round, but you have 10 attacks per six seconds now.


Only Fighters, Paladins, and Rangers recieve an automatic increase in attack rate or proficiency based increase, all other classes (including monster classes like Ankheg or Drizzt (it's a class :()) don't. The APR stat is almost totally useless for scripting purposes, since it doesn't reflect these class based extra attacks nor dual wielding. Also, it's defined in a stupid way.

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