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Attention: This concerns ALL Romances


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I relaxed the condition on Chapter 2, but please, make sure you would (like in KOTOR) trigger all the LTs before ending Chapter 1. I know it's a bit of a pain :(


Okay some weirdness with Jaemal's romance.


I got about halfway through chapter two and realized that I hadn't seen any romantic dialog for that chapter. I used the PID to see what was up and if I could force the first one for Chapter Two to maybe get them started. Weirdly enough, the option for romantic talks wasn't there.


I reloaded my save in chapter 1 to see if the option to force romantic talks was present there (I hadn't used the PID in this run-through at all). It was. After some investigation, it seems that I never got all the chapter 1 lovetalks to trigger, which was why I was getting nothing in chapter two. I pushed the last two lovetalks through in chapter 1 and then took the boat, and now everything seems to be proceeding normally in chapter two.


I'm not really sure why I never got all the talks in chapter 1. I rested a lot both inside and outside, and I am a slow player. I thought that this was worth reporting, as someone could potentially lose the chance to do the romance and not even realize it.

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