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SHS: Classic Adventures .41 Released

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Spellhold Studios


Classic Adventures version .41 has now been released, which covers the ending of A2 - the party will get as far as standing on the ship and telling Captain Beril they are ready to head out.


There are five new NPCs available in Classic Adventures as of this version, including the LE Human Fighter Icar, NE Human Assassin Buranta, and the NG Human Invoker Chaarna are all available for joining the party, and with each version more and more NPC banter is added!


If there's an NPC you'd particularly like to see more content for, please post on the forums, and I'm sure the team would be happy to oblige!


Similarly, the Classiv Adventures team would be very grateful if you could post your feedback on CA on the forums! That doesn't just go for NPCs included in this version, or just NPCs at all - but also new areas, previously existing quests you hadn't played or a character you hate!


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