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  1. Woo! Go go Bri writing machine!
  2. You could always un-traify the mod temporarily?
  3. Uhhh. Wow. Usually 10 hours. In general, 10-12 or less romance dialogs in ToB is a lot. 30 would be a bit insane.
  4. It's possible to edit LOCALS -- just make sure the character they're for is the only selected, I think.
  5. I actually have the same problem as Kulyok and I'm in Australia. Kerzenberg has been having issues like this for a while, as I recall.
  6. Mike is being sarcastic Patience is a virtue; mods like this will be updated eventually.
  7. // Name: Arath // SoA Script: lk#arath // ToB Script: lk#ara25 // Romance is serious number: 2 // Romance kill number: 3 // For female?: 1 // For male?: 1 // Can kill other romances?: 1 // Can be killed by other romances?: 1 // Romance Variable: LK#ArathRomanceActive
  8. Download BG1NPC, you can find it in there.
  9. I've actually started on working through the SoA portion of the mod... Can't wait to hit some good milestones that we can share!
  10. Are you sure you have ToB installed, and the BGII Fixpack?
  11. Ahh, I didn't realise she was talking solely about mod-added areas. Okay, yeah, that may be a little more magical. But-but, I thought Cam was like Santa Claus...
  12. Ahh, that makes sense. Wouldn't this be something the fixpack would fix? Otherwise, surely it wouldn't be too difficult to fix those incorrectly flagged areas.
  13. I must admit, I've never had a situation where it hasn't worked. I would think that the problem would be more that it doesn't check for mod added areas?
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