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  1. Now officially Grumpy. Stay tuned. @Jarno: Yeah, it's more of a problem with the way IPB indexes posts. It's not awesome..
  2. If you're having trouble, BGII:EE really isn't that bad, and doesn't require you to do all that. A bunch of us modders work on it.
  3. I'm not sure it's a great idea to make it super accessible yet - it's still got a lot of issues. Putting it here would imply some kind of official support, which isn't really the case.
  4. CURSE YOU CHOO CHOO FOR CAVORTING WITH THE ENEMY-- *cough* I mean, congratulations. And stuff. Whatever.
  5. https://github.com/cmorganbg/Crossmod_Banter_Pack_for_Baldurs_Gate_II
  6. Kaeloree

    Doors and keys

    In that case, no - a door can only take one key. You can patch the area to change the key, but it can still only take one, unfortunately.
  7. Spellhold Studios It's that time again! Yovaneth has just released updates for his quest mod, Fishing for Trouble, and the BGT & Tutu versions of his BG Graphics Overhaul mod. You can grab them from the links below! BG Graphics Overhaul links: Download Forum Fishing for Trouble links: Download Forum
  8. Spellhold Studios After an extended standstill, the Fade NPC returns with a new writer (Kai of Candlekeep) and a new coder (Lava Del'Vortel) to bring you the final instalment of the story! The new version of the mod incudes ToB content originally prepared by Mistress Elysia, as well as additional content by the new maintainers. It also includes a myriad of bugfixes, a new gift in SoA, EE compatibility, banters with EE characters, optional "Fade as a shadowdancer" component, Romantic Encounters crossmod, a brand new portrait by Lesatho and more! "Fade is a shadow thief, under the employ of Aran Linvail. With her crimson hair, crimson eyes and lashing tail, she is definitely not your regular elf-on-the-street; she is a fey'ri, a part succubus with a temper to match. At first, her reasons for joining the party are unclear - is she a spy? Or something else…" Related links: Download Fade ToB Forum
  9. I met one of your admins. She's okay, I guess.
  10. We're not too far off! Key: Deprecated Compatible Incompatible 1) ToBEx 2) BWP Fixpack 3) BG2 Fixpack 4) 1PP v4.1 5) 1PPv3 Avatar Fixes 6) Quest Pack 7) Wheels of Prophecy 8) Tower of Deception (everything but journal entries should work) 9) Back to Brynnlaw 10) Assassinations 11) The Sellswords 12) Beyond the Law (everything but journal entries should work) 13) Angelo Dosan (everything but journal entries should work) 14) Aurora's Shoes and Boots 15) Aurora's Shoes and Boots Fix 16) BG2 Unfinished Business 17) Rogue Rebalancing 18) Level 1 NPC 19) SCSII 20) BG2 Tweak 21) aTweaks 22) Item Randomizer 23) Banter Packs 24) Widescreen mod So, getting there!
  11. Yovaneth has just released updates for his quest mod, Fishing for Trouble, and the BGT & Tutu versions of his BG Graphics Overhaul mod. Fishing for Trouble includes bugfixes and a new Russian translation, and the new versions of BG Graphics Overhaul contain a number of bugfixes. BG Graphics Overhaul links: Download Forum Fishing for Trouble links: Download Forum
  12. If you're *just* coding for BG:EE, though, which it sounds like you're doing, you're perfectly right -- journal entries will be the only things different.
  13. Jarno, please don't go around saying things are compatible when installing them will actually break people's games. Any version of Ascension is currently incompatible with BGII:EE. Do not install or you will encounter plot-breaking issues.
  14. Description bams are not currently supported; you have to use 24bit BMPs with transparency. A version of DLTCEP that can save bams as this type of bmp should be out soon if it's not already. If you're talking about item icon bams, that should be working fine. Are you sure you've created your bam correctly?
  15. I think it'd be better to put it in the mods themselves -- it's not really cross-mod content.
  16. Global("OHD_azothet_patron","GLOBAL",0) Global("OHD_urgothoz_patron","GLOBAL",0) That'll do it.
  17. BGII:EE is almost out the door, so there is now a list of BGII:EE compatible mods on the Baldur's Gate forums. It will be updated regularly as mods are brought up to speed. That said, here are a couple of provisos to keep in mind: DISCLAIMER FOR NON-ENGLISH SPEAKERS Please do not use non-English translations for mods in BGII:EE yet, as it may cause freezes due to charset inconsistencies. We are hoping to resolve this soon, but in the meantime -- stick to English translations only! GENERAL DISCLAIMER BGII:EE is a new platform, and there are bound to be issues that we've missed when porting mods. If you find an issue, please let me know. Tell me how to replicate the issue, and with any luck the mod will get fixed quickly.
  18. Yep! Though with BGII:EE, we can safely extend songlist.2da as far as we'd like, so there's no need for blank music files. But there is still for BGII, so.
  19. I will find out momentarily... Edit: Looks like those are fine; it must be specific 2DA files -- definitely at least one or two of the kit-related ones.
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