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Tutu Tweaks v3 Released


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This tweak pack is designed to work with the Tutu mod; the BG2 expansion Throne of Bhaal and BG1 expansion Tales of the Sword Coast are not required. Every component in this mod makes interactive changes and therefore should be compatible with other mods, provided this mod is installed last. The various tweaks have been written to adjust content added by other mods.


Changes in v3:

  • Bags of Holding now appear inline in a store's items for sale, rather than at the top.
  • Removed Restore Baldur's Gate/Tales of the Sword Coast Experience Cap and Tutu Interface Tweaks components, as they have been included in the Tutu Fixpack.
  • Added several new components: Remove Experience Caps, Allow Stealth and Thieving Abilities in Heavy Armor per P&P, Icewind Dale Casting Graphics, Exotic Items Pack, Avatar Morphing Script, Druids Use Cleric Level and Spell Progression, Maximum HP on Level Up and Two-Handed Katanas.

Complete list of components:

  • Unlimited Ammo Stacks
  • Unlimited Jewelry and Gem Stacks
  • Unlimited Potion Stacks
  • Unlimited Scroll Stacks
  • Add Bags of Holding
  • Bottlomless Bags of Holding
  • Reveal City Maps
  • Weapon Animation Tweaks
  • Valen/Solaufein-Style Interjections
  • Force All Dialogue to Pause
  • Identify All Items
  • Remove Helmet Animations
  • 100% Learn Spells
  • Stores Sell Larger Stacks of Items
  • Universal Clubs
  • Add Map Notes
  • Two-Handed Bastard Swords
  • Weapon Styles for All
  • Remove Experience Caps
  • Allow Stealth and Thieving Abilities in Heavy Armor per P&P
  • Icewind Dale Casting Graphics
  • Exotic Items Pack
  • Avatar Morphing Script
  • Druids Use Cleric Level and Spell Progression
  • Maximum HP on Level Up
  • Two-Handed Katanas

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