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Spells cast from scrolls are non-disruptable

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Not sure if this is fixable, but I thought I'd mention it anyway. I've encountered this behavior while playtesting the Shadow Thief Improvements competent of Rogue Rebalancing. Apparently, whenever a spell is cast from a scroll (whether by a PC or by an opponent) it is completely non-disruptable by damage, spell failure chance, silence... etc. So, I used to get all sorts of wacky situations like a Shadow Thief successfully reading a scroll of Hold Person while 4 characters were continuously whacking at him and a mage had cast 5 Magic Missiles at him at the same time. The spell was cast successfully a mere second before the thief died and half of my party got held. ;)


This behavior kind of irritated me (and I suppose other players as well) so I changed the UseItem("SCRL1I",LastSeenBy(Myself)) line into SpellNoDec(LastSeenBy(Myself),WIZARD_HOLD_PERSON) accompanied by DestroyItem("SCRL1I"). This seems to work properly as SpellNoDec is disruptable and properly affected by silence and spell failure. Now, this is just a fix for the case when opponents get to use scrolls, but any spells cast from scrolls by a PC are still non-disruptable. Any chance of getting this fixed, or is it another one of those hardcoded issues?

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